How to Say No Children at Wedding?

How can you let guests know that your wedding is an adult-only event? It's a delicate matter because stating this explicitly could come across as rude to some guests. What are the polite ways to indicate that children are not invited to the wedding?

Wedding is one of the most influential days of your life. And you have all the right to design this day as like as you want. Children are like little angle and they can obviously make your wedding ceremony better and beautiful. However, some couples might not want to include any children for several reasons. But how can you politely tell the parents that you don’t want the child during the program.

In the below part of the article, we will let you know about some best ways of mentioning No Children in the wedding. Keep following the article to find out the best ways to do this.

Is it Okay to Say No Children at Wedding?

As the host of the ceremony, you have all the right to say what you want to say. Just because you don’t want the kid at your wedding ceremony, doesn’t mean that you are a bad person. Sometimes, couple wants to keep the wedding formal. As the kids can interfere the event, they might want to go kid-free. Furthermore, the tight budget can also be an issue. The couple might want to go kids-free to minimize the budget.

Sometimes, you may also need to keep the wedding smaller due to the limited space on the venue. Furthermore, it can be because of the restriction by local government. Especially, due to the covid situation, the government might restrict the number of people in the wedding. In such situation, you will require keeping the guest list short and for this, you may want to exclude the kids.

Most of the sensible guest will take this decision as normal. That is because they respect your decision. However, some of them with kids might not take it easily unless you through them a reason. So, if you really want to make the wedding child-free, then you will require having a valid reason.  

How to Say No Children at Wedding?

Saying no kid in the wedding is not going to be easy. You will require to find the right words to keep the entire things polite. Here are some of the examples you can try.

When the Space is Limited

Nowadays, due to the covid restriction and other natural disaster, you might not be able to host a large number of people at one place. Furthermore, some of the wedding venue also require to keep the event children free. In such situations, you should not hesitate to let the guest know about this.

If you have a limited space, then the best thing you can do is to let them know about the problem directly in the wedding invitation. You can nicely say “due to the limitation of the space, we have decided to make the event wedding only. Or, you can also say “We would have to had your children in the wedding. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate them due to the limited space.”

When the Budget is Limited

Sometimes you cannot allow the children in the wedding due to the limited budget. Well, you might find it hard to tell it in the wedding invitation. But this is not something you should shy about. A wedding can be hosted as low as $20000 while you can also pay unlimited based on the availability of the fund. If you don’t have much funds, then you shouldn’t also hesitate about telling this in the wedding invitation,

Here is what you can say “Due to the limited budget, we unfortunately cannot accommodate the children in the wedding”. “We are very sorry to let you know that we cannot accommodate the children in the wedding due to the limited budget.” You can also find any other suitable word to tell the guest about the situation.

Write The Name Carefully

One of the things you need to be aware of is writing the name of guest very carefully in the wedding invitation. Well, that doesn’t mean to write No Kids in the wedding. Using the wrong word can make things messier than you can imagine. Such as, you shouldn’t write the family word at any cost.

Some common practice while writing the name in the wedding card include- The John Doe Family, Mr. and Mrs. John Doe Family, Family of Mr. John Doe. Including the name in such ways mean that you are inviting their whole family. This can include their kids, the spouse of their kids, their kid’s kid, and so on.

You can be a bit tricky with the invitation letter. Such as, you can write “seat is reserved for Mr. John Doe”. If you are inviting both husband and wife, then you can write “seats are reserved for Mr. John Doe and Mrs. Jane Doe”. You can also write the same thing in the other way. Such as you can say “We are cordially inviting and reserved seat for Mr. John Doe in the event.

Consider Setting Up a Space for Kids

Even when you have all the reasons in the world to make the wedding kid-free, some parents might not join want to join it without their kids. Furthermore, if the guest is coming from oversea and they have kid, they simply cannot visit without the little one. In such situation, you can consider having a small space for keeping the kid with some babysitter. You will require paying them payment but it’s worthy.

Furthermore, you can allow the in the ceremony but not in the reception. In such case, make sure that you are mentioning the condition politely in the wedding invitation. Write something like this: while we are ready to welcome kids in the ceremony, we want to keep the reception adult only.


If you want to throw a kid-free wedding, we hope that the above tips will help you to do this. Make sure that you are not directly mentioning that you don’t want kid in the wedding. This might hurt the sentiment of the parents.

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