How To Serve Alcohol At A Wedding

Organizing a wedding entails dealing with a myriad of specifics, from picking out decor to creating a meal plan, and deciding on the music. Once you've decided on what food to serve, the next aspect of your wedding to think about is the drinks. A frequently asked question is: what's the best way to offer alcohol at a wedding? Let's dive into some answers to this inquiry.

How to serve alcohol at your wedding depends on the venue and the food type that you have already booked. Because if you book full catering services and venues, you may have to buy bar packages from them. In this article, we will help you to know in what ways and what kind of alcohol you can serve as well as the amount of drink. So keep reading this article to know the proper method of serving liquor at your wedding.

How To Serve Alcohol At A Wedding

It is best to have a professional bar to provide drink service at the wedding. Besides you can DIY also. For that, you need to stock a certain amount of drink. We are not going that way today. I am highlighting the ways to serve liquor in your marriage. You can use anyone from here. The ways are as follows:

Open Bar System

Open bars are the friendliest way to serve liquor. This is a graceful approach and does not require guests to pay. But it is very expensive. Because the wedding guests can order as many drinks as they like. As a result, there is no limit to alcohol. And you have to pay all the alcohol bills after the ceremony.

For an open bar system, you need to hire a bartender. It is important to have one bartender for every 35-40 people group. Moreover, you can also buy alcohol from distributors for open bar setup. If you are dedicated in terms of alcohol and money is not an issue for you then an open bar is a luxurious option for the wedding.

Include Limited Bar System

Limited bar means where the drink is permissible for guests for certain times such as cocktail hour, toasts, dance time, or dinner time. For those who want to keep their marriage smart but affordable, this bar system is suitable for them. This is because there is an assorted alcohol system for the guests and no guest can exceed that set amount. It would be best if you hire a waiter to pass the drinks. As a result, you will not have to spend extra drinks on your budget.

Add Cash Bar System

If you have a budget problem and cannot provide alcohol to guests, then the cash bar option is for you. Usually, guests have to pay for alcohol here. This time the guest has to pay for every drink no matter what the order.

Moreover, it is not popular in American customs and it is disrespectful to the guests. Cash bar systems can create a lot of controversies that you may not want. So try to avoid this cash bar system when it comes to serving alcohol at your wedding.

Non-Alcoholic Bar

There is no guarantee that all guests at your wedding will be alcoholics. So those who are non-alcoholics should think about them. This plane will come in handy if your family members or friends or guests do not like alcohol. In this case, you skip the alcohol option completely. Serve different beverages like sparkling water, soda, nonalcoholic mixture (mocktail) instead of alcohol.

Which Alcohols Are Suitable For Wedding?

After planning to serve alcohol, you should think about what kind of alcohol to keep in your marriage. By following the below part, you will get the perfect and conventional alcohol idea for marriage.

Think About Champaign

Champagne is a great idea to celebrate any festival. This is a very desirable drink, especially at weddings. So put champagne alcohol on the list to make your wedding dazzling. The champagne festivities begin when the newlyweds change rings. The largest and special bottle of champagne that is dedicated to them.

Assorted Beers

Beer is widely available compared to other alcohols. So it takes place on all occasions including formal parties, meetings, weddings, and anniversaries. It is available in bottles or cans of different flavors. When it comes to choosing the right beer to suit your tastes, you and your partner can discuss it. However, choose beer according to the season, such as light beer in summer and dark beer in winter.

Keep Wine

When it comes to choosing wine for your wedding, try to keep it simple. Because wine is not for everyone. It is only good for people who love wine. For this, we would recommend keeping only one bottle of red and white wine. The best thing is to buy wine that fits your menu.


You can plan to serve cocktails at any one time between the ceremony and dinner. However, it is better to have a specific time for cocktail hours. At this point, 1-2 signature shot cocktails are enough.

Whisky And Vodka

The most interesting thing is to serve vodka and whiskey during cocktail hours. Because at this time everyone is in an entertainment mood. So vodka or whiskey can be a good choice to make your wedding craze level high.

Celebrate With Tequila Shot

Tequila is another expensive and love of alcohol lovers. It is acceptable in many weddings nowadays for wedding celebrations. Tequila is especially suitable for gestures of VIPs or special family members. If you want to get a luxurious feel in your marriage, you can pick Tequila alcohol.


Mixture alcohol is a combination of two or three types of alcohol. This type of alcohol is very standard for modern weddings. You can set the mixture of alcohol in your marriage to increase the uniqueness of alcohol. Of course, you need to hire an experienced bartender for that.


Four things are very common in a wedding ceremony. Great people, food, music, and an amazing bar. And alcohol is a part of the marriage tradition. So you should serve alcohol at the wedding according to your budget plan.

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