Animal Crossing Wedding Series – Where to Get Wedding Furniture For Animal Crossing Happy Home

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There are four pieces of wedding furniture in Animal Crossing: Happy Home. The bench and the flower arrangements can be reused again. Once you have your decor completed, Reese will ask you to take a picture. She will look at the last picture and reward you with a Heart Crystal. Then, you can buy the WeddingBench to decorate your wedding. In addition, if you have enough Heart Crystals, you can customize other items.


You can use your d-pad to change the color and highlights of the furniture, as well as trade them in for more. In the game, you can also trade these with Cyrus for more wedding furniture. Once you have all the pieces you need, you can then use your d-pad to open the in-game catalog and find more items to decorate your new wedding. There are also several wedding furniture items that you can purchase, including the Wedding Bench.

When you finish your wedding photo shoot, you can choose from several different furniture pieces. Reese will request a specific setting, and you can change the colors by pressing the down button on the D-Pad. When you are ready to make your wedding day complete, Cyrus will forge more wedding furniture for you. You can buy these items by completing photo shoots and completing tasks. After you have purchased the wedding-themed items, you can start arranging the details of your big day!

You can get more wedding-themed items by completing photo challenges in Reese's house. The more you take, the more Heart Crystals you'll receive, so it's important to make the right choice. The best option is to make more than one photo. Cyrus will reward you with different heart crystals after you complete each photo challenge. This way, you can collect more wedding-themed furniture for your big day.

Furniture is the most popular item that you can purchase in Animal Crossing. It's available in the Game Store for 261 Heart Crystals and will be delivered to your mailbox later. You can also find many different types of furniture in the Wedding Season table. You can sort these by Heart Crystal Cost or Photo Shoots Unlocked. These items are not all the same, so you can customize the colour according to your taste and preferences.

To get the wedding furniture, you will need to collect heart crystals. The game gives you five to 11 heart crystals for each piece of furniture that you unlock. The more you collect, the more furniture you can purchase from Cyrus. However, these crystals are not available immediately, so you must wait for at least seven days to get a certain item. Once you have the furniture, you can trade it for more hearts.


Animal Crossing New Horizons has a month-long wedding season. During this time, players can unlock wedding season-specific furniture and rewards. To unlock these rewards, players must take several shots each day. Once during the season, Harvey will call players to help him organize the photographs in Photopia. This is located on Harv's Island. After receiving the pictures, players can arrange them to make wedding photo sets.

Wedding items are located in the Event tab. They can be rotated and dragged into position. Wedding items can be copied and arranged as many times as you like. You can also rotate objects by pressing the D-Pad. You can add multiple copies of any wedding item, including furniture. A cherry blossom bonsai is a good example of one copy. Similarly, you can add many objects to the Season photo.

To unlock wedding themed furniture, players should complete a number of photo shoots for Reese and Cyrus. The more photo shoots players complete, the higher the number of Heart Crystals they earn. Players can participate in photo shoots with the couple once daily for the month of June. Initially, players can earn up to 11 Heart Crystals per day, but once they collect all the items for the wedding, the maximum Heart Crystals can increase to 15.

While in the photo mode, players can make changes to the furniture, as well as change the paintbrush icon for different scenes. After they complete a shoot, Cyrus will forge more wedding furniture, and more colors can be found in the event tab. Cyrus will also add new wedding-themed items to their inventory. During this time, players can buy new items and improve their wedding photo session.

Customizable items

If you're planning a summer wedding and want to give your bride and groom something unique, then look no further than custom furniture items. From dining chairs to a cake table, you can design it just the way you want it. Wedding Season's line of customizable wedding furniture items will not only fit in with the theme of your wedding, but can be used for other special occasions too. The following are just a few of the many items available to choose from.

Cyrus sells 26 different items for the Wedding Season. They start out with 5 different items, but quickly expand to include more. This time, you can get chairs, tables, and cake stands, as well as the centerpieces and reception decoration. You can even get a table topper for free! You can customize your furniture even further with other items, such as wall art and rugs. The good news is that all these items are available for purchase in the Shop.


The latest Animal Crossing game, New Horizons, has added wedding series furniture to the game. You can customize this furniture and get cool rewards when you have enough Heart Crystals. The following furniture can be customized by Cyrus: Wedding Pipe Organ, Nuptial Bell, and Nuptial Ring Pillow. The Nuptial Doorplate can be customized only by Cyrus. All of these furniture can be bought or unlocked through events.

You can earn heart crystals each day by decorating the wedding scene in Animal Crossing World. The first six days of the event will give you access to limited wedding furniture options, but on day seven, you can customize each item in the scene to create a stunning wedding. During your wedding day, you'll receive hints from Reese and Cyrus on the theme of your event. You'll want to choose furniture that will reflect your theme and add a touch of glamor.

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