Where to Buy Wedding Arros in the Philippines

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Choosing where to buy your wedding arras can be tricky - whether you're looking for a ring bearer or a traditional arras, it's important to know where the tradition originated. Here are some tips. To get the right one, you'll need a good source of information. Also, make sure you've got the appropriate budget. The Philippines has a very colorful wedding tradition - arras are often the most expensive!

Las arras matrimoniales

The arras, or thirteen gold coins, are traditional wedding paraphernalia. In the Philippines, arras are given to the bride by the groom in an ornate box, basket, or pouch. These gifts symbolize the groom's wealth and trust in the bride. They are also symbols of the groom's love and devotion for his bride. While it may seem like an elaborate gesture, the arras are actually symbolic of the love and trust between the bride and groom.

The wedding ceremony begins with the presentation of the Las Arras. The coins are typically made of brass or nickel-plated steel. Some are darker than others. During the ceremony, the Coin Bearer presents the Arras to the officiant. He then blesses them and gives them to the groom. The groom then trickles the coins into the bride's hands as a sign of his support and commitment to her.

The arras is an old Latin tradition that has been practiced since the Spanish and Roman times. In the Philippines, the groom drops thirteen gold coins into his bride's hands. These represent the dowry and the vow to support the bride. Some believe the thirteen coins represent Jesus while others believe they symbolize the core values the couple shares. The Philippines is one of the few places in the world that still practices this tradition.


If you're planning to wed in the Philippines, you may want to purchase wedding arras. These wedding tokens represent the bride's dowry and symbolize wealth and protection. There are three kinds of wedding arras: gold, silver, and platinum. Gold arras are the most common type, and they can be found in most Filipino households. Silver arras are also very popular, as they are less expensive and are much more traditional.

The traditional Filipino wedding is full of symbols. The couple and their families share the same blood. In this way, the two families are bound together in marriage. In addition, a unity candle represents the presence of God and a union between the two people. The two couples light two candles during the ceremony, but then blow out one at the end. These symbols symbolically enliven the ceremony and help the new couple celebrate their new life together.

In addition to the traditional wedding arras, Filipino bridesmaids wear barong dresses. These beautiful gowns are popular for weddings and can be worn as bridesmaids, as well. Bridesmaids may also be wearing wedding arras in the United States. One of the most popular Filipino wedding traditions is the Money Dance, where guests dance with the newlyweds while pinning money onto them. It is believed to bring good fortune and contribute to the couple's financial future.

Aras are a unique part of Filipino culture. If you're planning a wedding in the Philippines, you'll be overwhelmed with all of the different wedding traditions in the country. Regardless of your beliefs, the arras will be an important part of your special day. The Philippines is a country rich with history and culture. There's so much to celebrate here that it's hard not to feel inspired.


Wedding arras are one of the most important things for the newlyweds to wear on their big day. In the Philippines, they are a traditional part of the ceremony. The couples are clothed in ceremonial white yugal that the godparents drape over the couple. It represents everlasting fidelity and walking through life as equals. Aside from the ceremonial use, arras also have some symbolic meanings.

Arras, or wedding coins, are used during the Filipino wedding ceremony. They are given as dowry by the bride, and symbolize a give-and-take relationship between the two parties. These tokens are also called arras, and they are used as reminders of responsibility and mutual support. Where to buy wedding arras in the Philippines? Here are some tips for buying them.

The bride's arras are usually made by Filipino artisans. The bridal shops in Divisoria sell coin bearer pillows. They come in different styles, and some even include a coin-bearer pillow. Coin-bearer pillows start at Php979, while more expensive sets cost as much as P2,470. They can also be bought at Tabora Street. When buying wedding arras in the Philippines, consider the theme. You can either choose a minimalist or an overly-adorned design.

Los padrinos and madrinas are chosen by the couple during the wedding planning process. They usually sponsor portions of the wedding and play a major role during the ceremony. The wedding arras symbolize the couple's prosperity and hope for a bright future. In addition, they help other families and individuals in need. So, it is important to understand the culture behind the arras before buying your arras.


Getting wedding arras is a tradition that has roots in many cultures. The Philippines is no exception. Hispanic and Asian cultures alike use wedding tokens to express their commitment to provide for one another. The bride's dowry, which is often the bride's parents' inheritance, is exchanged for these coins. These are typically passed from the bride to the groom during the wedding. Often times, the ring bearers are responsible for bringing these coins to the bride and groom.

The yugal is another important wedding accessory. It symbolizes equality and the bonding of two people. The white strands of decorative silk cord are usually worn by the bride and groom as a symbol of the couple's fidelity. In the Philippines, the bride and groom are draped with these items by their godparents, a ceremony that symbolizes their union as one in marriage.

The arras is an important part of the ceremony, and the groom and bridesmaids are often the recipients of these gifts. In Latin American culture, the bride and groom exchange thirteen aras matrimoniales to signify their unity. They represent the groom's promise to provide for his family, and the bride's trust in him to provide for them and their future. If you're planning to exchange these gifts, the best place to start is in the Philippines.

The bridal shops in Divisoria have many wedding arras available for sale. For a low price, you can purchase a five-piece wedding set that includes a coin bearer pillow, flower girl basket, and garter with rhinestone buckle. They range from Php979 to over Php2,470 for a high-end wedding set. Alternatively, you can look for a wedding arras in Manila.

You can find wedding arras in the Philippines on websites that specialize in this custom. These tokens are often adorned with a variety of colors. Buying wedding arras in the Philippines is an excellent way to ensure that your big day is a memorable one. For those who aren't native Filipinos, wedding arras are an excellent option for a unique way to express your love and gratitude for one another.

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