How Much Does Wedding Dress Preservation Cost?

Investing in a high-quality wedding dress often requires a substantial amount of time and money. After the wedding, many brides opt to sell their dresses, usually because they are unsure about the correct methods of preservation. Yet, if you have the desire for your daughter to wear this dress someday, then making sure it is properly preserved is essential for you. This brings us to an important inquiry: what is the price of preserving a wedding dress?

You simply can't imagine how safe it is to preserve a wedding dress. In this article, we will try to show you how much money you have to spend to save a wedding dress and how it works. So keep reading to find out the formula of preservation.

What Is Wedding Dress Preservation?

Preservation is a special method of cleaning and packaging that is used to maintain the beauty of the wedding dress. An expert preservationist will first survey your wedding dress to see what material and fabric it is made of. Then he will apply a specific cleaning procedure. Cleaning is the first step in preservation. After cleaning, the gown is wrapped in acid-free tissue paper. Then it is placed in a museum-quality archival box.

How Much Does Wedding Dress Preservation Cost?

There are many techniques to preserve it. However, the same technique is not applicable to all types of dresses. The cost of a preservation method is discussed in the following paragraphs:

According to the current market price for preservation, you have to spend around $250 to $700. Before preserving, you must clean the wedding dress first, as I said earlier. There are two types of preservation methods. The two will cost differently.

Through The Cleaning Company

The easiest and most reliable way to clean a wedding dress is through a cleaning company. You just send your dress to a well-known cleaning company. They will do the rest for you. This will cost you at least $ 100 to $ 150. But never more than $ 200. Note that an extra $ 15 to $ 20 can be added if oil or stains are present in your dress.

Of course, the amount of this cost is not fixed. Prices are also able to fluctuate based on the length of your dress. A Cleaning Company is a Wal-Mart-style method that will automatically clean your gown without any hand touch with the help of a machine. As a result, the safety of your dress will be maintained.

Clean In A Individual Way

If you want, you can clean your gown with a skillful hand. As a result, the cost will increase a bit. Because he will only put time and labor behind your dress. The gown cleaning specialist will first justify what kind of cleaning solution would be perfect for your gown. During this time he will be wearing lab coats and gloves and will clean the dirt from every fold of the gown. After the cleaning is done, he will start the process of drying it. This type of service will cost $ 250 to $ 300.

After cleaning, it now the dress is ready to preserve. When your gown is completely dry, wrap it in silk cloth or acid-free tissue paper. Then keep it inside an airtight preservation box that will contain nitrogen instead of oxygen. And it will cost approximately $ 450. This way you can protect your gown for many years.

How Cost Of  Wedding Dress Preservation Vary?

A gown is a dress that cannot be wash away like other usual dresses. The gown needs to be preserved through special procedures and with caution. In other words, gown preservation can be a bit difficult without a professional hand. You can choose a local preservation company to preserve your gown.

Depending on the quality of your wedding dress, amount of stains, location, service, and the reputation of the preservation company, the cost can be varied. Not everyone has the same quality and price as a wedding dress. Some are less expensive and some are more expensive. Moreover, not everyone has the same fabric and length of fabric. Preservation costs will vary according to the above factors.

On the wedding day, the gown is more likely to get a little dirty with various stains. You also need to increase the cost to remove those black spots. Suppose you live in an area where there are no preservation companies nearby. In that case, you have to send your gown for preservation even if you are forced to go away. Then the delivery charge will be added separately. This may be responsible for increasing your preservation costing.

Not every preservation company charges the same. In the case of a popular company, the cost will be a bit higher than other companies. This way your preservation costs may also vary based on the company's reputation. So you should research their policy before receiving the service.


Which Strategy Reduces The Cost Of Preservation Of Wedding Dresses?

There are some strategies to reduce the cost of wedding dress preservation. That's why you have to look for a little opportunity. Sometimes different preservation factories provide coupons. As soon as you get such an offer, you grab it. Then the cost of preservation will be much less than the regular price. Additionally, you can take the preservation voucher service as a discount when buying a wedding dress.

How Long Does It Take To Preserve A Wedding Dress?

It depends on how many layers there are in your wedding dress and how busy the cleaning shop is. If the cleaning shop is not busy, it may take two to three days else few more weeks.

Is Wedding Dress ‘Cleaning And Preservation’ The Same Thing?

Not at all. Rather, cleaning is a prerequisite for preservation. It is not appropriate to preserve a wedding dress without cleaning it.


The wedding dress is undoubtedly an important piece of dress in any bride's life that she buys only once. Many dreams that one day her daughter will wear her gown in the future. That’s why there is no alternative way instead of preservation. So you must have a clear idea about the cost of preservation and how to preserve it.

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