Sunglasses for Your Wedding Party: Yay or Nay?

One guaranteed method to ensure your bridesmaids and groomsmen remember your big day is by presenting them with carefully chosen gifts. Often, wedding favors end up discarded immediately after the celebration if they're not chosen with care. However, when wedding party favors are selected properly, they serve as an excellent way for both you and your guests to cherish an unforgettable day. The variety of gifts you can opt for, from tiny plants and succulents to handmade soaps and personalized luggage tags, is vast. Yet, there's one option you might not have contemplated - sunglasses! Offering sunglasses is not just a pragmatic gift for post-wedding life, but they're also perfect for an outdoor ceremony and can result in some stylish and Instagrammable pictures. It's rare for practicality and elegance to merge seamlessly, but providing your wedding party with sunglasses could certainly challenge this notion. Still need persuading? Here are three compelling arguments for why your wedding party should sport sunglasses.

Sunglasses are perfect for outdoor weddings

Outdoor weddings are trendier than ever. But with going outdoors comes some pesky problems, no matter what season it is. Sweltering heat can easily be remedied by choosing linen and silk fabrics for your wedding party’s attire, and fall or winter chills can be solved by outdoor heaters. However, the sun’s harsh rays may make it hard for your bridal party to focus on the happy couple. Instead of shying away from the sunshine, use it as an opportunity to set your bridesmaids and groomsmen apart from the rest of your guests. Take inspiration from this gorgeous outdoor wedding, where the stylish groom sported sunglasses to exude a cool, laid-back energy without clashing with the wedding theme.

Sunglasses are a great gift for your wedding party to bring home

Although the bride and groom are the rightful stars of the show, it’s also important for your wedding party to look and feel their best. Thoughtful and practical wedding favors like sunglasses are sure to flatter all the groomsmen and the best man. With a wide array of styles to choose from, your guests can cop the look of stars like Robert Pattinson and Tom Cruise, who are often photographed wearing simple yet fashionable frames. To give your wedding that Hollywood vibe, opt for timeless styles like Ray-Ban’s famous men’s sunglasses and go for glasses that echo their Aviator Classics or Original Wayfarers. It’s the perfect keepsake that will never go out of style.

Sunglasses add instant glamor

Golden hour is the most flattering and ideal lighting for dreamy wedding photo shoots. You and your wedding party squinting into the camera to get the perfect shot? Not so dreamy. A simple fix is to make sure your bridesmaids and maid of honor have stylish women’s sunglasses that will lend an air of sophistication and a touch of old world glamor in your wedding photos. Not sure what style to go with? Follow in the footsteps of this year's ultimate bride inspo and go for frames reminiscent of Sofia Richie's understated but still luxurious prenuptial shoot.

The best part about a wedding is that it’s a chance for you to celebrate with all your loved ones surrounding you. Their presence is proof that they support you and are happy that you’ve found your life partner. So, it is equally important to show them your gratitude through simple but stylish gifts. It may seem small, but thoughtful tokens that are beautiful and practical allow you and your wedding party to cherish such a special day.

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