How Much is a Wedding at Race and Religious?

If you are planning a wedding at Race + Religious, then you have probably already wondered how much it will cost. From catering to the cake cutting, bridal champagne to the wedding dress, there are many costs to consider. Read on to learn more about how much a Race + Religious wedding will cost you. Then, you'll be well-equipped to decide what other costs to expect. We also discuss other details such as bridal champagne and bridal showers.

Cost of a wedding at Race + Religious

Renting a Race and Religious wedding venue will run you about $8000. This does not include decor, bar service, or catering. This venue can accommodate any style of wedding from a food truck wedding to a full-blown formal dinner. Most weddings will be held in the courtyard in the center, so that guests can enjoy the ceremony while viewing it from balconies. The front courtyard is also available for use for wedding ceremonies.

Race and Religious is an amazing venue, with a unique architecture and stunning backdrops for photos. Haylee's dress and accessories perfectly matched the wedding suite colors. There are several ceremony spaces to choose from, including an outdoor brick courtyard with a bridge connecting two buildings. The ceremony area has a reflecting pool and palm trees add a touch of Louisiana nature. Weddings here will probably cost more than a wedding in a city.

Ashley and Paul's Race and Religious wedding was filled with festive New Orleans charm. Ashley's bridesmaids wore mismatched dresses in rich colors. Ashley and Paul's reception featured decor by Brooke Casey Weddings, a New Orleans-inspired venue. They also had a live band, Phunky Monkeys, perform. The wedding was a hit, with a reception that lasted two days.

The venue offers six-and-a-half thousand square feet of indoor floor space. The property features three separate buildings and a pool. Depending on the size of the event, the Race and Religious will have a customized price tag. The venue has a variety of packages, from basic event rentals to extended stays. Once you've selected the packages you want, you can begin planning. The entire process should take about two to three months.

Price of catering

A typical Race and Religious wedding costs eight thousand dollars. This price does not include catering, bar service, or decor. The venue can accommodate any type of wedding, from food trucks to full-scale catered affairs. Most weddings are held in the center courtyard, where guests can enjoy the view from balconies. However, the venue has also hosted weddings in the front courtyard. For more information, contact the venue.

Price of cake cutting

The price of a cake at a race or religious wedding has gone up significantly. Rising costs for food and drinks have increased the cost of everything from flowers to the cake itself. A rising trend in wedding cake prices has forced couples to negotiate their finances, forcing them to discuss every aspect of their wedding, from the menu to the decorations. Here are four examples of couples who have dealt with the unexpected increase in wedding costs.

A cake that expresses a message based on sexual orientation can be controversial. One cake created by an attorney with the Alliance Defending Freedom organization is a perfect example. In a gay wedding, the message on a cake can be difficult to understand. However, gay people are often attracted to the cake because it has a message that is controversial. Those who are against gay marriage may want to avoid these weddings altogether.

Price of bridal champagne

Often, the bride and groom will be served a glass of complimentary bridal champagne after the ceremony. The price of the bubbly beverage depends on the wedding venue and the budget. A few examples of the price of bridal champagne are given below. For example, the bride and groom might pay $600 for bridal champagne at a religious wedding. But if the wedding is held in a city, the price might be as low as $150.

One bride shared her glitzy New Orleans wedding with Junebug, which was full of glitz and glam. She chose mismatched dresses with a champagne-luxe color palette. In the end, her bridesmaids were able to make their own statement with their chic dresses. The reception was fun and exciting, complete with a performance by the Phunky Monkeys.

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