How Much is a Wedding at Villa Treville

How Much is a Wedding at Villa Treville?

You might be curious about the expenses involved in hosting a wedding at Villa Treville. This villa features 17 rooms and has the capacity to host up to 34 guests. A minimum stay of three nights is required, and there is the option to rent either the whole villa or just part of it for your celebration. Below, we provide a comprehensive breakdown of the costs associated with these opulent wedding locations. Keep reading to learn more!... and keep an eye out for further posts on this subject!

Villa Treville

A Positano wedding at Villa Treville will be a romantic affair. With its Mediterranean vegetation and beautifully designed setting, the venue is sure to be the best spot for a romantic celebration. Set on a cliffside, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, the estate provides the ultimate privacy and intimacy for your big day. You can have a romantic ceremony on the Rotunda, a relaxing cocktail reception on the terraces, or a full-blown dinner in the Terraced Restaurant. After your special day, you can enjoy dancing and celebrating your new life together in the Lounge Bar.

If you're wondering how much a wedding at Villa Treville costs, consider the amenities you'll enjoy. The villa offers four separate villas with four suites each, allowing for more privacy. The venue is surrounded by lush greenery and can accommodate up to 200 guests. The villa has a private yacht club on site, making it the perfect location for a wedding welcome party. If you'd like to have your wedding on the water, you can also choose to have your ceremony on the beach.

The cost of a wedding at Villa Treville depends on the number of guests. There are 17 rooms available in the villa, and each room can accommodate up to 34 guests. Depending on your needs, you can opt for full-villa rental or partial villa rental. You'll have the ultimate privacy while enjoying beautiful views of the sea. And the Villa is also ideal for photo shoots and videography. This luxury resort is ideal for a luxury wedding in the Italian Riviera.

Borgo Stomennano

A wedding at Borgo Stomennano will leave you breathless. With its beautiful 17th-century style, this Tuscan village echoes the traditions of Italy. You'll have your ceremony and reception in this romantic Tuscan borgo, close to Siena and San Gimignano. The gardens and park at the hotel are both beautiful and offer plenty of room for your guests to relax.

The gardens at Borgo Stomennano are beautifully landscaped, with hedges, floral beds, and polygonal basins with central putti. A path adorned with columns leads to the back garden and park. Inside the palazzo, you'll find a fountain, gardens, and architectural marvels. The main pool and garden overlook the surrounded hills. You'll feel like a King and Queen in this romantic setting.

Borgo Stomennano has five different accommodations for guests, each with its own private bathroom. There's even a pool for your guests to use after your ceremony. The price of your wedding at Borgo Stomennano depends on the type of accommodation and the amount of guests you'll have. For a lavish affair, you'll be spending a lot of money.

Il Palagio

Tuscany's Villa Il Palagio offers a romantic atmosphere and a relaxing getaway in a historic Tuscan villa. This villa is an intimate retreat that is home to two generations of the same family. Guests can enjoy the grounds and the private suites, as well as the dramatic swimming pool and wellness center. There is even a horse stables just a few minutes away. There are several layouts for a wedding celebration at Il Palagio, so you can customize your wedding day.

The villa is also perfect for smaller, intimate wedding ceremonies. You can have a ceremony with as little as 10 guests in the entrance of the villa or invite up to 100 guests for a more intimate ceremony on the lawn overlooking the pool lounges. A wedding here is sure to be unforgettable, with views of the Mediterranean Sea and the breathtaking Amalfi Coast. You will enjoy the attention of the staff throughout the entire process.

Guests will be delighted to hear that the villa's famous owner aims to make as much of its food as possible. The chef and the winemakers produce their own wines and olive oil, and even offer their own honey. This makes Il Palagio the perfect location for an exclusive welcome reception. In addition to the stunning views, the Villa also has an elegant, airy reception space surrounded by lush vegetation and is perfect for weddings.

Villa Balbiano

If you're planning a luxury wedding, you might be wondering, "How much is a wedding at Villa Treville?" This Tuscan villa offers a unique setting for your big day. The venue is a three-day affair, which includes a welcome party and a trip to Capri. Then, there's the reception, which features a four-course meal and dancing until the early hours.

The wedding package at Villa Treville includes accommodation for both the bride and the groom, who will have the option to stay on the estate after the ceremony. Because the villa has a dynamic shape, it is ideal for smaller parties, with no more than sixty people. The estate's onsite chef will create an authentic Italian menu. A typical wedding day costs around €10,000. The price of accommodation is an additional $22,000, but the villa is worth it if your guests are close to your budget.

The venue is a unique option for couples who want a private lakefront wedding. Guests can access the clubhouse by boat and can only attend the reception if they are members of the private yacht club. The outdoor round ceremony setting is a visual feast for the eyes. After the ceremony, guests can enjoy a reception in the lush garden setting. A wedding at Villa Treville is a truly romantic occasion.

Villa Fontanelle

If you are planning a lavish Italian-style wedding, you may be wondering how much a wedding at Villa Fontanelle will cost. The venue boasts a stunning sloping garden hillside and plenty of room for the ceremony. You can enjoy your drinks and a stunning sunset from the rooftop terrace. To top off the perfect day, you can even choose to have your wedding reception on the roof terrace, which is perfect for an elegant dinner.

When it comes to costs, you should be aware of several factors that may affect the total cost of a wedding at Villa Fontanelle. If you want a wedding that will last a long time, you should make sure that your budget covers everything that is needed to hold a memorable occasion. Villa Fontanelle is a great choice for a wedding in Tuscany. Not only does it offer a beautiful outdoor setting, but it also provides plenty of space for your guests to stay for a couple of nights after the wedding.

The villa's chapel rises majestically out of the garden, surrounded by holm oaks and dense vegetation. The altar is grand and imposing. Outside the chapel, the reception is held on the terrace overlooking Florence. For wedding receptions, guests are accommodated in 7 luxurious suites. The chapel features a unique architectural style, carefully planned aesthetics, and a charming, intimate atmosphere.

Villa Cetinale

If you're wondering how much a wedding at Villa Cetinale in Tuscany will cost, you've come to the right place. The 17th century villa is nestled in the Ancaiano district, near Siena, and features stunning gardens designed by the renowned Italian architect Carlo Fontana. The grounds and gardens of Villa Cetinale are arguably the most beautiful in Tuscany. The grounds of Villa Cetinale include a beautiful reception marquee that's decorated with drapes and trailing greenery.

For weddings, Villa Cetinale is rented for a week. This means the villa is available for as many guests as you like. The entire property is breathtaking and energizes your wedding party. Guests arrive from all over the world, so there's plenty of space for all the wedding party guests to relax. Two days before your big day, the villa hosts a welcome party. This way, your guests have the weekend to relax and recover, before the real party begins the next day.

The ceremony and reception at Villa Cetinale are held outdoors on the beautiful lawn. Guests are treated to classic Italian cuisine and drink service, including a traditional Aperol Spritz. A custom-designed leather drink menu featuring the wedding couple's names in calligraphy is the perfect keepsake for the newlyweds. You'll want to book at least one year in advance, as these weddings do fill up fast.

Belvedere Principessa di Piemonte

If you've been dreaming of a fairy tale wedding, the location of the wedding at the Belvedere Principesse di Piemonte is an excellent choice. This elegant estate is located in the historic region of Piemonte, Italy. The castle was built by the Prince Umberto and Princess Marie Jose of Belgium in the late 1800s. The beautiful gardens and beautiful views are a popular choice for wedding pictures.

The weddings at this romantic Italian location are beautiful and elegant, and will be memorable for your guests. The beautiful gardens of the Principessa di Piemonte provide a romantic backdrop. Guests can enter through the ivy-covered stone wall. The grounds are filled with colorful flower beds, and the balcony offers spectacular views of the Amalfi coast.

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