How Much is Kim Kardashian Wedding Ring Worth

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Kim Kardashian is one of the most popular and highly paid celebrities. She has always been in talks for her luxurious lifestyle. People also always wondered about the engagement ring of Kim Kardashian. The 15 carat cushion cut diamond ring caught the attention of many diamond lovers. But How Much is Kim Kardashian Wedding Ring Worth?

In 2013, Kanye West proposed to Kim Kardashian in San Francisco with that beautiful 15 carat diamond ring on her 33rd birthday. Its design, shape, and everything was precisely done. Here we are gonna describe everything you would like to know about Kim Kardashian's wedding ring. 

The Famous 15 Carat Engagement Ring of Kim Kardashian 

Kim Kardashian got an amazing 15 carat cushion-cut diamond ring as a proposal from Kanye West. The ring has an oval design with that astonishing large diamond on top of it. 

When it comes to the stone, it is a type IIa cushion cut diamond. It is categorized with a D rating in color which makes it one of the clearest and most flawless stones. Besides, experts estimate that only 0.001% of all diamonds are found flawless. It means that even if you analyze the stone with a 10X magnification, you will not find any colors.

The ring was designed by the famous jewelry designer Lorraine Schwartz. The design of the ring was so eye-catching that the designer herself described it as the "Perfect cushion-cut Diamond."

The Second Ring in 2016 

Kanye also gave Kim a second ring in 2016. This ring was 20 carat and emerald-cut. Apparently, The second ring was also designed by Lorraine Schwartz as Kanye was pleased with her precise work in the first ring. 

The designer herself described this diamond as a rare one. The new ring was bigger in size than the first one. 

The Robbery in Paris 

The second engagement ring that Kim had from Kanye was stolen from Kim's hotel room while she was staying in Paris. The robbery became the headline of all news. This incident caused widespread agitation. The thief also stole some of her belongings along with the ring that was worth around $10 million in total. It is still a mystery to everyone who stole the ring. 

How Much is Kim Kardashian Wedding Ring Worth

It is said that Kanye West spent around $8 million in total for the first ring back in 2013. Still, some say it is not that expensive. 

The price of a diamond ring depends on the type of the stone, rarity, color, clarity, etc. Type IIa diamonds with D color grade rings can be quite expensive. Experts estimate that Kim Kardashian first wedding ring was worth $4.5 million. 

Despite being bigger in size the second ring that Kim got was not costlier than the first one. The second one had an emerald-cut whereas the first one had a cushion cut. Also, there were differences in stone. The new ring is worth around $1.5 million. 

Kim's second ring also caught the attention of people. But unfortunately, it was stolen at gunpoint by some thieves in 2016 Paris Fashion Week. 

Did Kim Get Back Her Stolen Ring? 

In an Instagram photo featuring a campaign of KKW Diamond Collection back in 2019, Kim was seen to be wearing the exact stolen ring. So,people raised questions about whether or not she got back the ring. 

Kim spoiled the beans and depicted that it was actually a replica made by Lorraine Schwartz. She said that she had borrowed all the jewelry from Lorraine and also had returned them.

Rings That Worh More Than Kim Kardashian Wedding Ring

Celebrities' lifestyle has always been talked about and widely discussed. Most celebrities tend to have a cozy and luxurious lifestyle. Now we are gonna show some of the most expensive wedding rings of celebrities. 

1. Mariah Carey (Estimated Value: $10 million)

When it comes to the most expensive Mariah Carey's bling will be at the top. Her ex-fiance James Packer spent around $10 million for this beautiful piece of jewel. The ring was 35 carat and its sparkle was eye-catching. Even after a year of breakup, she used to wear this ring until she parted ways with it in May 2018. The ring was sold to a jeweler from Los Angeles for $2.1 million. 

2. Elizabeth Taylor (Estimated Value: $8.8 million)

The 33.19 carat ring that Richard Burton gave Elizabeth Taylor holds second place in the list. This D color near-flawless ring has an estimated value of $8.8 million. However, this Asscher cut diamond is originally known as Krupp Diamond. Richard Burton gave this ring to her in 1968 and she wore it the rest of her life. Elizabeth Taylor was so obsessed with jewelry that she even wrote a book "My Love Affair With Jewellery". The ring was sold at a price of $8.8 million in the auction.

3. Beyonce (Estimated Value: $5 million)

Queen B's 18 carat ring is designed by Lorraine Schwartz. Jay-Z paid approximately $5 million to get this ring for Beyonce. This gorgeous 18 carat emerald-cut flawless ring will undoubtedly catch anyone's attention.  

4. Paris Hilton (Estimated Value: $4.7 million)

Paris Hilton received a 25 carat large stone diamond ring from Paris Latsis. It is said that Paris Latsis had to pay $4.7 million to get this beautiful emerald-cut ring. After a few months of their split-up Paris Hilton auctioned the ring off at $2 million. Therefore she donated it for the benefit of Hurricane Katrina victims. 

5. Jennifer Lopez (Estimated Value: $4.1 million)

Back in 2004, Marc Anthony proposed to Jennifer Lopez with an 8.5 carat rare blue diamond. J.lo's blue diamond has an estimated value of $4.1 million. Rumour also arose that Jennifer Lopez wanted to sell the Mark Anthony ring.


People have always wondered about celebrities' lifestyles and also their weddings. Kim Kardashian's wedding ring has been in trending talks among people. Her 25 carat cushion-cut ring has an estimated value of $4.5 million. We hope that you have now come to know every detail about Kim Kardashian's wedding ring. 

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