How Much is a Wedding at the Escape to the Chateau?

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The escape to the chateau is an amazing location for a French wedding. If you've ever watched the television show, you've likely wondered how much a wedding at this amazing venue will cost. When Eloise and Matt discovered Escape to Chateau, they immediately knew it was the perfect location for their dream French wedding. Read on for more information! Here is a breakdown of the price of a wedding at the escape to the chateau.

Average cost of a wedding at the escape to the chateau

The Escape to the Chateau is an exclusive venue for a luxury wedding. The Chateau is owned by Dick Strawbridge and Angel Adoree, who renovated it for a Channel 4 show. While the Chateau is expensive, many couples are willing to pay the high price. As a result, the average cost of a wedding at the Chateau is around PS19,000.

The average price for a wedding at the Chateau de la Reine is around PS19,500 ($26,300) and includes a six-course dinner, canapes, cheese table, and unlimited full bar. Additional costs include a post-wedding brunch for 52 people, a sound system, flowers, and a wedding planner. The price range for hiring the Chateau for a weekend can range anywhere from EUR 8,680 to PS26,300.

The cost of a wedding at the Escape To The Chateau varies. Prices range from PS19,000 to PS38,000, depending on the package that you choose and the number of guests you'd like to invite. You can choose from the Orangery, which is decorated in an Art Deco style, and the Salle a manger, which is smaller and can accommodate 12 people. The venue is also available for smaller weddings.

A wedding at the Chateau may cost between $3,000 and $50,000. However, it's possible to have a ceremony and reception at the Chateau for under $500. If you're not a French citizen, you can also opt for a romantic elopement in the country of your birth. The cost of eloping in France may be expensive, but a beautiful, romantic wedding can be an experience for the couple and their guests.

Hiring a wedding venue in France can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $50,000. You'll find secluded chateaus in the Dordogne or Bordeaux for less than a third of that price. The Loire Valley is another popular location, and many castles are listed buildings. The higher end of the market is populated by luxury properties like the Chateau de Beaumont in France.

Dates of cheapest weddings at the escape to the chateau

The prices for a wedding at the Escape to the Chateau castle vary depending on the number of guests and the date. The cost of a wedding at the Chateau is between PS19,000 and PS38,000, depending on the package chosen. It is possible to have an intimate wedding in the orangery, or have a larger affair in the Salle a manger. Both options have stunning art deco décor.

The cheapest wedding dates are Saturday, Monday, and Thursday, as these days are the most popular. This is because people usually have time off work to attend Saturday weddings. Sundays, on the other hand, are difficult for out-of-town guests to make. Weekday weddings tend to be less popular than weekends, as most couples do not want to spend a whole day planning and booking the event. Generally, wedding vendors will be cheaper on a weekday.

Another factor affecting the cost of a wedding at the Escape to the Chateau is the day of the week and the time of day. As the cost of a wedding at the Escape to the Chateau will depend on the day and time of year, it is recommended to avoid the busiest days. The time of day of the wedding will have a significant impact on the total cost.

The cost of a wedding at the Escape to the Chateau depends on the size of the group. A typical wedding is between PS19,000 and PS38,000. However, the cost will depend on the number of guests and the package chosen. For example, a ceremony at the Chateau can cost as much as PS3,580. Adding more guests will raise the cost significantly, however.

The Escape To The Chateau is the most expensive wedding venue in the UK. However, you may find a wedding date that suits your needs within your budget. The venue is a beautiful setting and has great service. The resort also offers many special touches for honeymooners. They offer special activities and arrange couples' events for the entire duration of their stay. There is even an area for a reception after the ceremony.

Glamping options

For a more rustic experience, glamping is a great way to see the area, while staying in a cabin or tent. There are many options, from luxury camping to more basic accommodations. You can choose to camp in a cabin with a wood stove and bathroom, or choose to stay in an outhouse. In addition to cabins and tents, the escape to the chateau offers camping in RVs.

The Chateau de la Motte Husson is located in the Pays de la Loire, near Nantes in France. This stunning chateau is the perfect setting for a wedding and is available for glamping. The castle has 45 rooms and 78 windows, spanning 12 acres and a moat. Before the Escape to the Chateau show, the Chateau was uninhabited and had stood empty for 40 years. It was also not heated and had no running water, but now guests can stay in the Chateau while enjoying the countryside.

The glamping options at the Escape to the Chateau are unique, combining the rustic appeal of a traditional French Chateau with the convenience of modern amenities. If you're looking for a romantic getaway that's close to nature, try a glamping experience on the estate's private lake. The hosts leave a basket of breakfast at your treehouse and you can pull it up yourself for a delicious breakfast. The surrounding forest has a quaint stream where you can swim and take a dip.

A romantic getaway with your loved one is a memorable experience at Escape to the Chateau. There are several accommodation options available, including glamping domes, which are described as "chateaus under the stars". The prices are competitive and include a dinner, breakfast, and activities for two people. It also includes a welcome basket with local delicas. You can also enjoy the chateau's fishing equipment, bikes, and games room.

In addition to your luxury glamping experience, you can spend a day relaxing at the spa. The Chateau offers massages and reiki, as well as a drive to nearby wineries. The entire experience is estimated to cost around 350 Euros ($383) for a week's stay. A similar experience can be found for less than eighty-two dollars per night on AirBnB.

Duration of a day at the escape to the chateau

The first episode of Escape to the Chateau was broadcast on June 5, 2016. The show followed the lives of a couple, Dick and Angel Strawbridge, as they renovate an old French chateau. Despite their inexperience, these couples managed to make the chateau a reality and become popular with viewers. The show's official website and IMDb page have more information on the series, including a season nine trailer.

Escape to the Chateau follows Dick Strawbridge and Angel Adoree as they restore a 19th century chateau in Martigne-sur-Mayenne, France. While renovating the historic home, the couple also raise two young children and begin a wedding business. Meanwhile, they are fighting against time to tie the knot. To help them out, the Strawbridges have arranged tours and workshops for those who want to enjoy the Chateau.

As for the show itself, fans can also watch the entire series online. The first episode was titled "Flying in the Wind", while the second was titled "They're Our Flies." After that, viewers can look forward to a delicious lunch with wine. Then, after lunch, the chateau offers afternoon tea. Another highlight of the show is a guided tour of the chateau from the basemet, five floors up to the grenier, where Angel and Dick speak about life in France and the secrets of making a TV series.

For those who want to explore the Chateau, the most popular option is the "under the stars" experience. The price of a day's stay at Escape to the Chateau ranges from PS170-370 for two guests. There are also packages designed for families, including children's activities. The price of a day's stay depends on the type of package you choose and the number of guests.

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