What Is the Grand March at a Wedding?

Texas hosts a substantial number of residents with roots in Germany and the Czech Republic. These communities maintain distinct cultural traditions, especially when it comes to wedding ceremonies, which feature several unique customs not commonly seen elsewhere. A prominent example of such a tradition is the grand march. For an in-depth understanding of the grand march and how it unfolds at their weddings, keep reading this article.

When it comes to the wedding, the German Texans or the Texas Czech are known for being a blast. Their weddings often accommodate more than thousands of guests and a large number of foods. However, in this article, we will talk about a specific preceding of their wedding which is Grand March. Keep reading the article to know everything about the Grand March tradition.

What Is the Grand March at a Wedding?

The grand march is a widely followed ritual that stats formal dancing. As we said above, the tradition is long followed by the Czech and German Texans. However, there is not much information available about the origin of this dance. Usually, the dance is led by an experienced couple and includes the bride and groom. There are also different forms of the dance which the participant needs to follow.

As per some peoples, the dance is originated from Germany, Czech lands, Poland, Hungary, etc. places. Most of the time, the grand march dance starts with the floor manager holding the couples to form into a line. They should face around the room. While the couple holding the hand, the man should be holding the lady in his right arm. The lady will rest her fingertips on the crook of the men’s arm.

During the march, the couple will march by following the music. Following the beat of the music, they will step on the left foot. The men in the couple should make steps following the step of the woman in the same length. The couple can either dance counterclockwise or clockwise. This should be discussed out first before the dance.

Who Leads the Grand March?

Usually, the couple leads the wedding march who have been married for many years. In other ceremonies, there are several persons who can lead the grand march. Such as, the host of the ball can lead it or the master of the ceremonies, or the floor manager. Some other people who can lead the dance include the chairman of the organization or an honored guest. So, the key point here is any respected person will lead the ceremony.

The persons who will lead the grand march must have ideas about what they are doing. It would be better if they are previously experienced in this. They must acknowledge each figure or change of the dress. If there are a lot of persons with rank, they should be lined up according to the rank.

What is the Significance of the Grand March?

You might know about the grand march or the wedding march, whatever you call it. But chances are very low that you know the symbolization of the dance. You will be shocked to know that all moves of the dance signify something meaningful. Here is the meaning of some parts of the dance.

  1. Usually, the grand march led by the couple around the room in a circle which is to signify life. The couple who leads the grand march usually married for many years and also experienced in the dance.
  2. There are some moves in the dance where the couple become separates which is to symbolize quarrel.
  3. After the separation, the join again together which signify the making up again after the quarrel.
  4. In some moves, the couples join with another to make a row or multiples, which is to signify family.
  5. The dance sometimes returns to single file forming a line like snake, while is a nice way to symbolize the turns and twist of the life.
  6. In the dance, the couples make a bride together where each person can go under this. It is to show the strength of the new couple.
  7. In the last part of the dance, the newly wed couple usually dance in the middle of a circle created by the guest. It signifies the support and willingness of the family for the marriage.

For the most part of the wedding ceremony, most of the guests seat down. The wedding march is a great way to bring everyone together who is connected to the wedding.

Etiquettes Tips for Grand March at a Wedding

Here are some tips that might help to make your grand march better and more enjoyable.

  1. Make sure to teach the couples before the marriage for the grand march. Not a lot of couple are experienced in it. Training will assure that even will go smoothly in the wedding day.
  2. Make sure to have someone to announce the bridal party. It will be better if a professional does the announcement. A lot of couples wait for the moment to take part in the processional.
  3. Ask your announcer to pronounce the name of the persons who is joining the march. This is a great way to honor the persons. Keep someone with the announcer to help with the name. You can also be there to help him.
  4. Preplan the order of the grand march at the wedding. Also, make sure that the couples understand it properly.
  5. There can be different formations in the wedding march. Make sure to pick a formation and utilize it properly and teach the people who will join for the march.


Although the wedding march is a widely practiced proceeding in the Texan Czech and Germans, nowadays, a lot of normal weddings also include this practice. Needless to say, the grand march can make the wedding event more fun-filled and enjoyable for the invitee. We hope this article helps you to understand the wedding march.

What Is the Grand March at a Wedding

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