How Many Songs for Wedding Ceremony?

Today, music is indispensable in setting the mood and enhancing the spirit of a wedding ceremony. Without it, the event might seem joyless and lacking in emotional richness. Music has the power to foster a harmonious environment, evoke feelings, and communicate messages to the attendees. Thus, picking the right music and making sure it aligns perfectly with your celebration is crucial. If your wedding date is quickly approaching, you may wonder about the ideal number of songs to feature in your wedding ceremony.

The music makes the wedding moment special. At the wedding ceremony, different types of songs are played on different occasions such as Bridal & Grooms entry dance, party dance, registry signing dance, or bouquet tossing dance. There is no need to have the same music or song on every occasion. Keep reading the article to realize how many songs are perfect for the wedding ceremony.

What Music is Played During the Wedding?

Traditionally, there are three basic music moments where the song remains the same in all types of wedding ceremonies. They are preludes, processional, and recessionals.


Prelude music is light and ambient music that will set the guest's mood and wait for the event to start. It usually begins right after the door opens or 30 to 40 minutes before the main wedding function starts. However, it is no longer played 20 minutes after the start of the show.


This is followed by the processional which accompanies the entry of the bride. During this time different popular and wedding-related songs can be played. Make sure that the duration of each song is not more than 1 minute. Because if the same song is played for a long time, excitement will not be found. Usually, everyone likes the variation of the song when highlighting the big entrance.


The recessional is turned on when the ceremony is approaching the end. It is celebrated as a reflection of joy. This is played when the bride and grooms walk down the aisle. At this time all the present guests slowly leave the ceremony. So it can be considered as farewell music also.  

How Many Songs for Wedding Ceremony?

How many songs are needed for a wedding ceremony is dependent on various things. The list of songs should be planned according to the way your marriage is going. Such as a civil wedding, a catholic wedding in the church, a humanist ceremony, or an alternative celebration is not the same. Below, we will tell you about the variations of the song that you should play on the right occasions.

Entrains Music

The entrance music is considered as one of the vital things in the wedding ceremony. Because it makes everyone smile and glows the face. Particularly, when the bride appears in front of the whole palace, she will like definitely to play her preferred or favorite songs. This is the best period to play something that will like waking up the guests at the bridal’s entrance. At this point, two or three songs are enough to boost the whole entry-level.

There is no obligation to play only songs during the entry. Some nice and powerful music sounds can also play as an alternative to the song. Find out which music or song goes well at the moment. As we said earlier that you might also keep playing some tunes when the guests are coming to the wedding ceremony. Although it is not compulsory, still this will help the guest to wear a mode for the wedding. You can consider it as a pre-wedding album and it can be around 30 to 60 minutes long.

Play Music During the Registry Signing

Traditionally, the registry singing happens in the middle of the marriage event. Typically it does not take much time. In most cases, the registry signing needs around 6 to 10 minutes. You can add some music to make this time more interesting. It will definitely provide some enjoyment to the guest too and signing a marriage contract will give you a different kind of happiness.

If you want to get married in a religious way like the catholic wedding, you might like to play some hymns in this period. Two or three hymns are enough for a wedding and they must be fixed in advance. Besides you can also arrange instrumental music as well which is very popular in recent times.

Wedding Party Dance

The party dances are the most exciting thing to everyone that no one wants to miss. Make sure during the dance party, you should keep some powerful and hit songs in your playlist that will be very entertaining. There will be different kinds of dances like the bride dancing with her father, mother, friends gang and then with her partner. Selecting good songs or music for these special moments can create the time more glamorous.

If you want to impress the Audients with your dance moves, make some kind of choreography before. The number of songs will also increase according to the length of this dance session. Typically, a combination of four to five songs is perfect to complete it. However, the number of songs can vary depending on the performer.

Cake Cutting and Bouquet Toss Music

Another important function of the wedding is cake cutting as well as bouquet tossing. During this time there is create a crowded atmosphere that anyone as an audience will enjoy. At the moment, if a very beautiful song is performed in the background then it becomes more vibrant.  

Exit Song

This song is played at the very end of the event especially when the newlyweds exit the ceremony. They are also known as recessionals music. So it should be happy and lively. Just because it is the exit, it doesn’t mean that you need to play sad songs or music. In fact, many couples organize DJ music or upbeat songs that twice the level of enthusiasm.


The wedding day is the most awaited day for the couple. From this day a new chapter of their life begins. That’s why couples try their best to make this special day memorable. So, how many songs should be played during their wedding day are the totally individual preference of the couples. With the above information, you will be able to create a music playlist for your wedding ceremony.

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