How to Fold Pocket Square for Wedding

If you're wearing a blazer or suit for wedding celebrations, consider adding a pocket square to your ensemble. This small touch can significantly elevate the look of your attire. Not sure how to properly fold a pocket square for a wedding? Keep reading the article for advice.

Pocket squares are handkerchiefs folded into style. There are several ways to fold a pocket square. But is it necessary to include the pocket square in your outfit? Well, it certainly lifts the outfit. So, the decision is yours to make.

After all, why leave an empty breast pocket, when you can add the small accessory to introduce a sartorial elegance. So, stay with us till the end to know the different ways of folding pocket squares for a wedding. And, we will carry you to the steps to fold one. 

Different Ways to Fold Pocket Square for Wedding

There are many ways to fold the pocket square for the wedding. The techniques vary depending on the material of the fabric. If you are using silk, then go for the simple folding technique. But if your choice of handkerchief is cotton, then fold it in other intricate ways. There is no definitive rule of folding a pocket square. Just fold it according to your preference. 

But you shouldn’t forget to iron it before commencing into folding. The folding can vary from a one-point pocket square to a four-point pocket square. Other than that, there is a presidential pocket square and puff pocket square. Below we will discuss how to fold the different types of pocket squares in detail.  

What are the different ways of Folding Pockets Square?

When you are deciding to go for the traditional pocket square accessory, decide which material you prefer to go with it. For silk pockets squares, choose a simple folding style. And for cotton, you can create whichever folding technique you desire.  Here on, we will discuss the technique. 

One-point Pocket Square

  1. First, lay the pocket square on a hard surface
  2. There will be two parts, top, and bottom. Then bring the bottom part to the top and fold the pocket square in half.  
  3. After that, fold the take two-thirds of the left to the right side and fold it to meet the new left side of the pocket square. 
  4. Then, just center the folded pocket square in your breast pocket. 

Two-point Pocket Square

  1. Place the pocket square on a hard surface to get the edges right. Then put it in a diamond position.
  2. After that, fold the bottom and top parts together. Make sure the edges are not aligned.
  3. Then take the right side to pass the center point and fold it inwardly.
  4. And take the left side and fold it over to the right.
  5. Tuck the remaining edges behind the pocket square. 
  6. Place it in your pocket after it’s done. 

Three-point Pocket Square

  1. Lay down the pocket square on a hard surface. Then face the top and bottom parts together, along with both edges. 
  2. Later, fold the bottom corner with the top corner with slight misalignment
  3. After that, bring the bottom left side to the right. And put it on the right of the mid-peak.
  4. Then fold the remaining right side in the left and tuck it into the pocket accordingly. 

Four-point Pocket Square

  1. After placing the pocket square at a smooth level, fold together the bottom and top corner
  2. Remember to leave them misaligned. 
  3. Then put the bottom left side in the right of the second peak point. 
  4. After that, fold the remaining part of the right side to the left. And this will form the fourth peak point.
  5. Place it into the pocket with caution and adjust accordingly.

Puff Pocket Square

  1. The first step is similar in all folding styles. And that is laying the pocket square on a solid, smooth surface.
  2. Then pinch the pocket square up
  3. And wrap the other hand around the end of the fabric. 
  4. Fold the top pinched part into the bottom of the pocket square of your thumb. 
  5. Then switch your thumb to pinch the pocket square
  6. Later turn it upside down to get the peak on the top
  7. Tuck it into the pocket and adjust however you see fit. 

Presidential Pocket Square

  1. First, lay down the pocket square as usual on a flat surface
  2. Then fold the pocket square in half
  3. After that, fold the button part and place it up to three-quarters 
  4. And the presidential pocket square is ready for you to tuck insides the pocket

Winged Puff Pocket Square

  1. First, place the pocket square on a level surface and flatten out all the edges
  2. Then fold the pocket square into a perfect half
  3. Place the top part of the left side in the middle part of the bottom
  4. After that bring all the parts together in the middle and make sure all the edges are perfect square
  5. Now tuck the completed winged puff pocket square in your pocket


What is the Must Know to Fold a Pocket Square?

The pocket square has been in the fashion world for the longest time. It livens up the stiff output without any repercussions. But the crucial point of folding the pocket square is smoothening all the edges. To do that, iron the pocket square nicely. It plays a major part in folding the pocket square.  


Pocket squares certainly live up to their popularity. It is a small part of the whole outfit, yet the heart and soul of it. Besides that, pocket squares deliver the versatility that lacks in a man’s outfit. So, the pop of color isn’t a necessity, but it is one of the best choices to balance out the wedding outfit. 

If you are looking for ways to fold pocket squares, we hope this article will help you. We have discussed several ways to put up the pocket square for the wedding suits. You can use it as you prefer.

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