How Much is a Wedding at the Grand Island Mansion?

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Having your ceremony at the grand island mansion is an excellent idea if you have been dreaming of getting married in an elegant venue. If so, this article will provide you with a few details about the grand island mansion, from what packages they offer to how much a wedding here will cost. Before you begin, however, you should know a little bit about this beautiful wedding venue.

Cost of a wedding at the grand island mansion

The Grand Island Mansion is one of the premier wedding venues in the Sacramento area. Set on 20 acres, the venue features two reception halls, a bridal cottage, and manicured gardens. There are even ponds and waterfalls in the property. The venue is also close to American Indian heritage sites and Civil War-era plantations. The grand island mansion offers a wide variety of packages, from the traditional to the extravagant.

The cost of the wedding ceremony and reception can range anywhere from $25,000 to $50,000, depending on setup and substitutions. Couples can expect to pay between twenty and thirty-five dollars per person for the meal. Alcohol and taxes will be additional costs. Check with the venue for more details. You can also plan for the reception by requesting a menu online. Once you have decided on the wedding day menu and wedding day location, it is time to discuss cost with the wedding venue.

The grand island mansion has two ceremony sites. The right side of the lawn offers a garden area, while the left side features a raised amphitheater surrounded by Greek-style white stand-alone columns. The left side of the lawn is better for morning or fall weddings. The right side is better for afternoon and evening weddings. However, both areas are perfect for a wedding photo shoot.

Locations of wedding ceremonies at the grand island mansion

The Grand Island Mansion is a beautiful estate in the Delta. Guests will enjoy a romantic ceremony in the beautiful outdoor garden, shaded iron gazebo, or grand ballroom. This venue has a complimentary parking lot, which makes it convenient for guests. In addition to offering a beautiful, scenic location, it also offers exceptional service and coordination to make your day as perfect as possible. Here are some locations to consider for your wedding ceremony or reception.

Most wedding ceremonies are held on the mansion's front lawn. There are two locations for this ceremony: the right side of the lawn has a shaded garden area, and the left side has a raised amphitheater area with white stand alone columns. Typically, the left side of the lawn is more suitable for fall or spring weddings. If you're having a morning ceremony, you'll want to consider the right side.

The Delta River is a great backdrop for a wedding ceremony, and the mansion has many places for guests to enjoy a beautiful sunset. The front lawn area is lovely, and the reception area is equally lovely. A well-thought-out set-up and elegant decor make the Grand Island Mansion the perfect place for a ceremony. It's worth mentioning that you can get married at the Grand Island Mansion.

Packages offered by the grand island mansion

Brunch is a popular option at the Grand Island Mansion. Enjoy a delicious meal on the outdoor patio, complete with fresh fruit compote. Regular and decaffeinated columbian coffee, milk and orange juice are also available. The mansion can accommodate up to 25 guests, but not all rooms have adjoining baths. Brunch is available daily, and the restaurant is a popular location for locals and tourists alike.

A wedding at the Grand Island Mansion will leave you with an unforgettable memory. The Italian Renaissance styled villa is the largest private estate in the Northern California region. It features the best features of classical architecture and expert craftsmanship. In addition to the romantic setting, guests can also enjoy billiards games and the Italian Statuary Garden. The food at this historic site is exemplary, and it will delight you and your guests.