How Much Is a Wedding at Haiku Mill?

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If you are looking for a venue that offers a traditional Hawaiian wedding, you can consider Haiku Mill, a historic building on the north shore of Maui. The mill dates back to 1858, so you can expect a vintage, Old World European feel. The mill itself was built during Hawaii's sugar cane industry, and has a rich history and heritage. A wedding at Haiku Mill is sure to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


The location of Haiku Mill is a beautiful venue, with an inspiring and enchanting backdrop for your special occasion. The mill can accommodate up to 100 guests on weekends and up to 80 on weekdays. The venue can be rented for a full day for $8,500, with an additional charge for half an hour before the scheduled start time. Couples who want everything in one location will find Haiku Mill the ideal setting for their wedding ceremony and reception.

The current owner of the historic Haiku Mill is Sylvia Hamilton-Kerr, who has been restoring the property since 2009. It is now a popular wedding venue with its beautiful gardens, waterfall, and manicured and wild foliage. Orange flowers from trumpet vines cover the waterfall, while a chandelier made of candles hangs from a mango tree. The interior of the mill is lined with rustic European staircases. After a tour of the property, couples are treated to complimentary refreshments and an exclusive Q&A with the owner, as well as plenty of time to capture the beauty of the property.

The Haiku Mill was one of the first sugar mills in Hawaii, operating from 1861 to 1879. It is also the first sugar mill to be powered by steam. The mill's ruins are made up of old stone walls, staircases, and structural components covered in vines. You can see gears, scales, and other evidence that it was a functioning sugar mill during its lifetime. And if you want to know more about the mill, visit the National Register of Historic Places.

Located in the Upcountry on Maui, the Haiku Mill is a historic building that offers a scenic, picturesque backdrop for a wedding ceremony. Its French decor and lush tropical gardens make the venue a romantic place to celebrate a special event. It blends island charm with Old World elegance, and is sure to be a great choice for your Maui wedding. It's a great option for a romantic ceremony or a beautiful honeymoon.


The Haiku Mill is an outdoor, intimate wedding venue in Maui, Hawaii. You can choose between a wedding ceremony in the mill's beautiful garden, surrounded by lush greenery, or an elegant outdoor reception in its historic building. For a wedding at Haiku Mill, you should expect to pay anywhere from $450 to $1,245 for a wedding ceremony and reception, which covers 5.5 hours. The venue can be a little bit chilly in the evening, so make sure to plan for this in your budget.

The price of a wedding at Haiku Mill is contingent upon how many guests are invited, how much time you rent the venue, how many flowers you select, and other factors. The venue itself costs about $8,500 per full day, and additional half-hours are billed at $650 per half-hour. This is the perfect venue for those who want everything in one location, such as a destination wedding or a small intimate gathering.

The hotel costs a bit more than the Haiku Mill. The price for a standard room there starts at $375, so if you're thinking of having a small wedding on Maui, you can choose a hotel that's a little closer. You should also ensure that all of your guests can make the commitment to stay, since a contract will be signed for all hotel rooms. A wedding at Haiku Mill, Maui's oldest mill, can be the perfect place to tie the knot.

Depending on how large your wedding is, you can choose to rent a tent. A tent covers an open foyer and a dining area. For a cost of about $2,000 per tent, the venue will also cover a small area in the courtyard. This may be necessary if you expect to invite more than 80 guests. This rental option is also very flexible. For larger weddings, however, you may need a larger tent.


Guests at the beautiful Haiku Mill in Maui were treated to a tropical fairy tale-themed wedding. The ceremony took place beneath a lush green canopy with twinkle lights and white petals hanging from the ceiling. While the wedding day is often a blur, the couple took time to enjoy dinner with their guests. The reception featured a menu that included pao de quejo (Brazil cheese bread) and brigadeiros (Brazil's equivalent of pizza).

The wedding itself was a celebration of love and awe. Couples whose personalities compliment the natural beauty of the site were encouraged to bring their own personal touch to the day. Photographers were impressed with the setting and opted to shoot the reception in front of the plexiglass roof. A wedding at Haiku Mill can be an unforgettable affair. Here, couples can enjoy a French-inspired ceremony amidst exotic gardens, vine-covered ruins, and bright greenery. The kitchen, meanwhile, is a creative mix of international flavors and local produce.

The Haiku Mill is an iconic Maui wedding venue, with its beautiful location and a plethora of vendors. The Haiku Mill hosts a variety of weddings, including those from Maui's Angels, Sugar Beach Events, and Sanaz Photography. Sabrina, a Brazilian who moved to Australia without speaking English, wanted to incorporate some cultural elements to her wedding - nods to her family and personality.

When planning a wedding at the Haiku Mill, consider all the details. The grounds are picturesque, with lush greenery and cascading orange blossoms. The elegant, whimsical setting is reminiscent of old-world elegance. Guests will feel like they've traveled through time. Guests will also appreciate the fact that the Haiku Mill has a preferred vendor list - you can use one of them to coordinate with the event.


If you are planning to host your wedding in the beautiful island of Maui, you may be wondering about the Haiku Mill's capacity for a wedding. This estate offers a blend of old world European elegance and tropical Hawaiian beauty, making it an ideal location for an elegant wedding. You'll want to rent the estate for a full day if possible, as the rental fee starts at $8,500 for the venue. This price also includes the use of the entire property for the wedding, and is inclusive of 5.5 hours of reception time.

While it's rare for rain to interrupt a wedding, the weather can be perfect. Fortunately, the Haiku Mill is not only a gorgeous venue, but it's also very adaptable. In addition to a beautiful location, the facility can host up to 80 guests. The venue's natural beauty can be enhanced by the use of ivory and gold colors, candles all over the place, and a Jenga guest book. Photographer Jana Dillon captured the event with stunning images.

For weddings, the Haiku Mill offers a romantic and tranquil setting, just off the Road to Hana. It's like stepping back in time in a botanical paradise, complete with restored ruins covered in vines. The venue is described as a fairytale, and its owners have done their best to make sure it radiates an aura of Aloha. They even include chandeliers in the rental fee.

Located on the north shore of Maui, Haiku Mill is perfect for a classic Maui wedding. The interior decor combines romantic European decor with stunning flora and foliage native to the Hawaiian islands. There are also numerous tropical plants and vines. The minimalist decor in the Haiku Mill makes it the ideal location for a simple, elegant Maui wedding. You can enjoy your ceremony and reception while looking at breathtaking scenery, without the stress of coordinating with numerous vendors.


The Haiku Mill was one of Maui's largest sugar producers for about 20 years. In 1986, it was listed on the National Register of Historic Places. In 1996, the mill was restored by Sylvia Hamilton Kerr. Today, the mill is a cultural and historical landmark. This article will explore the history of the mill and its restoration. It's worth checking out, especially if you love history. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places since 1986, the mill was restored by Sylvia Hamilton Kerr.

Built almost 150 years ago, the Haiku Mill is now an elegant event venue. Located in Kailua, Hawaii, this beautiful mill features French-style decor and native foliage. The grounds feature a century-old mango tree, which is illuminated by white lights and produces a whopping 1,000 mangoes each year. In addition to the beautiful interiors of the mill, the grounds are also an ideal location for weddings.

The historic property is located on Maui's north shore and boasts French-inspired decor, vine-draped ruins, and breathtaking flora. In addition to a historic botanical tour, you can experience Hawaii's storied sugar industry in the restored mill ruins. A visit to the mill is sure to spark your interest in Maui's rich history and diverse tropical flora. There are even a few relics from the sugar mill's heyday.

The history of Haiku Mill begins in a historic sugar mill on Maui's north shore. Today, it is a stunning two-acre property featuring the ruins of an old mill. The main space is a stunning place for a wedding and a luxurious reception. The vintage French railings and crystal chandeliers lend a classic European look to the space. A 100-year-old mango tree shade the bar, and an antique cane house offers the perfect place to get dressed.

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