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If you're looking for a beautiful alternative to a unity candle ceremony, consider the unity sand ceremony. Sand is used to symbolically represent two lives joining together. Unlike the unity candle, the sand ceremony is much safer and allows your family and friends to participate in the ceremony. Oriental Trading tries to offer everything you need for a wedding at affordable prices. To learn more about the sand ceremony, read on.

Unity sand ceremony is a beautiful alternative to unity candle ceremony

A unity sand ceremony is a modern alternative to the traditional unity candle ceremony. Couples pour varying shades of sand into a vessel symbolizing their union. The sand is then mixed in the unity vase to create the symbol of marriage. A unity sand ceremony has several benefits. For one, it doesn't require wind or rain. Secondly, couples can keep their vase after the wedding. It may even be a Native American tradition.

The sand is placed in a large vase, followed by two smaller vases. Each jar holds a different color of sand representing the bride and the groom. Children from previous relationships or marriages can also be included. The sand is then used to symbolize the blending of families and is a meaningful keepsake. It is a beautiful alternative to the traditional unity candle ceremony and can be a beautiful alternative to it.

Couples can also choose to hold a sand ceremony instead of a unity candle ceremony. This is a growing wedding tradition and has simple meaning. A unity sand ceremony blends the two colours of sand together, symbolizing the merging of two lives. This ceremony is very symbolic and can create a lasting keepsake for the newlyweds. Here's what you need to know.

For this ceremony, couples can blend different colors of sand to create a unique mixture. You can also create a unique spice. You can choose seven different spices, each representing a different aspect of your relationship. Usually, couples use seven different spices, such as cinnamon, clove, and ginger. They can use the remaining spices for cooking. Then, they open their sealed box on their anniversary, when they celebrate the union of their families.

It is a way to symbolize the joining of two lives

The ceremony is performed on a handfasting table, covered in white cloth and decorated with bands of tapestry or decorative cords. This symbolic act symbolizes the joining of two lives as one. The euphemism for getting married is "tying the knot," but the actual handfasting ceremony takes place for much longer. The purpose of the handfasting table is not to create a romantic moment, but rather to mark the joining of two families, two sets of friends, and two lives.

It is safer than unity candle ceremony

There are two main types of unity candle ceremonies: simple and elaborate. Simple ceremonies are easy to prepare; more elaborate ceremonies can take hours to plan. Regardless of your wedding style, a unity candle ceremony can be a beautiful and emotional experience. Read on to learn about the two types of unity candle ceremonies. This article will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each type. Let's start with the simpler version. It is safer than a simple ceremony, but you should still consider its pros and cons.

One common concern with candles is the risk of fire. Some couples opt to use hurricane candle shades or lanterns to hold their candles. Although both options have their pros and cons, it is important to note that hurricane candles may not be permitted in all venues. To avoid fire hazards, you should choose a hurricane candle shade or lantern for your unity candle ceremony. You can also consider a sand ceremony instead of a unity candle.

When choosing a unity candle, you must remember that it should be bigger than the side candles. A larger candle will avoid any wax spills, while smaller candles will prevent a sloppy look. A side candle should also be thick enough to remain lit. You can even mix sand colors with the wedding colors. A unity candle gives off a nice glow as the sun sets. And it is safer than a unity candle ceremony if there's a breeze.

Another benefit of the unity candle ceremony is its flexibility. You can include more people in the ceremony by having different members of the wedding party light them. For example, if you're planning a ceremony in which you want to include your children, you can ask them to light the taper candles after the guests are seated. Alternatively, you can have both of your parents light a candle. And you can also involve your children in the lighting of the unity candle.

It is a great way to include your family

When buying wedding ceremony sand, you will want to choose what type of sand you want. This is a great way to include your entire family. This ceremony can be a silent one, or you can add music and have a celebrant or officiant present. Some people even include children or parents. This can be a great way to show that you have a strong bond as a family and that it will be a lasting one.

Wedding ceremony sand can be a DIY project or a formal ceremony. The price ranges from a few pounds to a few hundred. If you are working within a tight budget, consider buying a vintage item or looking on auction sites for a unique piece of art. Another great option is buying a mason jar. If you don't have much money to spend, you can ask your friends or family for suggestions.

When buying wedding ceremony sand, choose sand that holds special meaning to you. Some couples use sand from a special beach where they met or got engaged. Others use sand from a golf course sand trap. Sand is available in many colors, and the choice of sand will depend on the theme of your wedding. There are many ways to incorporate your family into your purchase.

Sand ceremonies are growing in popularity. You can involve all of your family members and even your children in the ceremony. This way, you can acknowledge the new family unit that you have formed. The sand also makes for beautiful photographs. There are also many different options for the ceremony sand. You can even choose the color and significance of each container. There are many options available, so make sure you research them thoroughly.

Choosing a wedding sand ceremony is an easy way to bring more meaning to your ceremony and make it more personal. You can also choose a religious ceremony or a secular one. Either way, it will add sentimentality to the entire ceremony. If you are religious, you might consider this option as an alternative to the unity candle ceremony. You can also include your family members or friends in the planning process.

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