What Color Uplighting for Wedding

What color would be the best choice for your wedding uplighting? It largely depends on the theme of your wedding. The theme serves as a guide to help you pick the perfect color for the uplighting. In the sections that follow, we're going to explore more about the uplighting choices for weddings.

Uplighting is the process of creating light effects by placing the lights in a strategic way and pointing them up. They are called uplighting as the lights are pointed upward. Nowadays, more and more wedding includes these uplight as they bring beautiful vibes in the ceremony.

If you are confused about what color to use for the wedding uplighting, keep reading the article. In the below part of the writeup, you will find further information on this. Along with that, we will also let you know some other important information about uplighting.

What Color Uplighting for Wedding

Uplighting is a great way to set the mood for the event. However, it is important to pick the right color to do this. When done rightly, the uplighting can make the venue more magical. Moreover, it helps to turn the usual wall into something like canvas. It is important to pick the right color for the uplighting to make the event more meaningful. Below, we will discuss some of the popular colors for uplighting.

Some of the most popular uplighting colors include blue, red, magenta, purple, and some others. A lot of people also utilize the amber gel's color. Here we will discuss which color suits better on what situation.


One of the most used colors for the wedding uplight is red. If red is one of the prominent colors of the wedding theme, you can consider using it. Especially, if you have picked red dresses for the bridesmaids and the same color of flowers, then this will be a great pick. Apart from picking the flat rate, you might also consider crimson, burgundy, etc. color.

You might also go for a color combination that includes orange, yellow, etc. along with red.


Orange is another selection of popular colors for uplighting. It is a color of warmth, enthusiasm, and excitement. It is an energetic color that helps to set the mode of the invitees. Another orange-like color that you can consider includes coral. It is a bit pinkish while also being orange and it helps to create a happy vibe. Especially, if your wedding reception is in the fall, this will be an excellent choice.

However, if you are picking this color, make sure to consider the wall color and theme color of the wedding accessories. If they match, you can go for these without hesitation. Moreover, orange is the color between red and yellow. So, if the other parts are resembling, you can also consider this color for this.


Another excellent color for the uplight is yellow. One of the best things about the color is it brings warmth to the space. This is suitable for various seasons and gives a candlelight glow to the venue to make it livelier. One of the oranges-like colors you can consider is gold, which makes things a bit more luxurious.


Blue is one of the most popular uplighting colors for the wedding that you can also consider. One of the best things about the color is it makes the guests feel better. Moreover, it goes with a variety of colors very well. If you are failing to find a suitable color, you should consider this.


Green is something that is not that popular. However, it can be a great pick for some color of the walls. This color can help to bring a crisp and fresh glow which also helps to make the room lively. You can consider the green uplight if the wedding is in the spring.

LED/ White

Although not that popular for the wedding and related events, LED uplight is highly used in a lot of home, office, and other places for decoration. You can consider this color if it goes well with the wedding venue. It goes very well with some specific colors and also gives a better statement to the cake area, head table, etc. places.   

How Many Uplight Do You Need?

Well, how many uplights you will need will depend on several things such as your preference, venue size, etc. If the room capacity is around 10 to 100, you will require around 10 uplights for accent lighting. If you want moderate coverage of the lights, you will require more, around 14 to 18 for the coverage. For full coverage, you should go for something around 25.

As you see the bigger the room is the more lights you will require. Furthermore, based on your preferred coverage, the lighting will also vary. For accent coverage, you need less when you will require more for moderate and full coverage.

Is Uplight a Compulsory for the Wedding?

No uplighting is not compulsory for the wedding. To be married officially, all you need is the marriage license and the ring. The rest of the things are not compulsory. But people want their best to make the wedding day the best of their life. That is the reason it is filled with flowers, decorations, dresses, and so many other things. The uplighting is a part of decoration and it is not something that is highly important.

But adding the uplight can make the event more lively, joyful, and happy for the guests. Furthermore, the lighting can help to make your wedding picture become better. Who doesn’t want to capture pictures that are going to be good on the wedding day? For these reasons, it is a good idea to use uplight for the wedding.


There are a lot of ways to make your wedding venue better and vibrant. The wedding uplighting is just one of these. If it is done correctly, you can give some good moments to the guests while also being able to capture some better photos. We hope this article will help you to understand a bit more about the uplighting for the wedding.

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