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One of the most traditional gifts to give at a wedding is a real horseshoe, but finding one is not always easy. They are hard to find, and metal ones are particularly difficult to source. If you want to tie in with tradition, consider making your own horseshoe gift, or if you're feeling crafty, you can decorate a metal one. A homemade wedding gift is even more special!

Tradition of giving a horseshoe at a wedding

Traditionally, the bride receives a horseshoe as a wedding gift. Horseshoes are considered romantic and meaningful. A horseshoe can be purchased or homemade, with ribbons and flowers. It is also more meaningful when the bride and groom decorate the horseshoe together. You can find wedding horseshoes for sale in stores or online. Here are some ideas for decorating horseshoes as wedding gifts.

In many cultures, the horseshoe is a symbol of fertility, and is often given to the bride by a flower girl or page boy. Traditionally, the horseshoe is presented in a U-shape by a flower girl or page boy. This ancient symbolism is related to the crescent moon. The Greeks also associated the horseshoe with fertility, and the ancient Celtic tradition of hand-fasting involved tying the bride and groom's wrists together. This ritual represents a lasting union.

In addition to the horseshoe, the bride may also choose to sew it into her wedding dress. The ring bearer can carry a decorated horseshoe to the ceremony. This horseshoe may have ribbons to tie the wedding rings. The bride's flower girl can also give the bride a horseshoe to keep her good luck. The traditional horseshoe is not only beautiful and symbolic, but also a symbol of luck.

While some cultures associate horseshoes with fertility, the idea of giving a horseshoe to the bride is ancient and deeply symbolic. Ancient Celts believed horseshoes to be lucky and nailed them above their doorways to prevent unwanted guests. As a result, the horseshoe has come to symbolize fertility and the happiness of the couple. The tradition has been adapted to many cultures, and it has become a popular wedding gift in many cultures.

Irish and Scottish traditions have many similarities, but one of the most popular is the giving of a horseshoe to the bride. In the medieval Celtic era, it was believed that the man should be the first to wish the bride 'happiness and happiness'. The Irish also wished the bride and groom a sweet and prosperous life together by giving them a bottle of mead, a fermented drink made from honey.

As a token of good luck, a lucky horseshoe is a meaningful gift for the bride and groom. The ancient symbolism of horseshoes has deep Christian roots. In medieval times, St. Dunstan trapped the Devil in a horseshoe and promised not to cross his home. That's why it is given as a wedding gift. That way, it is sure to bring the new couple luck.

It's not clear where this tradition originated, but it has been practiced for centuries. It's believed that it was first practiced in Britain and has spread to other countries. The bride and groom share the same bloodline, and so a horseshoe is a symbol of love and fidelity. This tradition is also celebrated in various cultures. However, in some traditions, the groom must pierce the bride's finger to show fidelity.

Symbolism of fertility

Symbolism of fertility in wedding horse-shoes is not entirely clear, but the shape of the shoe is similar to a crescent moon. The crescent moon was associated with fertility, and is often associated with the goddess of childbirth, the Greek goddess Artemis. In many cultures, the horseshoe is associated with the goddess of the moon, so the horseshoe itself represents fertility.

The number seven has a rich history. In ancient times, it was believed that the number was significant. Life was divided into seven ages. The rainbow also has seven colors, and the seventh child was believed to have special powers. Likewise, the moon undergoes a phase change every seven days. Symbolism of fertility in wedding horseshoes can celebrate both a new union and an everlasting bond.

The traditional way to hang a wedding horseshoe is to place it in the doorway. This symbolically attracts good luck into the home. Some cultures consider a horseshoe to be protective. In Scotland and Ireland, horseshoes are often hung on the mantle or wall. Whatever you choose, be sure to find one that fits with your wedding theme. If you're not sure which kind of horseshoe to buy, take a look at these websites.

Ancient Romans also used horseshoes to mark their new union. It's believed that these horseshoes will protect the bride and groom from evil fairies. It's also believed that the horseshoes will bring good fortune to both parties. While it's not entirely clear what this tradition means, it's still an important tradition. They represent fertility. It's also a symbol of fertility for the newlyweds.

Wedding horseshoes are also associated with sex and marriage. In Ireland, brides traditionally keep the magic handkerchief with them throughout the wedding. It may be tucked into her dress or wrapped in the bouquet. A baby's baptism is also a celebration of fertility and love, and the bride keeps the magic handkerchief for her child's Christening. They are kept in the wedding until it's time to give it to the new couple.

While the symbolic meaning of the shoe is a mystery, the practice is one of good luck. Originally, medieval people believed that throwing a shoe at a newlywed couple brought good luck. The modern version of this custom involves tying the shoe to the couple's getaway car. Similarly, planting a pine tree is believed to bring fertility to a marriage and to a family. The tree is also said to grow with the new couple's love.

Many brides choose to place coins from their parents into their bridal shoes. This is a traditional tradition, and the coins represent prosperity and good luck. In Medieval times, men used to throw shoes at newlyweds to mark their authority. Nowadays, this tradition has been replaced with tying the shoes to the couple's getaway car. It's important to understand the history and symbolism behind a wedding horseshoe.


Availability of wedding horseshoes is something that you might not have thought about before. They are often given to the bride on the wedding day, as a symbol of good luck and fertility. Before Christianity, horseshoes were thought to be a representation of the crescent moon, fertility charm, and luck. Depending on your country, the horseshoe may be made of organza or satin. Depending on your budget, you can choose to embellish the horseshoe.

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