LDS Divorce – Sources of Unhappy Marriages and a Stake President’s Suggestion

If your marriage within the LDS community has been facing challenges for a while, it might be the moment to contemplate divorce. While you might be aware of the advantages that come with divorce, understanding the reasons to pursue this option might not be clear to you. This article delves into the causes behind discontented marriages and offers advice from a stake president.

lds unhappy marriages

One of the best ways to resolve an unhappy marriage is to talk to both parties. Some unhappy marriages are caused by one party refusing to submit to God. Others are caused by issues that are left unresolved by one partner. In these cases, individual counseling may be helpful in addition to marriage counseling.

Many faithful Latter-day Saints are faced with difficult choices regarding their marriages. One good option is to speak to their bishop about their options. The bishop's advice may be especially helpful if the marriage seems beyond hope. The bishop will be able to help the couple decide whether divorce is the best option.


Mormons are often criticized for not receiving civil divorces before remarriage. Such criticisms imply that Mormons are cavalier with the law. However, these arguments are unfounded. The Mormon Church's practice of disallowing divorces is no more illegal than divorce in other religions.

Mormons value marriage. It is the cornerstone of the gospel and the Church, but it can also be a sensitive topic for many. Though divorce is not frowned upon among Latter-day Saints, the stigma attached to it can cause unhappy marriages. However, there is a way around this.


If you have ever experienced an unhappy marriage in the LDS faith, you are not alone. Many Latter-day Saints struggle with the same issues, and some have even contemplated divorce. However, many have turned to gospel principles to improve their marriages. The key to a happy marriage is knowing what to do and how to make the necessary changes. The Holy Ghost will lead you in the right direction.

Advice from stake president

The stake president will not recommend any specific course of action for a schismatic relationship. That's because excommunication involves a lengthy process and more Priesthood holding. The stake president will ask the Schisms individually what the temple recommends. If the schisms are LDS, they will probably be happy to help.

While some LDS members are happy in their marriages, others have sought divorce. Fortunately, many of them found ways to make their marriage work again. The key is to understand what your spouse truly wants. You must know if your spouse is attending meetings, has a testimony and has eternal goals.

The Andersons were seeking help from the stake president. They had been fighting over money and their stepchildren. They were spending most of their time apart, with Frank upstairs at work and Nancy downstairs. They had been seeing a number of counselors, but couldn't find one that worked for them. Despite the troubles in their marriage, the Andersons still attended church. However, their bishop had given up on the marriage, so he recommended they seek help from the stake president.

There are many reasons for people not to marry. Some want to be single and want to start a family, while others are unwilling to commit to a marriage. Others are suffering from the effects of divorce or have been badly hurt by a previous marriage. These issues can be resolved. The church can help you overcome these fears.

Many LDS spouses feel torn between their church and their personal desires. For these people, the church can be a powerful lever. It can make the difference between being happy or miserable. It's a choice that must be carefully considered.

Ways to turn around an unhappy marriage

One of the best ways to turn around an unhappy marriage is to get back to knowing your partner better. Act as if you just met and find out about their hobbies, dreams and goals. It will help you to reconnect with your partner and develop neglected areas of your life. It will also help you improve your communication and intimacy with your spouse.

If your relationship is stalled or in need of some TLC, consider going to a marriage counseling or couples therapy. You can also read relationship repair books or attend workshops led by licensed professionals. Whatever you do, never lose sight of the fact that your relationship is worth fighting for. Even ten minutes a day of emotional connection with your partner can make a difference. It will also help if you replace your divorce mindset with a marriage mindset.

You can turn your marriage around with some hard work. Your spouse might have a bad temper or forget to listen to your opinions. Or perhaps he/she flirts with another person or watches questionable content. You may need to find ways to acknowledge your spouse's thoughtfulness, even if it's something as simple as washing the dishes.

You can visualize the marriage you want. Make a list of the things you want to see in your marriage. When you have a clear idea of what you want, you can take action. You will be amazed at how much better your marriage will be once you have a clear vision of what you want it to be.

Couples who stay together have mastered the art of talking out their differences. This is an essential skill in marriages, as many unhappy marriages are built on stifling the hurt and anger of their partners. In the long run, ignoring these feelings will only lead to bitter resentment and an angry outburst. Instead of ignoring the issues, strong couples seek help from a neutral third party, and learn to communicate better.

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