What Does A Hostess Do At A Wedding

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Imagining a wedding without a couple of hosts is pretty hard. The host of the wedding can be anyone. However, most of the time the bride’s parents are the host of the wedding. If the bride’s mother is the host during the wedding, she has a big responsibility. So, what does a hostess do at a wedding? Let’s checkout. (Read more about Wedding Bouquet Preservation)

A hostess is the main architect to complete the wedding successfully. Her duties start a few days before the wedding. Such as wedding planning, hall fixing, decoration, food budget, sending invitations, most of the things need to be planned by her. Sometimes, the host also needs to create a pleasant and attractive environment for the wedding guests and participants.

If you are a wedding hostess and the ceremony is knocking at the door, you must know your responsibilities. In this article, we will tell you what you must do to organize a wedding in a healthy and beautiful environment.

What Are The Qualities Of Being A Perfect Hostess?

Here are the qualities you need to be a perfect hostess:

  • Needs to have the ability to communicate with guests, to establish relationships through communication with them.
  • The hostess must always be vigilant to ensure that the wedding ceremony is well organized and doesn’t go off without hitch.
  • If there is any problem, you have to have the patience to solve it instantly.
  • An event hostess must have the power to multitasking. At the same time maintaining the communication, answering the questions of the guests, and even supervising the staff.

What Does A Hostess Do At A Wedding

The prerequisite for arranging a wedding is perfect planning. Arranging a wedding without planning g is nothing but foolishness. Many things have to be included in perfect planning. This plan can be divided into two parts. One is before the wedding and the other one is on the wedding day. We will discuss all the duties below.

Budget Calculation

The first and foremost duty is to calculate the budget according to your financial capability. The main goal of the budget is to get an estimate of how much to spend on a wedding. Because if you don’t set a budget, you can’t balance everything. If the budget is not fixed before the wedding, it will be seen towards the end that is not possible to organize any item in the wedding.

The budget will depend on how you rent a wedding hall or what items you add to the food menu. So budget calculation needs to be very proper and accurate.

Select The Venue

After determining the budget comes to choose the right place for the wedding. We all know that it is impossible to organize a wedding without a venue. When selecting a wedding venue, make sure that is pleasant and environment friendly. This will show the evidence of your taste.

Moreover, the wedding venue should have enough open space so that the guests can relax. Because just eating is not the main factor in marriage, there are other activities involved also. Last but not the least, pick a venue with parking facilities.

Set A Date

Setting a wedding date is the most vital thing. If it is not decided when and what is the wedding will take place, then the wedding doesn’t exist at all. So, set a day with a wedding date that is auspicious for couples.  

Prepare A Guest List

Plan who will be on your guest list and who will not, at least a few weeks before the wedding. Because without a guest the wedding ceremony is lifeless. The festival vibe is created by the presence of the guests which makes the couples confident. Once the list is created, start sending them invitation cards.


Attractive decorations make a wedding attractive to everyone. The decoration gives the wedding venue a joyful feel that enlivens the couple as well, as the guests. Wedding ceremonies can be arranged with a variety of lighting, music, and floral arrangements. It is your duty as a hostess to make the wedding decorations impressive to make the wedding memorable.

Fix The Food Menu And Supervise It

Food is one of the lifeblood or purpose of a wedding celebration. There will be a wedding but no food, it is really unimaginable. Which item you should add to the food menu depends on religion, caste, region, preference, and above all tradition. Not all guests at a wedding will like to eat the same food. Make sure the food is not wasted. So set the food menu according to your guest list so that there are some exceptions. 

You need to take care to maintain the hospitality of the food. It is your responsivity to satisfy the guests. The success of the event will depend on your hospitality. So one shouldn’t be stingy about food at all.

Hire Staff And Support Them

It’s always been a good idea to hiring some staff on the wedding day. Because they make the wedding easier for you. However, all the work of the ceremony is not possible to maintain in favor of your size. Such as wedding hall decoration, food preparation, food serving, various gifts given to the guests to take care of the rent is absolutely necessary.

Make sure that the catered part of the event is running smoothly. Try to keep chefs, waiters, and bartenders active by directing them.

Cooperate With Guests And Check The List

Another major function of an event hostess is to welcome guests and attendees and provide them with a comfortable environment as much as possible. When guests begin to arrive, the event hostess should greet them. Make sure that there are no errors in the seating or refreshments of the guests. So the hostess always has to move through the room so that everything is managed for sure.

Moreover, it is also the job of a responsible hostess to arrange a separate room or car for distant guests and to give each of them a welcome bag.  You can check if all the invited guests have attended your event.


The role of a hostess in making a marriage successful is immense. A hostess should have such qualities that she can test endurance in any tricky situations that can occur in a wedding ceremony. A responsible hostess must arrange all the activities in the wedding properly. If you are a wedding hostess then I hope you have benefited a bit from this article.

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