How Much Does It Cost to Preserve a Wedding Gown

Securing your wedding gown is far from a straightforward task. It requires a significant amount of time, thorough investigation, and notably, a substantial monetary commitment. Therefore, it makes complete sense for many to opt for preserving their wedding dress, as a means to hold onto the precious memories of their extraordinary occasion. Moreover, the idea of allowing future generations, maybe your own offspring or grandchildren, to don the dress in your honor, holds a sentimental value. So, how much does it cost to preserve a wedding dress? Let's explore this topic in detail here. (Learn more about Preservation of Your Wedding Bouquet)

A wedding day is one of the most important days in one’s life. So, there is always something you will want to keep as a token of remembrance. The wedding gown is on top of that list. But to preserve the wedding gown, there are some steps to follow. You can't simply keep the dress in the wardrobe and think the gown will be alright after staying more than decades in it.

The cost to preserve a wedding gown differs depending on the gown’s material. And state it is in after the wedding. If you haven’t cleaned your gown after the wedding, then the cost may increase tremendously. Here we will talk about how much it costs to preserve the wedding gown. So, if you are interested, keep reading the article.

How Much Does it Cost to Preserve the Wedding Gown?

The cost of wedding gown preservation varies on the techniques. The average cost starts from 200 USD. But you can see changes in the price range depending on the shops, gown material, and state of preservation.  The cost also changes if you are ok with yellow discoloration or not. 

If you are going to a boutique shop for preservation, then the prices may start from 1000 USD. The question is if they are worth it or not. Truthfully, it is always better to check on the market before actually deciding on the shop. Sometimes the local shop will hand you down with better works than the boutique shop. 

But depending on the different techniques, you may preserve the wedding gown with 300 Usd in ease. So, it is always better to look around at the price, before deciding on the shop.  

What is Included in the Gown Preservation Packages?

The gown preservation packages differ on the preservation technique, dry cleaning skills, and the fabric’s current state.

If you are opting for all-inclusive preservation of the gown, it will include the handling of the gown materials more delicately. As more delicate and inclusive the techniques will be, the lesser chances of yellow discoloration will occur.

If you are going for simple preservation techniques, the possibility of the material turning yellow will be high. So, if the yellow discoloration doesn’t matter then choose the simple ones. 

What Does the Preservation Packages Include?

The packages also involve the veil in them. So, while you are preserving the gown, preserve the accessories as well. The prices are within 300 USD in this scenario as well. Because the preservation of accessories is free. So, no need to worry about the extra charges.

How is the Gown Delivered After Preservation?

After preservation, they deliver the preserved item in a box. Usually, the box prevents UV ray damage, dust, and air damage. Because we know the environmental factor plays a role in the discoloration of the clothes.  


What Cleaning Method is Used Before Preservation?

The cleaning method of the gown depends on the fabric. If the fabric requires a dry-cleaning technique, then experts will use that. But if the wet cleaning technique is required, then it will be done. But if the fabric requires a dry-cleaning technique, look for experts that use virgin solvent.

Virgin solvent works best to get rid of the stain. So, if you are doing the dry cleaning technique, go for the virgin solvent. As it will deliver the best result. 

When Should I Preserve My Wedding Gown?

The wedding is one of the most memorable days. But it is also one of the most chaotic days in your life. So, in that chaos, it is easy to get a stain in the wedding gown. In that case, cleaning is a must to do within a day. As you don’t want the stains to stay. 

Sometimes the food, beverages, or sweat stains are very stubborn. So, if you would like to preserve the dress for the future, make sure to clean the wedding gown within days of the wedding. Because the longer you wait, the lesser chances of the full preservation of the wedding gown will remain. 

How Do I Prevent Yellow Discoloration of my Gown?

The first step to prevent the yellow discoloration of the wedding gown is proper preservation. The yellow discoloration will not occur if the preservation is done right. Don’t go for the simple preservation packages. 

To prevent this, choose a detailed preservation package. It will include detailed fabric preservation techniques. These steps are necessary to prevent discoloration. The next step is how to contain the dress after preservation.

 If you use a plastic bag after preservation, there is a high chance that your gown will turn yellow. Because plastic emits chemical gas over time, making the fabric yellow. Hence, don’t, preserve your gown in a plastic bag. Rather, keep your gown in the box that was used to deliver the dress after preservation. 

These boxes prevent environmental damages. So, it is a better choice to keep the preserved gown in the box.  


Wedding dress plays a major part in the wedding day. It deals with romance and contains the thin life of anxiety. You don’t know what the future of marriage life holds. But after decades of being in the marriage, the wedding gown will help you remember the youthfulness, the love you felt while being in it. 

It contains all those memories. So, to reminisce about these evergreen memories, preserving your wedding gown is a must. And one day, you may see your daughter walking down the aisle while wearing your dress. You never know. So, it is always nice to preserve the wedding gown while you still can. 

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