How Much is a Wedding at Spitbank Fort?

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Spitbank Fort in Portsmouth is a private fort situated on the waters of the Solent. It has 8 bedrooms, a wine cave, hot pool and a fire pit. Weddings at Spitbank Fort are unique and luxurious, and the price tag reflects this. For your ceremony, you can book any one of their ceremony and reception rooms or arrange a separate private party for the couple.


The rented rooms at the Spitbank Fort are a steal. The fort is located on its own island just one mile off Porstmouth Harbor. Inside the fort are restored battle ships and the Mary Rose. You can even take a private boat ride there. The Fort is fully licensed to hold weddings. However, you should plan ahead to ensure that you can afford the cost.

The wedding breakfast is served at the old Officer's Mess and the remaining guests will be escorted back to the mainland. Guests will be escorted back to the mainland at midnight. The experience of getting married at Spitbank Fort is unmatched. You'll enjoy the romantic and luxurious atmosphere of the fort. You'll be able to share the experience of being on a remote island.

A five-star hotel offers luxury rooms and amenities. Spitbank Fort has three private rooms, each with a fire pit and hot tub. A Laurent Perrier Champagne bar is also available for a memorable celebration. With such unique facilities, Spitbank is a great choice for an alternative location for your wedding. The cost is considerably cheaper than some other venues in London. A three-course dinner, champagne reception, and luxury buffet lunch are just some of the highlights of this wedding package.

A civil ceremony at the Spitbank Fort costs a few thousand pounds and can be held in No Man's Fort or Crow's Nest. The Spitbank Fort is only accessible by boat and can hold up to 60 guests. Spitbank Fort offers a quaint ambiance, but is also celebrity and rock star-friendly. In addition to hosting weddings, Spitbank Fort also offers tours of the Solent Forts' historical buildings.


For those looking for a unique holiday, Spitbank Fort is a private island just a mile off the coast of England's south coast. This historic fort offers everything you'd expect from a military fort, including a rooftop hot tub, sauna, and a fire pit. Guests can also relax and unwind in the fort's three bars and wine cellar, and enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi throughout.

The fort is surrounded by beautiful views, including the infamous lighthouse. The fort has been used as a location for many television shows, including the popular Banged Up With Beadle. It featured British TV personality Jeremy Beadle being locked in the fort for six weeks. The show followed him as he dealt with the situation, learning new skills and adapting to the surroundings. Spitbank Fort also featured in an episode of Most Haunted in 2006. It was also a venue for the Coalition Festival in summer 2009, as well as hard dance parties and psytrance events.

The cost of staying in the fort is GBP 5,000 per night. While food is not included in the price, Fort Breaks for two are offered for a GBP 5,000 rate. The Fort Breaks package for two includes afternoon tea, dinner, and breakfast. Unlike Spitbank, Horse Sands Fort is largely unmolested, so the new owner hopes to convert it into a museum. This package offers a look into the past while allowing guests to experience the fort's unique history and charm.

Mike Clare discovered Spitbank Fort about 10 years ago while flicking through a Country Life magazine. He made a private offer ahead of the auction. He also bought Horse Sands Fort and No Man's Fort in 2008, so he had the money to make an incredible hotel, casino, and private residence. The fort was originally intended to be a maritime yacht club, and Mike Clare had big plans for it.

Accommodation options

When planning a wedding on the Isle of Wight, there are a number of options for accommodation. One of the most popular options is the upmarket boutique hotel, Spitbank Fort. Situated on an isolated private island, the fort can only be reached by helicopter or boat. There are nine en-suite rooms available and all rooms have sea views. The hotel can accommodate up to 60 people for the day.

The hotel offers bespoke experiences, including a dedicated Fort Captain and Executive Head Chef. The entire crew and kitchen are fully staffed to make your event as perfect as possible. The fort's romantic setting, amidst the calming waters of the Solent, is an ideal location for any special event. The Fort is also available for corporate hire, weddings and private parties. The hotel is ideally located for both small and large groups.

If you are planning a romantic sea wedding, Spitbank Fort is an ideal choice. This luxurious fort is only a mile from Portsmouth Harbour, and is an impressive venue. Guests can arrive by boat and enjoy the crow's nest, hot pool, and sun decks. There is also a chapel on the premises. Accommodation options for a wedding at Spitbank Fort are varied and luxurious.

There are nine bedrooms on the premises of the Fort. Originally gun emplacements, they are now beautifully decorated with modern amenities. The Fort Breaks include afternoon tea, dinner, and overnight stay. The Fort is perfect for weddings and other special occasions, so it's an excellent choice for honeymooners or newlyweds. A few extra dollars a day can make the honeymoon trip extra special.

Ceremony and reception rooms

The price of the ceremony and reception rooms at Spitbank Fort ranges from $927 to $1,399, depending on the size of the room. Spitbank Fort has eight king-size beds and one waterbed, while No Man's Fort features 22 king-size rooms. The location is a popular choice for weddings and other events because it has a unique setting, including a lighthouse and beautiful ocean views.

The ceremony and reception rooms can accommodate up to 18 guests and cost up to PS5,000 per night. The room includes a tot of rum, afternoon tea, dinner, a private bar, and an on-site swimming pool. Couples can also book one of two larger bridal suites, each with a private bathroom and an ocean-facing window. The Fort also has a sauna and a swimming pool.

The Spitbank Fort is one of two Napoleonic-style boutique hotels on the south coast of England. Originally a military fortress, Spitbank Fort is a unique venue that offers bespoke service from a dedicated Fort Captain, Executive Head Chef, and full staff. It is also a perfect venue for a romantic wedding or a special event. For your special day, you'll have the perfect space in the Fort, complete with unique accommodation for adults-only. The Fort's nine luxurious suites feature floor-to-ceiling glass windows, and each room is individually decorated to reflect the mood and style of the venue.

Spitbank Fort is an exclusive island on the Solent Strait, two kilometers from the famous coast of Britain. It is a fantastic setting for your wedding and your guests will be pampered by the staff. You can even have a barbecue in the crow's nest! The price of ceremony and reception rooms at Spitbank Fort depends on the size of your wedding party. It depends on how many people you have - from a single person to a large party, Spitbank Fort has a variety of venues.


There are many factors to consider when planning a wedding at Spitbank Fort. The venue can be used for exclusive use for weddings and other events. You will have the option of choosing between a variety of ceremony and reception rooms including the Officer's Mess, Crow's Nest, Victory Bar and Wine Cave. You can also hire the Fort Breaks, which offer two tots of rum, afternoon tea, dinner and overnight stay. The prices of these packages vary depending on the number of guests.

The Solent Forts are licensed for civil ceremonies and receptions. The no-man's-land location is surrounded by water and is perfect for romantic weddings. The Forts are perfect for a rock star or celebrity-themed wedding, and have everything from a private chapel to an outdoor terrace. You can even choose your own caterers, or hire one of theirs. Prices for weddings at the Solent Forts range from £3,400 to £50,000.

The rooms in Spitbank Fort are furnished with nautical paraphernalia. Some feature a hot tub, sauna, fire pit, or sunbathing deck. In addition, the historic storerooms have been turned into luxurious bedrooms. A wine cellar and a shisha den are also located on the premises. There is a relaxed atmosphere and privacy at Spitbank Fort. The venue is available for weddings, corporate events and special family events.

Weddings at the Spitbank Fort start at PS5,500 for the ceremony and reception. This includes the use of the Officer's Mess, a wine cellar, and a private water taxi. Guests can stay on the fort for a night or two and enjoy the ambiance. The lighthouse provides breathtaking views of the seascape. You will have a truly memorable wedding. This venue is an amazing choice for a wedding.

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