How Much Is A Wedding At The Breakers Palm Beach

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The Breakers Palm Beach is a legendary resort destination in American history. Luxurious weddings in the world are often organized here. The Palm Beach wedding event is so big that it can even dazzle your imagination when decorated. No surprise, it has a huge ballroom that can hold up to 800 guests at a time for a wedding. Arranging a wedding at this resort is like a dream come true. So how much is a wedding at the Breakers Palm Beach?

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The Breakers Palm Beach has an ocean view and world-class service which makes everyone eager to arrange a wedding. The weddings here are the Breakers are so amazing because of their in-house design team, their chefs, their food presentation, and their amazing catering staff. Also, the vendors are allowed to work at the breakers. It will give you the same five-star treatment that you expect from the breakers themselves.

the breakers palm beach wedding cost

If you are planning to get married at Breakers Palm Beach, it is important to know how much it will cost. Keep reading this article to know the clue of an average cost of a palm resort for a wedding.

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How Much Is A Wedding At The Breakers Palm Beach

It is difficult to say exactly how much it will cost to get married in Palm Beach. Because the amount of cost is constantly changing based on the season and timing. Moreover, having a busy schedule for the wedding can also change the number of expenses. Still, let's try to find out.


Breakers Suitable for a wedding party at Palm Beach with a budget of $10,000 to $30,000. Because it is a luxury resort. So you have to be a little indifferent when it comes to spending. There are also different packages here. Choose the package according to your budget. It will cost from $29.95 to $40 per head. Now multiply the number of your guests and the answer that will come will be the cost of your wedding day.

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Pearl Package

This package will cost you almost $30 per head. Food, coffee, tea will be included in this package. But no drinks will be added. For this, you have to pay separately.

Silver Package

For this package, you have to spend $32.95 per head. Note that you will not be able to select this package unless you have at least 40 persons. This package includes a buffet, side dish, regular coffee, iced tea.

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Golden Package

This package would be perfect for those who are thinking of celebrating Champagne. In addition to champagne, this package includes a buffet, pre-reception cocktail hour, and other side dish items. It will cost $ 34.95 per person.

Platinum Package

This package will cost $40 per person. This would not be ideal for you unless you have at least 40 guests. This package is picked up by those who believe in luxuriousness. An hour-long cocktail festival is celebrated here.

the breakers palm beach wedding cost

Royal Wedding Package

If you are determined to make your wedding extremely luxurious then Royal Wedding Package will be the most suitable and desirable for you. It's almost like a platinum package. Only here there is a way to choose the dressing. Besides, invited guests will be able to take drinks of their choice. Of course, for that, you have to have a gathering of at least 100 guests and you have to pay $40 per person.

Note that 20% to 30% VAT and service charge will be added to each of these packages. In addition, you have to pay the wedding decoration, preparation, and music charges separately. Pick whatever goes with your budget and enjoy your wedding.

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What Are The Event Rooms At Breakers Palm Beach?

Breakers has different ballrooms with different names. The rent of each of them is also different. They are as follows:

Legendary Circle Ballroom

The legendary circle ballroom is not just a place for an amazing brunch on Sundays, It is also an incredible event space. All the details that make you feel like you’re having a party in the 1920s and that the Rockefellers are going to walk in any minute.

This beautiful room is a perfect location for luncheons, cocktail receptions, or extravagant dinners. If you want to get a touch of classic beauty at your wedding then Legendary Circle Ballroom will be the most attractive choice.

The Ponce De Leon Ballroom

This is the breaker's largest event space. Although, it could be partition two six different spaces if you’re having a smaller event. But when it’s not partitioned it could fit up to 800 guests also with 30-foot ceilings. The Ponce De Leon’s size, decor, versatility will impress you so much that you will not hesitate to spend money for your wedding.

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Ocean Lawn

Have you ever wanted to get married outdoors with the ocean in front of you? But you don’t want to sand your feet or be forced to wearing a simple dress just because you’re having a beach wedding. Well, the ocean lawn is just what you’re looking for. The afternoon light is just magical how it hits the bride’s veil in the back of them are walking down the aisle is the golden hour light that every photographer looking for.

A great cocktail hour is held after the wedding ceremony and drinks can be enjoyed while enjoying the magnificent view of the beach.

The Gold Room

The gold room is the smallest event space. It would be perfect for those who need a little space or who have fewer guests. If you want to have a formal wedding with your close relatives, friends, and family, then choosing a gold room may be a good option.


People want to choose these breakers as wedding spots because of their tradition. However, Breakers Palm Beach has a great balance between preservation and modernization. So money should not be an object in case of getting married in this resort. Hopefully, this article is benefiting you by informing you about the cost of a wedding at Breakers Palm Beach.

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