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Islamic wedding dresses range from simple, long-sleeved sheath styles to extravagant ball gowns adorned with accessories. Some of these gowns feature intricate embroidery and decorative details. The possibilities are only bounded by your creativity and financial plan. View images of various Islamic wedding dress styles here.

Traditional islamic wedding gowns

Traditional Islamic wedding gowns can be made of a number of different fabrics. These can be as simple as a sleeveless wedding gown to as elaborate as a long-sleeved ball gown complete with full-blown accessories. The choice depends entirely on the bride's tastes and budget.

Although Muslim brides traditionally wear a white apron, western women can also wear a traditional Muslim wedding gown in brighter shades. In addition to the traditional white saree, some western European women also wear pink-coloured wedding dresses. Regardless of the colour, the Muslim wedding gown will be intricately embroidered.

Another choice for a traditional Islamic wedding gown is a sharara. These garments are often simple, graceful, and rich in colour. A sharara can be a traditional, embroidered dress in a colour similar to the bride's skin tone, but may have minimal embroidery or zari. A veil or hair adornments may be worn.

In addition to the veil, Islamic wedding gowns may also include a hijab or hood. The veil is typically covered, but it is often optional to reveal the neck. Some women opt for a high-neck wedding dress with a veil. The veil is another option, as long as it is long enough to cover the hair.

Traditional Islamic wedding gowns are adorned with gold jewelry, which will accentuate the dress. The bride will wear a gold necklace and earrings. A white or light-colored sari will be an elegant addition to her wedding attire.


Islamic wedding dresses are vibrant and colorful. The traditional color for an Islamic wedding dress is bright red, but women can choose any color they like. For example, in India, women often wear red dresses on their wedding day. The color of your wedding dress may depend on the traditions of your family or the area you are getting married in.

In addition to the traditional colors, there are some contemporary variations you can try on your big day. For instance, a blush pink lehenga can be a traditional Muslim wedding dress, and is still very feminine. It has silver sequins embroidered on the full-length blouse. However, the bottom half and dupatta are plain. To finish off the look, the bride can wear diamond jewellery. This style is a refreshing change from the stereotypical gold and red bridal gown.

Another variation on an Islamic wedding dress is a reddish-orange bridal dress with double dupattas. One covers the head, while the other covers the shoulders. The embroidered portions are embellished with different types of gold work. This dress is very beautiful and unique, and the kalidar cut compliments most figure types. The embroidered areas are accented with gold zari embroidery.

Muslim wedding gowns can range from simple line wedding gowns to elaborate long-sleeve ball gowns with full-blown accessories. You can choose any style that matches your taste and lifestyle.


Islamic wedding gowns come in different styles and colors. Some are plain and elegant while others are elaborately ornate and adorned with embellishments. Some Islamic wedding dresses feature a long hijab and a sharara bottom. There are even examples of dresses with a short sleeved kameez and a zari border. A net dupatta is another option.

Islamic wedding dresses come in different shapes and sizes, so you can choose the style that will suit your taste and preferences. Some of these dresses are long sleeved, some are ball gowns, while others are simply simple. If you want a more elaborate dress, you can request a custom-made dress made of the finest materials. Some gowns are embellished with sequins, beaded designs, or corsets. You can have them customized according to your requirements and budget. The more complex designs can take several days to complete.

The most popular color for Muslim wedding dresses is beige. The dress itself is long and flowing. It may be paired with a pair of churidars. The veil is adorned with zardozi work to enhance the look. It is a great choice for a bride who wants to exude subtlety and glamour.

Another option is a long, shimmery dress in a rich shade of red. The anarkali-style gown is also adorned with gold and green embellishment. A beautiful dress in this style is also available in lilac. It is made of rich silk fabric and boasts beads and stones. It resembles a lacha, which is a traditional Islamic wedding dress.

Sherwanis with elaborate embroidery

You can find Islamic wedding gowns in all styles, from simple line wedding dresses to elaborate, long-sleeved ball gowns with full-blown accessories. You can find the perfect style for you according to your taste and sense of style. Keep in mind the colour and shape of your body before choosing the right dress.

Some Muslim wedding dresses have intricate embroidery. The elaborate embroidery is done in different shades of grey. You can find a large number of such dresses in the markets. One of the most popular designs features a beautiful floral embroidery, embellished with pearls and beads. The dress is complete with a head-drape made of gold.

In addition to elaborate embroidery, some Muslim wedding gowns feature color-coded shawls or scarf-like garments. For instance, a Pakistani bride chose a green wedding lehenga, and paired it with a bandhani dupatta. For the bride, the shawl is an essential part of the attire. Moreover, many Muslim wedding gowns also feature a head-covering element, such as a colorful scarf that resembles the hijab or a colorful dupatta.

The colour combination of Muslim wedding gowns is also quite unconventional. Contrasting shades such as pink and purple are not considered traditional. However, some Muslim brides have chosen to wear a soft pastel shade of lavender. This color is a beautiful choice, as it can be matched with traditional stone and gold jewellery. You can also pair this colour with a dupatta in a subtle hue, such as peach.

Sherwani with ivory bottoms

Sherwani is one of the most popular styles of men's wedding clothing. It is available in various colors and is suitable for men of all ages. It is also available in different patterns and designs. It can be a hand or machine embroidery. This kind of wedding outfit adds a touch of style and class to the overall look of the groom.

The latest styles include a white half-slit Sherwani with a high neck and draped cloth. This modern wedding outfit is made of fine quality fabric and has a stylish design. Another modern and stylish design is a peacock green silk Sherwani with peacock patches on the front and long sleeves. This dress is a great choice for weddings and pre-wedding parties. You can also go for a traditional and elegant look by wearing a velvet stole with a silk sherwani.

Sherwanis can be found in a range of colors, including white, off-white, red, and bright blue. They can also be embroidered, sequined, printed, or adorned with precious stones. Some are simple and classic, while others are bold and extravagant.

The Islamic weddingdress can be either formal or casual, depending on the style. Some women will wear a white apron while others will wear a pink apron. The choice of colour will depend on the culture and tradition of the groom.

Sherwani with silver sequin work

The silver sequin work of an Islamic wedding gown adds a beautiful touch to any wedding dress. The dress is typically light-colored, but you can choose from more dramatic shades. These designs include gold and silver sequin work on the bodice, and are often paired with plain dupattas.

Silver sequin work on an Islamic wedding gown is a wonderful choice for brides who want to give their abaya a sparkly finish. The abaya looks spectacular paired with the right accessories. You can find this design on our Inventory Item page, and you can have it dispatched as soon as possible.

Deepika Padukone looked stunning in this Islamic wedding dress, with the red and gold color scheme making it an exquisite choice. The redish orange kameez is almost completely covered by a dark red velvet double-dupatta, and the dark red dupatta is covered in different types of gold thread.

In addition to silver sequin work, Islamic wedding gowns with cutwork on net are another option. Such fabrics are available in abundance in the market, and you can make your big day even more special with this beautiful style. Add pearl details to floral embroidery, and a Hijab under-cap to complete the look.

Light pink and gold shades also make for a stunning Muslim wedding gown. This combination of colors is a classic and traditional look, and makes Muslim brides look celestial and serene. Embroidered or printed silver sequin work on the lehengas enhances the overall design and gives it a romantic look.

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