What Unexpected Event Occurs on Frankensteins Wedding Night?

What unexpected event occurs on the wedding night in Frankenstein? Penned by the celebrated author Mary Shelley, Frankenstein is often hailed as the first work of science fiction, with its origins tracing back to 1818. The story centers on a creature that a young scientist animates using unconventional scientific techniques.

In the below part of the article, we will let you know about the story of what unexpected event occurs on Frankenstein's wedding night. We will also discuss a bit about the plot of the Frankensteins noble. Keep reading the article to find out all the information you will want to know.

What Unexpected Event Occurs on Frankenstein  Wedding Night?

In Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, which is also titled the Modern Prometheus, Frankensteins tried to create a creature, something like a humanoid. But it turned out to be a monster. After killing the brother of Frankensteins, the monster reached back to him and asked his creator to create a mate for him. Frankenstein was tempted by this proposal hearing that the monster he created wants a wife.

The monster said to Frankensteins that each beast has his mate and why he should be alone. Furthermore, it promises Frankensteins that if he grants the request, he and his mate will vanish in the wilderness of South America. And, they will never reappear. And, if Frankensteins don’t want to do this, the creature will kill his loved ones, like it killed his brother.

Afraid of the life of the loved ones and friends, Frankensteins agrees to start working on the creatures mate. To accomplish this, Frankensteins went to Orkney Island to begin the work. However, later Frankensteins realized it is not going to be a good idea. That is because the monster and his mate can breed and create an entire race of this creature, which can plague the entire mankind.

Frankenstein started working on the bride for the creature. But because of his thought, he decided to destroy it. The monster was seeing through the window Frankensteins destroying the bride. Seeing this, the monster vows to be with Frankensteins on his wedding night. The monster did as it said and killed the wife Elizabeth on the night of the wedding. That is the unexpected tragic event that occurs on the wedding night of Frankensteins.

Who Was Elizabeth in Frankestiens Noble?

Elizabeth was the bride of Frankensteins who was adopted by Victor’s family. Their full name is Elizabeth Lavenmza and she was born in Italy. She is the daughter of Victor’s father’s sister and the father of Victor was an Italian. After the death of Elizabeth’s father, her mother decided to remarry and asked Victor’s mother if she can adopt the little beautiful Elizabeth.

In the noble, Frankensteins was the cousin of Elizabeth. However, in another version, Elizabeth was not a  relative of the Frankensteins family. Instead, while the Frankenstein family was staying at Lake Como, Elizabeth was of German descent and raised by a foster family. That means, in the other version of the noble, Elizabeth was not related to Frankensteins.

As per Frankensteins, the main character of the noble who is a scientist, Elizabeth was the perfect woman for her life. He says she was young, beautiful, and completely devoted to him. Frankenstein was in guilt while creating the creature. At that time, Elizabeth was continually writing letters to Frankensteins to show courage.

As we said above, the plot of the death of Elizabeth starts with the begging of the monster to create a bride for her. As Frankensteins destroyed it before it was fully completed, the creature vows for revenge. The monster killed Elizabeth on the wedding day by breaking into the bridal suite and strangling her.

The death of Elizabeth was a tragic and also a significant occurrence of the noble. With this, Frankensteins fully realized the mind of the creature. He understood what it likes to live alone in the universe for anything but revenge.

The Plot of Frankenstein Novel

The Frankensteins noble start with the introduction of his family. He was born in Naples, Italy although the family was Swiss. The name of the father is Alphonse Frankenstein while the mother was Caroline Beaufort. Her mother died of Scarlet fever when Frankensteins was just a teenager. The full name of Frankenstein was Victor Frankenstein. And, he is titled with this name throughout the writing.

As a teenager, Frankenstein discovered the fabled elixir of life. He later become interested in science, mathematics, and some other things. Then he grew interest in the nature of life and become crazier for it. With his study, he discovered a miraculous thing that enables him to create something resembling life.

With the knowledge and study, he was able to create a humanoid and also able to bring it to life successfully. However, later Frankenstein becomes horrified with its ugly look. Later he flees from the creation and the creation also disappeared. Later the monster he created was trying to help the people and live with them. But it cannot as everyone was becoming afraid of it look.

As a result, the creation becomes angry with his creator and he wants revenge. Then it killed his brother William. Although another person was found guilty for this, Frankenstein knew it was his creation that did this. But he decided not to talk anything about this as no one will believe such a story. Later the monster asked Frankenstein to make a wife for her. Although Frankenstein agrees at first, later he said he will not do this.

Hearing this, the creature killed the bride of Frankenstein, Elizabeth. This makes Frankenstein angry and he devoted his life to revenge. This is how the story goes forward.


The Frankenstein noble is something that is considered an important part of modern science fiction. As per some people, it is the first science fiction although the thought of the author was different.

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