Places to Buy Wedding Cakes

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You might have been wondering where to buy your wedding cake. After all, where would you get the perfect dessert for your big day? The list below includes Cold Stone Creamery, Magnolia Bakery, and House of Elegant Cakes. You'll find the perfect wedding cake for your special day from one of these locations, and the best part is that these places make the process so easy, you can easily order them online! If you're still not sure where to start, check out our article about where to buy your wedding cake!

Cold Stone

While most weddings are large events, some people prefer smaller, more intimate affairs. Cold Stone does not offer large, elaborate wedding cakes, but it does offer smaller, more intimate groom's cakes. Custom-designed ice-cream cakes can fit your style and theme. You can even order a congratulatory message on the cake. Alternatively, you can order a heart-shaped ice-cream cake.

The Cold Stone creamery serves delicious ice cream that will bring your youthful exuberance back to life. This creamery is located in The Fresh Market Shops off Highway 278 and makes a perfect pit stop after a big dinner or a round of golf. For a more family-friendly experience, you can also check out the miniature golf course next door. Cold Stone is all about fun for the whole family. You'll love the flavors of Cold Stone's ice cream, and you and your guests will have a blast!

In addition to wedding cakes, they also make delicious ice cream desserts. If you have a birthday or a graduation party coming up, you'll want to choose from dozens of flavors at Cold Stone. You can even choose your mother-to-be's favorite flavor. You can also choose from dozens of cake toppers and messages for your guests to read. Cold Stone is also one of the best places to buy wedding cakes.

Sam’s Club

If you're looking for affordable, quality wedding cake, you should check out Sam's Club. They have a huge selection of cakes and other baked goods and can even customize the design. Sam's Club wedding cakes are generally more expensive than those found in local grocery stores, but they're still affordable when compared to the average wedding cake. Plus, you can take your cake with you and have it customized however you want!

Sam's Club also offers party trays and other catering items, including food. They offer a chicken salad croissant sandwich, sundried tomato & buffalo chicken wraps, fruit & cheese trays, and more. You can order these trays online or by phone to ensure you get exactly what you want. You don't need to place an order in advance, either, because Sam's Club has more bakers than the average bakery. You can even get a large order at once!

You can choose a three or two-tier wedding cake from Sam's Club, depending on your needs. The bakery carries various kinds of wedding cakes, such as chocolate or vanilla, and offers customizable options for the couple. You can also opt for a smaller round cake, sheet cake, or cupcakes. You can also find a three-tier wedding cake at Publix, with a buttercream detailing and beautiful blooms.

Magnolia Bakery

If you're looking for a place to buy wedding cake in Atlanta, then Magnolia Bakery is a great choice. This fast-growing bakery opened in 1996. Famous for its cupcakes, Magnolia Bakery has become a global phenomenon since an episode of Sex and the City featured one of their creations. You can choose between a three-tier or one-tier plus a wedding cake for anywhere from $55 to $85 per serving.

The Magnolia Bakery opened in 1996 and has since expanded to a number of locations around the world. The company is famous for its mouth-watering desserts and warm atmosphere, so it's no surprise that their wedding cakes have become so popular. You can choose from one of nine signature flavors, as well as seven filling options, iced in a succulent buttercream. A wedding cake from Magnolia Bakery can be elegant and simple, or you can choose a unique design for a modern-day wedding. You can even order a gluten-free version of a traditional cake.

The bakery's cupcakes are well known in the industry, and the chef at Magnolia Bakery even made a guest appearance on Sex and the City. They have expanded their menu to include wedding cakes, and all of them are frosted with buttercream. Their delicious desserts are just as gorgeous as their beautiful appearances. And if you want to add a touch of fun to your wedding, you can even buy a box of nine delicious cakes and gift them to your guests. The bakery also offers paint-your-own-cookie sets, which make fun wedding favors. If you want your wedding to be memorable, you can even buy a picture of the cake cutting, which will be remembered for years to come.

House of Elegant Cakes

The floral rustic collection is popular with couples who want a cake that has a classic look and feel. This collection features deep black or ivory satin icing, delicate floral arrangements, and realistic sugar flowers. The elegant designs usually match the colors of the bride's bouquet and groom's buttonhole. House of Elegant Cakes offers a wide selection of wedding cakes. Whether you're looking for an elegant classic wedding cake, or a modern twist on a classic design, House of Elegant Cakes has the perfect wedding cake for you.

Wedding cakes are an important element of a stylish event. It's hard to top the sweet treat of a wedding cake - and most of us can't imagine a day without one! Wedding cakes are a perfect choice as centerpieces, and they not only look great, but they are also delicious. So, why not order your cake online? House of Elegant Cakes will deliver it to your home or to a venue.

This boutique bakery specializes in designing wedding cakes. Owner Maddison Lee was recently named one of the Top Ten Cake Artists in North America by Dessert Professional magazine. Her passion for the art of cake design came from her mother, who baked cakes for years, and her father, who was a pastry chef at Cousin John's. Today, she uses her skills and expertise to create beautiful and luxurious wedding cakes. She has been featured in many national and local magazines.

Nine Cakes

With its Brooklyn headquarters and a Hudson outpost, Nina Thorleifson's bakery is one of the best places to buy a wedding cake. Cakes dripping with caramel and fresh fruit filling, resting on layers of homemade Italian meringue buttercream, tempt prospective brides and make even the most basic celebration feel extra special. In addition to wedding cakes, the bakery serves tea, hot chocolate, and party favors.

Pure Confections is another place to get your cake. This custom bakery specializes in contemporary cakes and features several cake styles. Cake tastings can be organized for groups of up to 100 people. A patisserie stand features nine different varieties of wedding cakes and two icing flavors. You can sample a few of the cakes here before committing to one flavor, and you can order them online with the use of your computer. Another option is to make your own with the gourmet cooking skill.

If you want something a little more original, check out a beachy wedding cake. It's a four-tiered masterpiece containing seashell motifs and glitter. When cut, the top tier disappears entirely! There are also green and blue wedding cakes. The former is a classic white cake; the latter has alternating layers of green and blue. The purple design is pure chocolate, while the red version returns to its classic red velvet design.


A family-owned Philadelphia bakery, Bredenbeck's is known for its elegant, tasteful wedding cakes. The original recipes are from 1889, and the bakery focuses on creating moist and delicious cakes. They also offer custom dessert trays and gluten-free cakes. Their bakery also offers gourmet treats for every day of the week. The award-winning bakery has won numerous awards, including the Wedding Wire Couples' Choice Award and Best of the Knot Wedding 2014.

The bakery has been in the Philadelphia area for more than 120 years, and has a stellar reputation. The bakery offers a variety of cake flavors, including a Tiffany box cake (a vanilla or chocolate layer cake decorated to resemble the famous little blue box). For $4.95 a pop, a three-inch chocolate or vanilla cake can be ordered. A delicious selection of gourmet cupcakes can be purchased for under $2 each.

Located in Chestnut Hill, this bakery has been in business since 1889. Its three Philadelphia locations are open Tuesday through Saturday. The cake shop can ship to destinations across the country. You can make an appointment to discuss the wedding cake details online or in the store. You can also try a cake sample at the bakery. There are many other choices to consider for your wedding desserts, including a variety of wedding cakes, pies, and cupcakes.

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