Oheka Castle Hotel: Top Wedding Venue Of Long Island Gold Coast

Oheka Castle Hotel: Top Wedding Venue Of Long Island Gold Coast

Dreaming of an upscale wedding with a backdrop of a historical castle? Search no more, Oheka Castle in Huntington, Long Island, stands as the epitome of elegance. This venue is more than just a place to exchange vows; it offers a unique, eternal experience that transforms your big day into a fairy-tale romance. So, what is it about Oheka Castle that attracts high society for their nuptials?

So, if you want more historical and enchanting details about this premier venue, continue reading this article. In this article, we will explore every facet of this Long Island gem, from its storied past to its contemporary amenities, and discover why Oheka Castle reigns supreme as Long Island, Huntington's top elegant wedding venue. Your journey to the wedding of your dreams begins here! 

Oheka Castle: A Glimpse Into History

Oheka Castle is one of the second-largest historic hotels in America. This luxury hotel was built in 1919. This magnificent mansion is a true gem of the Gold Coast and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places; acclaimed architect Otto Kahn designed it. Therefore, it is also known as the Otto Kahn Estate's largest private home. 

Oheka Castle was originally built as a country residence to accommodate Otto Kahn's fondness for hosting lavish parties and entertaining guests. Kahn, a prominent financier and philanthropist, spared no expense in creating a chateau that would rival the grandest venues in the world. Today, Gary Melius owns Oheka Castle, which stands as a testament to his vision and remains one of the most sought-after wedding venues on Long Island.

A Tour Of The Estate

According to tour guides, this mansion tour provides a glimpse into the lives of Otto Kahn and his family and the architectural marvels that make Oheka Castle a true masterpiece.

As you explore the various rooms of the mansion, you will discover the exquisite details and impeccable craftsmanship that went into its construction. Each space exudes elegance and charm, from the grand ballroom to the intimate sitting rooms. You'll also have the opportunity to wander through the beautiful formal gardens, where you can admire the lush greenery and picturesque views.

Why Oheka Castle Is Considered A Dream Wedding Venue?

For couples dreaming of a fairytale wedding, Oheka Castle is the perfect venue. With its stunning backdrop and unrivaled beauty, this historic mansion offers a backdrop to many magical settings to say "I do". Whether you envision an intimate gathering or a grand celebration, Oheka Castle has a variety of elegant spaces to accommodate weddings of all sizes.

This luxurious suite offers a spacious and romantic atmosphere, with its private terrace overlooking the estate. It provides the perfect setting for the newlyweds to retreat after a day of celebrating. From the enchanting ceremony spaces to the elegant reception halls, the dedicated wedding team at Oheka Castle will work closely with couples to bring their vision to life. With its impeccable service and attention to detail, Oheka Castle has earned its reputation as one of the top wedding venues on Long Island.

How Oheka Castle Creates A Perfect Setting For Your Wedding?

Enchanting Gardens

Imagine exchanging vows amid enchanting gardens adorned with colorful blooms and perfectly manicured lawns. Oheka Castle's gardens provide a fairytale setting for outdoor ceremonies and romantic strolls.

Grand Ballrooms

For those who prefer an indoor affair, Oheka Castle's grand ballrooms are nothing short of breathtaking. With their ornate chandeliers, soaring ceilings, and intricate detailing, these ballrooms exude sophistication and charm.

Tailored Packages

Oheka Castle understands that every couple is unique, and their wedding packages reflect this belief. Whether you desire an intimate gathering or a grand celebration, Oheka Castle's team of experts will work with you to create a tailored package that suits your vision and budget.

Exceptional Service And Cuisine

Expert Wedding Planners

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, but Oheka Castle's experienced wedding planners are there to ensure every detail is taken care of. From selecting the perfect menu to coordinating with vendors, they will make your wedding planning process a breeze.

Culinary Delights

Food plays a crucial role in any celebration, and Oheka Castle's culinary team takes this to heart. With a diverse menu that can be customized to your preferences, you and your guests will savor every bite of the delectable cuisine.

Attentive Staff

The attentive and professional staff at Oheka Castle are dedicated to providing exceptional service. Your comfort and satisfaction are their top priorities, ensuring that your wedding day is seamless and stress-free.


In the end, it is concluded that if you're planning a wedding, attending a special event, or simply looking for a unique getaway, Oheka Castle offers an unforgettable experience. The combination of its rich history, stunning architecture, and impeccable service make it a destination unlike any other.

When you step foot into Oheka Castle, you'll be transported to a world of elegance and luxury. When you arrive, you'll be treated like royalty, with the staff catering to your every need. Whether you're planning an intimate ceremony or a grand celebration, Oheka Castle can cater to your every need, making it a premier choice for couples seeking a dream wedding location.


If you still want to know more details about this historic Oheka Castle, read this section till the end:

Are There Accommodations Available For Guests Traveling From Out Of Town?

Yes, Oheka Castle offers luxurious accommodations, ensuring the comfort of your out-of-town guests.

Do I Need To Hire External Vendors For My Wedding At Oheka Castle?

Oheka Castle offers comprehensive wedding packages that include everything you need, from catering to floral arrangements.

Is Oheka Castle Available Year-Round For Weddings?

Yes, Oheka Castle hosts weddings throughout the year, each season offering a unique charm.

What Amenities And Facilities Does Oheka Castle Offer For Wedding Ceremonies And Receptions?

Oheka Castle offers a range of amenities and facilities for wedding ceremonies and receptions. These include a variety of indoor and outdoor event spaces, luxurious guestrooms and suites, on-site catering, and a dedicated team of wedding professionals to assist with planning and coordination.

Can I Tour The Estate Before Booking My Wedding At Oheka Castle?

Absolutely! Oheka Castle offers guided mansion tours of the estate, allowing visitors to explore the historic mansion, gardens, and grounds. It's a great way to understand the venue's beauty and ambiance before deciding.

Is Oheka Castle Only Available For Weddings, Or Can It Be Booked For Other Events?

While Oheka Castle is renowned for its weddings, it can also be booked for other events, such as corporate functions, fundraisers, and social gatherings. The venue's versatility and timeless elegance make it popular for various occasions.

How Can I Book My Wedding At Oheka Castle?

To book your wedding at Oheka Castle, you can contact their events team directly through their website or phone. They will guide you through booking, help you choose the perfect event spaces, and assist with other inquiries.

What Makes Oheka Castle Unique Among Other Wedding Venues In Long Island Huntington?

Oheka Castle stands out among other wedding venues in Long Island Huntington due to its rich history, opulent setting, and dedication to providing couples with an unforgettable experience. You'll feel like royalty in this unparalleled location from arrival.

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