Where to Buy Wedding Qipao

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There are many places to buy wedding qipao in the United States. Some of the best options are Connie Tao Designs, East Meets Dress, Cozyladywear, and AliExpress. You can also find an authentic qipao made in China from a Chinese atelier. However, it is advisable to avoid shopping online and opt for a local store.

East Meets Dress

Looking for a custom wedding qipao? East Meets Dress is a boutique online that caters to couples across the globe. The company's line of custom cheongsams and qipaos was created with today's modern woman in mind. They source the finest materials and have the finest seamstresses to create a wedding dress that's as unique and beautiful as the bride herself.

The traditional qipao is usually made from brocade silk and is usually heavily embroidered with symbols. This type of fabric isn't very stretchy and won't flatter all body types. Instead, opt for a more supple, lacy material that can be easily draped to give a curve-hugging silhouette. For those with round, oval, or pear-shaped bodies, opt for a longer version of a traditional qipao.

Qipao dresses have been around for centuries. They originated in China during the Manchu era and featured a baggy dress with a high collar and straight skirt. However, during the 1920s, this style was refined in Shanghai and was soon modernized into a sleek sheath dress with two high slits on each side. By 1929, qipao became China's national dress.

In terms of color, a wedding qipao can be a traditional red or ivory color. However, there are modern variations of this dress made of other colors. Those with pale skin can opt for a red qipao, which symbolizes good luck and happiness. In a wedding Qipao, red is traditionally the color of the dress, but modernized styles now come in various shades of red or ivory.


There are several reasons to purchase a wedding qipao from Cozyladywear. The quality of their clothing varies but their prices are very reasonable. Depending on the style you want, you can even order a free shipping option if you'd like your qipao sooner. You can also see real-life brides wearing their wedding qipao on Instagram and read reviews there.


The best way to purchase a cheap wedding qipao is to check out the many options on AliExpress. These sites can be an excellent place to find cheap and beautiful wedding dresses. However, there are some things to consider. AliExpress is not a safe site to buy from, as they ALWAYS side with the seller. You may receive a product that is not what you expected or a dress that is not as described. If you're worried about quality, you should try to buy from a local Chinese shop, as the products sold there are generally cheap.

Chinese Qipao is most popular as a wedding dress, but it is available in many different colors and styles. You can choose from red or gold cheongsams. Traditionally, qipaos were embroidered with gold, silver, or phoenix designs. AliExpress has an incredible selection of wedding qipaos, from both local and international sellers. You'll get them at an affordable price and with the added security of an Escrow system.

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