Whose Wedding Did Jesus Turn Water to Wine?

Turning water into wine was one of the first miraculous deeds Jesus performed. But, at which wedding did Jesus perform the transformation of water into wine? Keep reading the following part of this paragraph to find out.

Turning water into wine was one of the first miracles of Jesus that was mentioned in the Gospel of John. As per the Gospel, Jesus along with his mother and disciples were invited to a wedding. Later Jesus’s mother noticed that the wine has run out at the wedding. Then she requested Jesus to turn the water into wine and Jesus did accordingly.

In the below part of the article, we will let you know whose wedding was. We will also discuss the brief story of the wedding. So, keep reading the article will proper concentration.

Whose Wedding Did Jesus Turn Water to Wine?

The story of Jesus turning water into wine arrives from John’s Gospel. This is the only book that mentions the wedding. Interestingly, the book didn’t include anything regarding who was the bride and groom at the wedding. The wedding was in a place called Galilee. The place is currently situated in Israel and Lebanon. This is the place where Joseph and Mary both lived before the birth of Jesus.

This is also the place where they returned from Egypt. There was a wedding in that place where both Mary and Jesus were invited. As per John, Jesus has mentioned traveling with his brother, mother, and disciples to Capernaum. There is a possibility that either the bride or the groom was from the extended family of Mary. Some of the experts even say the groom was Jesus's brother John.

The wedding is historically known as “The Wedding at Cana”. Many believe that the wedding at Cana was Johns. That is why the mother of Jesus and John’s aunt was aware of the wine running out. Some others say that the wedding was of Nathanael with Jesus. But all of these are assumptions and no one really knows who was the bride and groom of the wedding.

The Story as Per Biblical Account

As per John, Jesus was at a wedding feast which is also known as Seudat Nissuin. The location was in Cana. Jesus was accompanied by his mother although her name was not mentioned in John’s Gospel. Once after reaching there, Jesus’s mother finds out they have no wine to serve to the guest. Jesus later replied, “Woman, what concern is that you and to me? My hour has not yet come.”. Then Jesus’s mother tells the servant to do whatever Jesus tells him.

Jesus later ordered the servant to fill the containers with water. Then he ordered to send some of the water by taking it out from the container to the chief steward. The steward becomes astonished with the taste of the drink. He later said to the bridesmaid that he is serving the best wine in the last. John also says in there that this is one of the first signs of Jesus at Cana, Galilee.  

Explanation of the Wedding at Cana

Cana was the hometown of Nathanael, two of the followers of Jesus and the wedding feast happened shortly after the call of Nathanael and Philip. Interestingly the marriage is not mentioned in the synoptic Gospels. It was only mentioned in John’s Gospel. As per Johns, it was the first miracle of Jesus. It is also said to be the first of the seven signs in the Gospels of John about the divineness of John. The second sign was healing a young son of Capernaum Official.

The story of the wedding is considered very important in the pastoral theology of Christians. As we said earlier, the religious researched said that chances are higher the marriage was one of Mary’s relatives. That is the reason why Mary was concerned about the outrageous of wine at the wedding. As per Fulton J. Sheen, chances are higher that Jesus arrived with additional guests which assisted the runout.

The appearance of Jesus in the marriage while also using his divine power to save the wedding from embracement is a sign of approval from Jesus for marriage and related celebrations. As per the name of the bride and groom, some commentators said that St John was the groom. On the other hand, some others say it was the wedding of Jesus to Mary Magdalene. However, this theory is often dismissed by a lot of scholars.

Where is Cana Situated?

As per the book, the location is said as Cana in Galilee. The thing is Cana is a very common name and without a further clue, it is really hard to say about the place. There can be several places but the most common choice is the Kafr Qana which is near Nazareth. Some of the places can be the Kafr Kanna, which is in Galilee. Besides, it can be Khirber Qana which is also situated in Galilee.

There is another place is known as Qana which is situated in Southern Lebanon of historical Galilee. As per the catholic encyclopedia, Kanna in Galilee is a town which is Israel. However, most Lebanese Christians believe that the actual location was the southern Lebanese village Qana. Because of the difference between the experts, it is really hard to say who was the real place.

Like the location, there is also a lot of discussion about whether it was wine or something else. But most of the experts believe that the thing they talked about was actually the wine than any other thing.


If you are here to know the bride and the groom’s name at the Wedding of Cana where Jesus turned water into wine, you might be more confused now. That is because the bride and grooms name was not mentioned in the book. As per the historians and religious figures, the wedding is either Johns's or Jesus, or some other relatives of Jesus's Mother Mary.

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