How Much is a Wedding at Flora Farms

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How Much is a Wedding at Flora Farms?

If you want to have an intimate, adults-only event, Flora Farms is the perfect venue. Located on a working farm in the Baja desert, Flora Farms' open-air amphitheatre offers spectacular views and space for up to 500 guests. Couples looking for more privacy may prefer the intimate beachfront setting of La Playlita. A massage can also be arranged for the wedding party.

Flora Farms is a farm to table venue

Whether you want an intimate event for ten people or a large party of up to 1,000, Flora Farms has the perfect place to hold your special event. Whether you want a romantic, farm-to-table menu or a rustic barn setting, this unique venue has something for everyone. You will be able to enjoy a relaxing day with family and friends, as well as delicious, organic, locally sourced fare.

While dining on freshly-picked food and artisanal wares, guests can also relax and unwind at the venue's outdoor movie theater. This farm-to-table venue also offers live music and a Farm Bar with Farmaritas and Pelo de Perro cocktails. The Executive Pastry Chef oversees the creation of all farm-inspired desserts and home-made sorbets. Guests can even take a cooking class to learn how to make a variety of traditional Mexican dishes.

While you're at Flora Farms, be sure to take some time to explore the venue. The organic farm-to-table venue is tucked away in the Sierra de la Laguna Mountains. Thousands of guests flock to Flora Farms each year, and you can too! Their farm-to-table menu is bursting with delicious, seasonal fare, and stylish items. While you're there, don't miss out on the Farm Spa, which offers an amazing experience and a tranquil, relaxing atmosphere.

It offers organic food

Whether you're looking for an organic working farm for your wedding or an ethereal mountaintop setting, a Flora Farms wedding is sure to impress. The farm features a farm-to-table restaurant and organic ingredients grown on-site. The food is delicious and the setting is rustic and peaceful. Couples can enjoy hearty food, fresh fish and vegetables, and time to relax in nature.

The dining area has been recently remodeled and is now equipped with a separate wood-fired oven. Guests can choose from 15 types of Neopolitan-style pizzas, including Farm Bacon and Egg. Guests can also try the house-made mozzarella and sorbets made from farm-sourced milk. For a more intimate setting, the farm offers a terraced garden with lounge areas.

When a couple gets married at Flora Farms, they can expect a relaxing and personalized experience. Their staff, including the chefs and bartenders, will treat them like family. They'll meet the captain of the hayloft, handpick the menu, and get to know each other. Couples who want to incorporate personal touches will love this venue, where each detail is adorned with care and thought.

If you're planning to marry at Flora Farms, you're sure to be thrilled by the rustic beauty and lush greenery of the venue. A rustic tree was the perfect backdrop for Rachel and Matt's outdoor ceremony, and the venue included a large canopy of flowers. Thousands of string lights lit the reception space and created an illuminated ceiling above the dance floor. You'll be glad you did.

It offers a variety of specialty cocktails

Whether you want a more formal atmosphere or a rustic, farm-chic vibe, Flora Farms has many options for your big day. The farm itself raises chickens, goats, pigs and even cheese-making cows. You can enjoy a romantic ceremony or a reception on the lush lawn. You can also choose a specialty cocktail to celebrate your big day.

The bar at Flora Farms features artisanal shops where local craftsmen make their creations. You'll love talking to the people behind the unique items. You'll also be able to listen to live music. The organic grocery store is a wonderful place to purchase fresh products from the farm, including honey. For your wedding, a special wedding cocktail is the perfect end to a wonderful day.

The restaurant is a world-class destination for the perfect celebration. From cocktails to gourmet cuisine, Flora Farms has it all. The restaurant is family-owned and operated, and even offers cooking classes and wedding services. What's great about this place is that it supports the community. Local kids are employed there and the restaurant gives back to the local community. You can even host a charity event with your guests!

You can also have your reception at Flora Farms, a working farm in the San Jose del Cabo area. The menu at Flora Farms varies according to the seasonal offerings from the farm and your guests' preferences. Its food is fresh, organic, and delicious, and the atmosphere is second to none. You'll never want to leave the beautiful property.

It offers massages

Flora farms is an ecologically conscious destination. It offers free tours of the farm, local produce and artwork, and artistic workshops. The restaurant is also a popular destination for weddings. Recently, celebrity couple Adam Levine and Miranda Kerr tied the knot at the renowned Flora Farms. For more information, visit the Flora Farms website. Also, consider booking a massage or facial at one of the farms' spas.

The spa is a popular attraction at the farm. Guests can enjoy a variety of massages, facials, and body treatments. The onsite café features organic produce, and the restaurant's acclaimed Field Kitchen serves delicious cuisine. The farm's community also includes a juice bar, art classes, and a spa. You can even purchase a cottage or rent a house here. And don't forget to check out the locally-owned shops.

For the ultimate holistic experience, make sure to visit Flora Farms. From farm-to-table organic fare to a serene Farm Spa, Flora Farms is a must-visit destination. Whether you want to enjoy a massage or purchase some trendy items from their boutique, Flora Farms will definitely give you a memorable experience. You won't find any other place in Mexico that offers both a relaxing massage and fashionable, eco-friendly items.

It offers nail treatments

Located near Sonoma, California, Flora Farms is an organic, all-American paradise. The farm's spa is set amid papaya trees and the herbs and flowers of the garden. Services include massages, facials, brow tinting, and haircuts. The spa's philosophy is to harness nature's healing properties by using natural products such as organic herbs and flowers from the farm. In addition to nail treatments, Flora Farms also offers yoga and meditation, and even pilates.

It offers a variety of pizzas

This farmstead restaurant is renowned for its artisan, handcrafted pizzas. The menu changes regularly, depending on the freshest ingredients available. Choose from 15 varieties of Neopolitan-style pizzas, including Farm Bacon with Egg and Flora Farms' signature Margarita. You can even try the house-made mozzarella and farm-fresh vegetables. There are also free walking farm tours, so you can enjoy your meal while you stroll through the organic farm.

The Farm Bar serves quality wines and Flora's own beer. The bar also features a wood-fired pizza oven. Try a vegetable or fruit infused drink at the Farm Bar. You can also stop by Mama's Pizzeria for a taste of Mexican cuisine. The farm also offers delicious desserts at The Farm Bar, including fresh sorbets and a variety of pizzas.

If you're craving a pizza, you'll be pleased to know that the farm also offers a full menu of organic fare. The farm is also dedicated to raising awareness of environmental issues and selling local produce. If you'd like to learn more about organic food and the farm's philosophy, you can take a farm tour or join the art-making workshops. If you're looking for a unique dining experience, Flora Farms is worth visiting.

The restaurant offers an extensive menu of vegetarian, gluten-free, and vegan dishes. The kitchen at Flora Farms focuses on healthy family meals and uses humane methods to raise all animals. While the menu is seasonal, it also includes traditional Italian dishes. The meat is sourced from a nearby 150-acre ranch that raises the animals without hormones. There's also a full bar and free Wi-Fi. The restaurant accepts all major credit cards.

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