What to Wear to a Wedding Rehearsal Bridesmaid?

Regarding the most beloved wedding tradition, the rehearsal dinner consistently stands out as the favorite. This special gathering of closest family and dearest friends on the night before the wedding often becomes the most unforgettable pre-wedding event. In this important occasion, it is totally expected that a bridesmaid would want to look and feel her very best.

Wedding rehearsal dresses for bridesmaids are one of the most important things for the wedding. And it is something that no bridesmaid will ever want to compromise. So, the rehearsal dress needs to be very special. Which dress your bridesmaids will wear to the wedding rehearsal dinner? Admit it or not, this is a most asked question and it depends on a couple of things.

Everyone should let their bridesmaids choose what they want to wear to the rehearsal for the wedding. All should be able to trust them to come dressed appropriately for the event. But just, in this case, there are many kinds of confusion. Today in this article, we are going to tell you about what to wear to a wedding rehearsal bridesmaid. So, keep reading our article to know about it.  

What to Wear to a Wedding Rehearsal Bridesmaid?

It is a little bit difficult to choose the perfect wedding rehearsal dress for a bridesmaid. And this is most important for every bride to take care of the dresses of the bridesmaid. What is the common way of choosing the right rehearsal dress? For most of the brides, it is to visit some shops and try some ready-made options. Usually, a huge amount of bridesmaids find their preferred dress by following this way. 

Agreeing to be a bridesmaid does not come cheap. Brides may need to spend more bucks and put in the effort. And they also need to look great on the wedding ceremony as a bridesmaid, they still want to look their best for the wedding rehearsal dinner. There are many kinds of options available, it is always pretty hard to choose the perfect look. But how do you choose the perfect dress, which takes your style to another level? Ahead, we are breaking it down. 

Things You Should Keep in Mind

Wedding rehearsals are very casual and there are some bridesmaids who will show up in a dress combo, either summer clothes with wedges or a dress and booties combo in the winter. Bridesmaids never want to wear white or anything too formal for a wedding rehearsal. A good rule of thumb for someone in the rehearsal party is to dress like you are going to a summer wedding event. Jeans are usually not congenial unless stated otherwise. Always try to dress them up with a cute top. Remember, this event is only for celebrating the bridesmaid and her new husband, so dress accordingly.

Also, take into account what is going to happen at the wedding rehearsal when choosing a proper outfit. You will be rehearsing the actual wedding ceremony so wear those shoes which make you feel comfortable and confident to walk. Again you have to think about how much time will be spent standing or moving around. Keep in mind that whatever you wear needs to be congenial for the wedding event. And also make sure that the dresses you are wearing are much more comfortable. 

Which Color is Suitable for Wedding Rehearsal Dress? 

When your wedding weekend is coming closer, there is one outfit you should keep in mind besides your wedding dress. Selecting the best outfit for rehearsal dinner is an important task that should not be forgotten. This wedding rehearsal serves as the formal kick-off to your wedding festivities. There are so many options available, it can be hard to select the perfect look.

We will suggest you stay away from anything in a white dress. Because a white rehearsal dress is not the perfect fit for everyone. But you can wear white tops and any other colors, which are close to white. This is the bride’s day and bridesmaids will most likely be wearing some type of white dress as tradition. If you want to break the tradition, don't hesitate to add some color to your outfit. Black dresses are totally ok for a wedding rehearsal dinner. This is a semi-formal event and for this type of event, black is definitely perfect.

A Bit more About Bridesmaids Dresses in Wedding

A wedding rehearsal dinner is the best opportunity to go with bridesmaids' fashion choices. Thinking about wearing a rehearsal dinner outfit that helps them to express themself in a variety of ways than their wedding gown does. Some bridesmaids think that it will be better if they wear their bridesmaid dresses to the rehearsal. Is it perfect to do it?– the answer is no. The bride should not wear her wedding dress at this event. So they, as the bridesmaid, should not wear their bridesmaid dress to the wedding rehearsal dinner.

Wedding rehearsal dinners are very enjoyable and an essential part of having a successful wedding. Only the family members and closest friends are invited to this special event. So, dressing appropriately for the condition is significant. No matter what, take your hint from the bride and have fun with your own style. 

Bridesmaid Hair and Makeup for Wedding Rehearsal 

Bridesmaids do not necessarily have to get their hair and makeup done for the wedding rehearsal. This part is totally up to brides. If you want our suggestion then we will suggest you keep your makeup natural and in line with what you wear every day. Keep in mind that on this day, lots of pictures will be taken so you will want to still look your best without being overdone. 

There are no rules for your wedding rehearsal look. Remember, this is a great opportunity to show off your personality and style. 


There is no doubt that the wedding day is the most enjoyable day for all of us. Besides it, a wedding rehearsal is also a very important event for a couple. Everybody wants to look better and better than any other guest on this night. To improve your look, choosing the perfect dress is the most important thing.  We have discussed dress selection for this special day. We think that our article has helped you a lot.

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