How Much is a Wedding at the Barn at Villa Venezia?

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If you're wondering how much a wedding at the Barn at Villa Venezia costs, you're not alone! Rental rates at this upscale equestrian farm are typically between $15k and $20k. Not only is it surrounded by nature, but the food is decadent as well. The barn's location is an excellent reason to book it. Here's how to find out:

Rental rates at the barn at villa venezia range from $15k - $20k

The barn at Villa Venezia is a beautiful location for your wedding. It is located on fifty acres and features a 170-year-old 2-story barn, hand-renovated wooden arch, and designer Italian chandeliers. There is also on-site parking and a restroom trailer. The venue can host up to 200 guests. Wedding rentals at the barn at Villa Venezia start at $15k - $20k.

The barn is available for a wedding for up to 200 people. The barn is fully wheelchair accessible, and has an elevator for the 2nd level. It is part of a dairy farm, so it retains the rustic feel of the place. Couples can exchange their vows in front of a quaint barnlette. A site fee of up to ten thousand dollars covers the costs of the barn, which can be used for any event.

The Barn at Villa Venezia has over 27,000 square feet of space and can host up to 475 guests. The Barn includes a waterfall area and is managed by the same people as Villa Venezia. The Barn is only 100 feet away from the villa and has the same amenities. It also has many local businesses and is a great place to get married in the Hudson Valley.

While the barn at Villa Venezia can host a wedding, the venue also features an outdoor lawn patch between the woods and the entrance to the barn. Outside, guests can play lawn games and nibble on cheeses. The rustic setting of the barn makes it a perfect place for a wedding. If you want a laid-back, rustic wedding, the Barn at Villa Venezia is the perfect location.

It’s surrounded by nature

For those of you who have been dreaming of a beautiful barn wedding, you have come to the right place! The Barn at Villa Venezia is a beautiful setting for a wedding ceremony. The facility offers a romantic setting and the staff are more than willing to help you plan your special day. If you are planning a barn wedding in New York, you'll love the stunning views from the rooftop terrace!

This upscale venue offers 27,000 square feet of space and can accommodate up to 475 guests. It has a human-made waterfall area and is managed by the same people who run Villa Venezia. The Barn at Villa Venezia is located 100 feet up the road. Several local businesses manage the barn and are available to help you plan your wedding. There is a site fee of $10,000 for this romantic venue.

The price of a wedding at the barn at Villa Venezia varies. If you have a large group, you can rent the venue for a small reception and have an outdoor ceremony. There are many outdoor spaces for a ceremony, including a forest chapel. Whether you want your ceremony to take place in a field or at the water's edge, the grounds are beautiful and scenic. A small chapel can even be set up in the garden for a romantic ceremony. Afterwards, you and your guests can spend time at the waterfall or kayaking around the property.

How much does a wedding at the barn at villa venizia? will depend on your budget. There are two wedding packages: Traditional and Buffet celebration menus. Each offers unique amenities and meticulous service. If you're worried about the price of your wedding, consider a private venue in HUDSON VALLEY. Whether it's for a casual reception or a formal ceremony, Villa Venezia is a great choice for a gorgeous ceremony.

It’s an upscale equestrian farm

If you're planning a wedding in the Hudson Valley, the barn at Villa Venezia might be the perfect choice. This beautiful venue boasts over 27,000 square feet of space, which can accommodate as many as 475 guests. Located about 100 feet up the road from Villa Venezia, The Barn at Villa Venezia is managed by the same team that manages the eponymous property. Several local businesses also manage The Barn at Villa Venezia, making it a perfect choice for a wedding.

The pavilion-barn is the ideal setting for outdoor ceremonies and receptions. With a capacity of 350 guests, the venue can easily accommodate a band. Additionally, the pavilion-barn has balconies that can be used for additional activities and relaxing, as well as provide photographers with more angles to capture the celebration. Regardless of whether you opt for a traditional ceremony or a unique, modern wedding, the barn at Villa Venezia is sure to make your day unforgettable!

If you're planning a rustic country wedding, the barn at Villa Venezia is definitely worth considering. This venue is part winery and part orchard, with rolling hills and a beautiful barn. The barn costs around $10,000 to book. The venue is spacious and provides the perfect setting for a wedding. You can also rent the entire property if you wish, including a rustic place for getting ready.

Villa Venezia offers wedding packages ranging from as little as $1,500 to a few million dollars. Prices are based on the number of guests, which include all the bridal party, wedding party, and the reception. There are three types of packages for couples, a buffet celebration menu and a traditional celebration menu. Depending on your budget, you can choose the perfect option for your event.

What is the price range for a barn at Villa Venezia? The barn at Villa Venezia is one of the most expensive wedding venues in the world, so it can be difficult to budget for a wedding there. The main barn is cream-colored and boasts many vintage and antique pieces, including an exquisite penny-topped bar. The barn is also open to guests, so guests can enjoy local cuisine and activities on site.

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