Whose Name Goes First on Wedding Favors?

A wedding is celebrated both from a societal and religious perspective as the union of two people. The fascinating aspect of marriages is the diversity in traditions and rituals, which vary greatly depending on cultural and societal influences. It's often essential to follow these traditions closely. For example, the matter of whose name should appear first on wedding favors is an important consideration. Even in the case of something as simple as wedding favors, the order of names is something that should be carefully considered.

In the wedding favors and the other things of the wedding, the order of the name can be very confusing. Whether you should write the name of the bride or the name of the groom first will depend on a lot of things. Below, we will discuss whose name should go first in the favors based on your culture. So, keep going through the article with proper concentration.

Why the Order of the Name is Important?

As we said earlier, you need to be very careful about every small and big detail and etiquette of the wedding. A wedding is a formal event and it must be done following the right way. When it comes to all the printing supplies for the wedding, you need to decide which name you will put first. This includes the wedding invitation, favors, reception decors, napkins, and so many other things.

You will require paying thousands of dollars for these things. And, it is not going to be something good when the guest will find little issues like name order done in the wrong way. To avoid such issues, it is very important to make sure that you are using the correct order and procedure of writing the name on the wedding supplies. This is applicable for all the printable of the wedding from the card to the favors.

Whose Name Goes First on Wedding Favors?

Western Etiquette

This will depend on where are you from. In the traditional western culture, you will require putting the name of the bride first. That is because of the long-practiced etiquette of “ladies first”. If you are from another part of the world, you will be shocked to see how ladies are the first priority in everything in this culture. From entering a room to seating on the bus seats, and every other place, you need to gently allow the woman to go first. It is considered a bad manner to let a lady stand on the bus while a man is sitting.

As per the western culture, the wedding etiquette is to put the bride's name on the first and then write the groom's later. It is applicable for all the printable of the wedding day, starting from the wedding invitations to the others. But the odd thing is everything will change after the marriage as the groom’s name will come first in the printable. And, one of the printable that comes after the wedding day is the favors. That means the name in the favor should include the groom's name first and then the brides.

Note that just because it is a widely practiced culture, doesn’t mean that you will require following them. You can always choose your own order. In fact, couples nowadays hardly care about such etiquettes.

Eastern Etiquette

Things are not the same when in the east compared to the west. Especially, in the Asian countries of the east put more importance on the groom than the bride. Such as, people say in western countries that the couple is getting married. But in this part of the world, people say the groom is marrying the bride. This statement is enough to disclose the emphasis of the grooms first at their etiquettes.

As a result, it is no wonder that they use the groom's name in the printable and then the name of the bride comes. Note that just like the western countries, the tradition is not widely followed. A lot of cultures in the east nowadays put more emphasis on the bride than the groom. So, it is not like you must follow the order. Another practice in this part is they put the surname also along with the first name.

The Modern Approach

As we mentioned earlier, nowadays the couples hardly care about the order of the name. Instead of the traditional thoughts, their practices are different. Such as, nowadays a lot of couples plan to put the name in alphabetical order. That means whose name comes first in the alphabetical order will goes first in favor and other printables. As an example, if your name is Smith and your partner's name is Jane, then Jane will go first. So, you need to write the name in this way: Jane and Smith.

Some of the couples also care about the rhymes while putting the name. What it means is if the name of the bride or groom sounds well in a specific order, they will stick to it. It also becomes easy for the guest and others during the wedding rituals. Another thing you can consider while putting the name is the visual appearance.

Especially, in the printable like the favor and wedding invitation cards, you can try with both orders of the name arrangement. Then you can decide which order kooks better visually. You might also play a bit with different fonts and shapes to find the perfect way to make the name more visually appealing.

Nowadays a lot of couples go for calligraphy while printing the name on the wedding cards, favors, and other printable. And, when it comes to the calligraphy, some words might look better at the starting than the others. The calligrapher in this case will decide which name should come first for making the calligraphy better and attractive.


From the above discussion, you already know whose name should go first in the wedding favor. If you are still confused, we will recommend you to for the bride’s name. If you are aware of the design or calligraphy, simply go for the order that suits you better.

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