Where to Buy Wedding Confetti in Johannesburg

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When you are searching for the best places to buy wedding confetti in Johannesburg, consider the following considerations. Is it Biodegradable, Eco-friendly, Hand-picked, or sorted? What are the benefits of each? What do you think you will benefit from? Read on to find out more! The right wedding confetti can make or break your special day! There are many options available for your big day.


For eco-friendly wedding confetti, consider choosing seed paper butterflies. They're cute and can be planted outside the wedding venue for a beautiful effect. You can also use birdseed instead of artificial confetti. This edible flower attracts birds and will grow into new flowers. Birdseed doesn't harm the environment and is available in recycled paper cones or pouches. If you'd like to have biodegradable confetti for your big day, you can package these seeds in cute little bags or cones.

The petals of biodegradable confetti are in great shape and can be used as tossing in the aisles. They're naturally coloured and won't stain dresses. And because the petals don't stick to the ground, you can prepare them days in advance. You can fill the cones with biodegradable confetti a day before the big day to save time.

A biodegradable type of confetti will break down using natural processes without creating any ecological damage. The biodegradable confetti will blend back into the earth when it's given the proper conditions. Because of this, it won't leave behind toxic remnants or an unnatural ecological impact. The biodegradable type of confetti will also last longer. And if you're looking for eco-friendly wedding confetti in Johannesburg, look no further than Biodegradable confetti!

If you're in the mood for something different, try using dried flowers. Many dried flowers look like confetti when they fall. You can buy freeze-dried petals online or make your own. Some freeze-dried petals allow you to customize the colors, and others are completely biodegradable. In addition, you can buy confetti poppers made of dried flowers. These last for up to a year, and you can also use them as decorative items.


Green brides can find a variety of wedding confetti options for an eco-friendly and earth-friendly event. The use of seed bombs is one example. The biodegradable confetti contains seeds, such as wildflower seeds. Not only does this help to spread nature's beauty, but seed bombs are also great for bees. The green bride can find inspiration for her wedding day by browsing the Green Bride Guide.

Seed paper confetti is another popular eco-friendly choice. This type of confetti biodegrades more quickly than the dried petals found in typical wedding confetti. They also add lots of colour. It's possible to find freeze-dried flower petals in different colours and even design your own confetti poppers. However, this type of confetti is more expensive. Fresh flower petals may be used in wedding ceremonies because of their natural scent and non-toxicity.

The confetti can also be made from leaf tissue or plastic. Leaf confetti can be made by collecting leaves and hole-punching them. Once created, you can store them in a bag with heart-shaped stickers on it. You can also use leaf-shaped wedding wands to scatter the leaves. You can get these at any grocery store near you in Johannesburg. They're a fun and eco-friendly alternative to traditional wedding confetti.

Biodegradable confetti is another eco-friendly option. Unlike conventional confetti, biodegradable confetti can be thrown away after the ceremony. The material doesn't leave behind toxic residues, and it will blend right back into the earth. When the appropriate conditions are met, biodegradable confetti will disappear back into the earth. Biodegradable confetti can be used for outdoor weddings as it doesn't need to be cleaned up after the wedding.

Biodegradable confetti is another option to consider when searching for the perfect confetti for your Johannesburg wedding. It is biodegradable and made from natural materials. It is also dye-free, which makes it even more eco-friendly. These confetti are available in various colors, but most are made with eco-friendly materials. For an outdoor wedding, however, it's best to choose a biodegradable type.


Whether you are planning an outdoor wedding or a small, intimate ceremony, a hand-picked wedding confetti supplier in Johannesburg can help you find the right type of confetti for your event. Hand-picked wedding confetti is biodegradable and eco-friendly, and the scented mixture is both beautiful and memorable. Confetti is best used as table decorations and as a finishing touch for craft projects. Confetti can be displayed in decorative bowls or rustic boxes, or used as a wedding favor.

When planning your wedding, consider choosing the most unique style for your big day. Sparklers and confetti can be used to create a magical atmosphere. Guests can be invited to ring tiny bells to announce their arrival, or let guests light sparklers. However, sparklers are not the best option because they can catch fire and endanger the guests. Tiny bells are also not common in SA, but Elegant Wedding Impressions can help you find them.


For a stunning wedding confetti scatter, hand-sorted petals are the perfect option. They are preserved and ready to toss down the aisle. And unlike traditional confetti, biodegradable petals do not stain gowns. You can even prepare them days in advance. This will save you the time and hassle of preparing them at the last minute. Moreover, you can also use them for a tossing ceremony with confetti cones.