Where to Buy Wedding Runner Aisle

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The most important question to ask when buying wedding runner aisles is what length you need. A three-foot aisle runner will provide a more comfortable length for your party and will be more appropriate for a small ceremony. If you have a larger venue, however, a five-foot aisle runner will suit the overall atmosphere. Ultimately, however, you must choose your fabric and length based on the size of your venue and the type of ceremony you are having.


One of the most common fabrics used for wedding runner aisles is cotton muslin. This material is available in several colors and weights. While white muslin works fine, a more elegant option is to use flame retardant muslin. This type of material is great for containing candles or tea lights, and is available in bleached white, royal blue, and light grey. For more information, check out our article on choosing wedding aisle runners made of flame retardant muslin.

Aside from the traditional ivory, white, and silk fabrics, you can also choose a more sophisticated style with a damask pattern. This option can be secured with straight pins or double-sided tape. Another option for a wedding runner aisle is a white damask runner. A white damask runner is a beautiful choice for a wedding and will add an elegant touch to your ceremony.

Aisles can be decorated with flowers and petals. While most aisle runners are neutral in color, you can add a splash of glam to your wedding with a red carpet runner. Runners made from natural materials like burlap are also a popular option for a rustic, shabby chic wedding. They are usually available in four, five, or six feet in width. You can also select specific colors from Chicago Canvas.


Typically, the cost of wedding runner aisles ranges from $100 to $400. A deluxe fabric is used for aisle runners, but you can also add a custom monogram, verse, or name to your runner for an additional fee. For example, a personalized monogram aisle runner costs $205 at I Do Originals, while a runner with a verse costs $115 for a 25-foot runner and $220 for a 100-foot 'walk of honor' aisle divider. Adding more words costs another $10, so a wedding aisle runner may cost up to 365 dollars.

Aisle runners can be a beautiful addition to a wedding reception. A wedding aisle runner is a long piece of fabric or tarp that runs down the center of the aisle. They are a beautiful way to enhance the aesthetics of your wedding, protect your dress, and make your ceremony more personal. Some runners even reach the stage area, so that your wedding guests can see the bridal party walking down the aisle.

The cost of a wedding runner aisle varies according to how long it is and what material it's made from. On the low end, a basic runner will cost under $100, while a monogrammed runner can cost over $100. The amount you choose is up to you, but keep in mind that some venues have strict rules and regulations about decorations. A wedding runner aisle is a beautiful accent for the aisle and will set the mood for the rest of your big day.


One of the first things to consider before placing your wedding runner is where it will be placed. You will usually have it attached to the altar area. Then, you will want to pull the runner toward the back of the ceremony just before the bride enters the aisle. Once it has been placed, you can choose to lay it down completely or block it off so that guests do not walk on it. If your aisle is on the side, you can choose to place your wedding runner along the aisle.

You should make sure that your wedding runner covers the entire aisle, from the back row to the front. However, if you do not have a non-skid pad, you can still use double-sided tape to secure the runner. However, you should avoid using a runner on smooth surfaces because it has the tendency to shift during the processional. You should also avoid placing decorative elements, such as flowers or candles, on the runner itself.

You can also consider the length of your wedding runner. This will vary based on the number of seats at your wedding venue. If you are having a small ceremony, a runner that is three feet long will be fine. The length can also be adjusted to accommodate your wedding guests. If you are having a large party, you can use a longer aisle runner that is four to six feet long. If you have an outdoor wedding, make sure to choose the right material and design for the aisle runner. For example, if the wedding venue has grassy lawns, a runner made from burlap can be an excellent choice for your wedding day.

Personalized designs

A wedding runner is a beautiful way to set the scene for your ceremony and it can also add a personalized touch to your big day. There are many different styles and designs for aisle runners, including elegant designs and floral designs. If you are looking for the perfect wedding decoration, then the aisle runner is the ideal choice. These beautiful pieces can be personalized with the bride and groom's names, monogram initials, and wedding date.

Whether you're planning a casual or formal wedding, aisle runners make an impressive entrance and pathway. They can also serve as the wedding favors and can give your ceremony that extra wow factor. These beautiful pieces of fabric are made of waterproof ink, making them suitable for indoor and outdoor ceremonies. They come in three different levels, starting with the most basic level, which includes a single design and a border around the edge. However, if you want to add additional design work, you can choose from LOVESTORY 20 or LOVESTORY 40. These runner fabrics will hold up to 20 photos each, and they come in several other designs, including designs that incorporate both your names and your wedding date.

Fabrics for runners

There are several different fabric types you can use for aisle runners, including muslin, organza, and cotton. While plain muslin is fine, there are more fancy options available, including flame-retardant muslin for use under candles and tea lights. These muslins can be white, bleached, or even royal blue, as well as natural, black, or grey. Regardless of your wedding theme, you're sure to find the perfect fabric to make your aisle runner look stunning.

Most aisle runners are made from tarps or burlap, but you can choose the fabric that best complements your wedding style and theme. Other unusual aisle runner ideas include matting or carpeting. You may even want to pre-decorate the aisle with petals, but this is more for aesthetic purposes, not for function. If you don't want to invest in a carpeting, matting, or burlap aisle runner material, consider hiring a professional.

A heavy fabric, such as taffeta or silk, is another option for your wedding aisle. This type of fabric is often used for brides who want to look sexy, and it is also an option for those who want to look elegant. Unlike crepe fabric, it can be a little expensive. Still, it's worth the cost if you want a beautiful dress that will look gorgeous in photos.


While many aisle runners are made of synthetic fabrics and non-biodegradable plastics, there are several alternatives to wedding runners that are just as beautiful and affordable. Consider using a flamingo aisle runner, which features soft pink flamingos and large green leaves. These runner alternatives are self-adhesive, so you can choose the perfect color for your big day. Whether you're planning an outdoor ceremony or an indoor one, you can use a fairytale aisle runner to add an extra splash of color to your wedding.

For an organic, natural look, scatter flower petals along the aisle. Buy a runner of your choice at a local florist, or have your florist bring some fresh blooms to your ceremony. You can also commission a calligrapher to hand-write your love quotes onto the runner. You can also try your hand at this yourself, if you're feeling crafty. The result is a whimsical, natural look that won't distract from the ceremony.

If you're worried about budget, you can choose a vintage rug as your wedding runner. You can use your favorite font and colors to customize it. For a nighttime wedding, add a sequin aisle runner for a glamorous touch. Or, you can even use a green turf instead of an aisle runner. Whatever you decide, it will add a personal touch to your big day.

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