Where to Buy Vietnamese Wedding Dresses

Although classic wedding attire remains in fashion, selecting a chic dress that complements your body type is crucial. When it comes to a traditional Vietnamese wedding, it’s essential for the bride to understand her body shape well and opt for a bridal dress that enhances her figure. One effective method to acquire the dress of your dreams is to employ the services of a tailor in Hoi An. Should this not be feasible, considering a tailoring service offered by FedEx is another option.

Cost of traditional Vietnamese wedding dress

Ao dai wedding dresses originated during the Nguyen dynasty, when Vietnam was a kingdom. This style of wedding dress became popular again after the country's reunification, and was created in the early twentieth century by a painter known as Lemur. He was influenced by Western costumes and began sketching different versions of the ao dai. Today, the most traditional ao dai wedding dress is one with long puffy sleeves near the shoulders, a heart neck, a bow, and a seam hugging the body.

Historically, this wedding tradition was only worn by the bride during the ceremony, when her family was unable to afford expensive, special wedding clothes. Nowadays, however, weddings in Vietnam tend to include more Western-style dresses, but not always in white. In addition to the traditional wedding dress, guests present gifts to the newlyweds. While Vietnamese couples give cash gifts to each other, Westerners tend to present household goods and cards. Westerners also throw rice to the newlyweds as a sign of fertility and tie tin cans to their cars as a frightening sign of evil spirits.

To purchase a traditional Vietnamese wedding dress, you can head to the Tan Binh Wedding Market. You can find many wedding clothing shops in the market, including Calla Bridal and Quyen Nguyen Bridal. Juliette Bridal and L'amant Studio are two bridal shops in Mai Hac De, while the L'amant studio is located at 94 Mai Hac De Street. For wedding gifts, consider giving a hundred dollars per guest or even renting the venue.

In addition to the dress itself, you will need to purchase the wedding accessories you need for the ceremony. The cost of an ao dai varies greatly. Depending on the materials and the level of customization, it can range anywhere from 200,000 VND to three million VND. If you want to save money and time, you may want to consider purchasing an ao dai that is custom-made in Hoi An, Vietnam.

Custom-made versus ready-to-wear options

For most brides, custom-made is the way to go when it comes to choosing a Vietnamese wedding dress. The cost of hiring a designer to design the wedding dress can range from a hundred million to several billion dong. These gowns are mainly for the rich and wealthy who can afford to hire a designer. In addition, most brides opt for wedding dress rentals at local wedding rental shops. The price of bridal gown rentals can range from 800,000 VND to 5,000,000 VND for a two or three-day rental period.

In addition to wedding dresses, the couple also takes engagement photos in their wedding attire. Western weddings often feature a first-look, but in Vietnamese nuptials, this is not common. Typically, the groom sees the bride in her wedding dress before the big day, although he may go shopping with her. A wedding dress may be the bride's most important purchase.

When it comes to choosing a Vietnamese wedding dress, you need to consider how formal the ceremony is. Generally speaking, Vietnamese weddings require brides to wear a formal wedding dress for the ceremony. Custom-made options may be more affordable than ready-to-wear alternatives, but if you're trying to save money, you should buy a Vietnamese wedding dress that's custom-made.

Although it is possible to find a high-quality Vietnamese wedding dress, the quality of the fabric will affect its cost. If it is made of pure silk, for example, it will cost more than a dress made from synthetic or mixed silk. Regardless of the material, you should also consider the quality of the workmanship. A quality dress will be worth the extra money. However, the downside of custom-made Vietnamese wedding dresses is the difficulty of fitting in.

FedEx tailoring service in Hoi An

When traveling to Vietnam, you should not have to spend a fortune on tailoring, and a FedEx tailoring service in Hoi An can do the job for you in a few hours. These services can be found on Le Loi and Tran Phu streets. You can also visit Hidden, a tailoring service that caters to travelers. They can do everything from custom fittings to shipping tailored clothing to your destination.

Before heading out to Hoi An, you should research the many tailors that are available. The high-end tailors have experienced tailors and more expensive fabrics. On the other hand, you can find a lower-end tailor who lacks experience or who doesn't live up to your expectations. Regardless of whether you need a shirt tailored for a formal event or a casual occasion, a FedEx tailoring service in Hoi An will help you find the right clothes at a price that will suit your budget.

Rental versus buying

While you may consider buying a designer wedding dress for your big day, the reality is that most Vietnamese brides opt for a rental wedding gown. Renting allows you to save money and use several wedding dresses. Most Vietnamese brides put beauty first when choosing a wedding dress, and the groom's costume is usually not overly fancy, consisting of a white shirt and trousers, light tie, and an elegant vest.

Before making a final decision, it is important to know how much wiggle room you have around your wedding date. Most rental services let you try on their dresses before renting, although this option comes with a price. However, it's worth it if you can try a rental dress before committing to the purchase. Whether it fits or not depends on the size, fabric, and style you want.

When it comes to renting your ao dai, keep in mind that it will be worn by several family members, as well as the bride herself. Ao dai, which means "red dress," is often worn by groomsmen and bridesmaids. These wedding outfits are traditionally made on a smaller scale than their Western counterparts, so they may not fit the bride perfectly.

Despite the fact that some countries consider renting wedding dresses a bad practice, renting can be the most affordable way to wear a designer wedding gown. With rental prices often less than a third of the cost, it can help you wear a designer dress without breaking the bank. Fortunately, rental classifieds make the search easier than ever. These sites offer real-time updates, allowing you to make a decision based on price and quality.

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