How Much is a Wedding at Ancaster Old Mill

How Much is a Wedding at Ancaster Old Mill?

In case you're curious about the cost of hosting a wedding at Ancaster Old Mill, you've come to the right place! This venerable establishment provides a selection of stunning spaces for your special day. Options include the 1812 Room, Stonefields Loft, Millview Room, or the Planterra Conservatory. Each space boasts distinctive appeal. Below, we delve into some of the highlight features of this venue. Continue reading to learn more about their pricing.

Stonefields Loft

If you're planning to tie the knot at Ancaster Old Mill, Stonefields Loft can be the perfect place for your big day. Its award-winning gardens feature a beautiful waterfall and two bridges, unique architecture, and lots of stone. You can also take advantage of a gazebo for a great backdrop for your family portraits or large group shots. The wedding package also includes overnight accommodations in the hotel's Honeymoon Suite, with three or four queen-sized guest rooms.

The historic Ancaster Mill is located in the town of Ancaster, Ontario, and offers a number of event spaces for the big day. The historic Miller's Chapel, which is located on a hillside adjacent to a stream, is a romantic setting for a wedding ceremony. The chapel is equipped with arched timber trusses, beautiful lighting fixtures, and a fireplace framed by an altar. There's also a beautiful outdoor space called Streamside Chapel, which offers white New England chairs and a majestic view of the water.

The mill itself is quite a climb, but the views are absolutely breathtaking. A private lounge overlooks the streamside chapel and waterfall. If you and your guests are physically fit, you can hike to the venue for the ceremony, but you may want to consider bringing a shuttle. If you'd prefer to stay at Ancaster Old Mill at Stonefields Loft, check out the photos on this page.

1812 Room

Ancaster Old Mill offers a variety of unique wedding locations. For a more intimate, historic wedding, choose the War of 1812 room. This room is named after the war in which the United States burned the White House. The War of 1812 room has an in-built dance floor and a private terrace. If you prefer a less formal setting, opt for the Millview Room, which has conservatory-style windows.

Weddings at the Ancaster mill can range in cost from $1,400 to $3,600. There are five separate reception rooms. The size of the reception room depends on the type of wedding and number of guests. However, weddings at Ancaster mill are not limited to 200 guests. There are also chapels available for smaller weddings. In addition to these, there are other facilities for photo shoots, bar services, and decorations.

The Governor's Room is the most historic room, with 12 foot ceilings and stone fireplace. This elegant room is perfect for small weddings and engagement parties. The Governor's Room seats up to 130 guests. It also has a built-in dance floor and a private terrace. Weddings here are more intimate than most in the city. If you are wondering how much a wedding at Ancaster Old Mill costs, read on to find out!

Millview Room

Ancaster mill is an authentic stone mill and restaurant venue. Set on a historic site in an idyllic setting, the mill has floor-to-ceiling windows and exposed beams. The historic mill is 45 minutes from Toronto Pearson International Airport, and close to Burlington and Hamilton. Depending on the size of your wedding, you can choose from one of five reception rooms. You will need to determine how many guests you plan to invite.

The largest and most historic room at Ancaster mill is named for the war of 1812. It was during this conflict that the United States burned down the White House. This room is filled with artifacts and plaques highlighting the history of the mill. The space can seat up to 70 guests and has a room for the reception. The mill's view into the mechanics provides the perfect backdrop for your special day.

If you're wondering how much a wedding at Ancaster mill costs, consider that it's a unique experience that will have a lasting effect on your guests. Ancaster mill's landscape lighting is a beautiful addition to the historic location, and it is worth exploring both in the summer and winter months. Parking is easy, and there are three parking lots. You will be greeted by the Ancaster Mills logo on different surfaces. You will notice this logo throughout the entire venue, as it is the same as that of Elora mill and Old Mill.

Planterra Conservatory

The Ancaster Old Mill, a landmark of local history, is the perfect location for a wedding or special event. This stunning, stone building features exposed beams, floor-to-ceiling windows, and a stunning view of the city. The Ciancone family acquired the mill in 1972 and remodeled it into a stunning restaurant and special event space. The food and service is phenomenal, and the historic buildings have become an excellent place to hold weddings and other special events.

Weddings at the Ancaster Old Mill cost $1250 for the Conservatory, which includes labor and a full-service floral and linens package. You can also have a rehearsal, but the day before may not be possible. While the Conservatory does not host teen events, it does offer space for bar/bat mitzvahs, Shabbat dinners, and Sunday brunches.

Streamside Chapel

The Streamside Chapel at Ancaster Old Mill is the ideal location for your wedding or other special event. The venue offers two beautiful reception rooms. The Millview Room empties out onto a private terrace and can accommodate up to 100 guests. The Solarium offers a private lounge and is the perfect space for a smaller ceremony. The chapel has a balcony for a romantic ceremony overlooking the river or the mill's historic structure.

Streamside Chapel at Ancaster Old Mill is an outdoor spot near the mill's stream, providing a charming outdoor feel to your ceremony. You can seat up to 250 people in these classic New England-style white chairs. The chapel is also accessed on lower ground, so guests can easily walk down the hill to attend your wedding. Guests can enjoy the breathtaking natural surroundings while enjoying their meal in the restaurant and outdoor stone oven. The grounds are spacious and parking is easy and plentiful.

In addition to the Streamside Chapel, the Ancaster Old Mill offers several other ceremony and reception locations. If you're planning a small wedding, the Millers Chapel is the perfect spot for your ceremony. This beautiful setting overlooks a waterfall and features an altar framed by arched timber trusses. In addition to the chapel, you can have your ceremony at the mill's outdoor Solarium, which features a stunning view of the waterfall.

Primary Wedding Package

One of the best things about getting married at the Ancaster Old Mill is the outdoor ceremony location. With gorgeous greenery surrounding you, a ceremony outside is sure to be a memorable one. You can choose between a rustic barn or a beautiful chapel. The staff at the Ancaster Old Mill is happy to assist you in every way possible, so planning your wedding at the mill will be a breeze. Here are some of the best reasons to book your wedding at the Ancaster Old Mill.

Upon arrival, your party will be welcomed with a champagne and sparkling wine toast and a complimentary cocktail hour. A four-course dinner with wine and beer will be served to guests during the reception. A bar package will also be included, as well as coffee and tea service throughout dinner and the reception. A professional staff will be on hand for the entire event to serve your guests. Guests will enjoy three courses of food, four hours of open bar, and a wedding cake.

The first look at the Ancaster Old Mill is intimate and beautiful. The bride wore cozy Ugg boots and a faux fur coat, and looked stunning. Dan, on the other hand, braved the cold to get ready. After the ceremony, the couple had their formal portraits taken in the 1812 Room, the mill's most historic room. The couple then enjoyed a reception in the Solarium. A reception at the Ancaster Old Mill is sure to be a memorable one.


The Mill at Ancaster sits under the Escarpment and offers a picturesque setting for a rustic, outdoor ceremony. The chapel is adorned with arched timber trusses and white New England chairs, and can accommodate up to 250 guests. The mill offers several options for the ceremony, including outdoor ceremonies on the terrace or inside the quaint mill chapel. The mill's unique setting makes it a popular choice for brides and grooms who want to make their wedding as special as possible.

The Mill also features bridal suites, which make for gorgeous photos. There are two types of bridal suites, one for a large bridal party, and one for smaller groups. Guests will love the outdoor ceremony location, surrounded by beautiful greenery. The ceremony location is another highlight at Ancaster Old Mill. Photos of your ceremony will be a dream, thanks to the gorgeous scenery and lush greenery.

The mill offers wedding packages in various price ranges. You can get a quote online, but if you have a budget, you should also consult with an event planner to find out how much it costs. A wedding at Ancaster Mill is a unique and memorable event that will not be soon forgotten. This historic wedding venue is located 45 minutes from Toronto Pearson International Airport. It is also convenient for guests who want to be close to Hamilton or Burlington.

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