Where to Get Wedding License in Las Vegas

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Are you planning to get married in Las Vegas but aren't sure where to get your wedding license? If so, this article will provide information about where to get a marriage license and the required documents. There is even an option for online pre-application, which can save you time and money. Listed below are the three main locations for marriage license applications in Las Vegas. These locations offer a wide range of services, including online pre-application, which allows couples to apply for their marriage license from the comfort of their home.

Getting a marriage license in vegas

Getting a marriage license in Vegas is simple, provided you have a legal bond between you and your spouse and you are of legal age. The marriage license bureau is open from eight am to midnight and you do not need an appointment to apply. If your marriage is a union between unrelated parties, you will need to present an identity proof such as a certified birth certificate. You will need to submit your ID to the marriage license bureau, as well as a photo ID.

You can get a marriage license online or in person at the Clark County Marriage License Bureau. If you are registering in person, you can provide your ID, as well as the names of both spouses. If you do not have a government-issued ID, an alternative photo ID is acceptable. A birth certificate or Social Security card will work if you are unable to provide a government-issued ID. If you are a minor, you can obtain a marriage license with your parents' consent. Alternatively, you can submit an affidavit of consent from your parents. If you are a minor, you will need a legal guardian's ID, or proof of legal guardianship.

If you want to get married in Vegas without an appointment, you can apply online. You'll need a copy of a government-issued ID and proof of age. A valid ID is a passport, driver's license, or other government-issued photo ID. Once you've found a marriage license, you can fill out the application and have it ready at the office. To expedite the process, you can even apply online for your license. It will save you time and stress.

If you don't want to go through the hassle of applying for a marriage license in Vegas yourself, you can use a service to do the paperwork for you. The service Emily Reno has is a top Las Vegas wedding planner. She will provide you with the application, blood test, and photo ID. She can even fill out the paperwork while you wait. Once you have everything you need, you can begin planning your wedding in Vegas!


A wedding license in Las Vegas costs $102, and couples are required to bring proper identification to the marriage office. Cash and credit cards are accepted. Personal checks and traveler's checks are not accepted. If the other party is hospitalized or incarcerated, one party may retrieve the marriage license for the other. The marriage license will be valid for one year, and both parties must present their marriage certificate and photo IDs to the officiant at the time of the ceremony.

The license is valid for one year, and the couple must have the wedding ceremony within this time. If they want to get married abroad, they may need an Apostille. The Nevada Secretary of State can help them process this requirement for a fee. Once you've purchased your marriage license, you must file your marriage certificate with the Clark County Recorder's Office. It will take approximately 10 days for the certificate to arrive.

In addition to a marriage license, a Nevada marriage is recognized worldwide. To make the process faster, couples can pre-apply online for the license. Couples will receive a reference number when completing the application online. They can then bring that reference number to the express window to get their marriage license quicker. For more information, contact the Nevada Marriage Bureau. You'll be pleased with the outcome. The cost of a wedding license in Nevada is around $77.

Marriage in Nevada is a legal union between two adults, 18 years or older, and two unrelated individuals. For minors, a court order from the Nevada State Court is needed. The cost of a wedding license in Las Vegas ranges from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. For the same cost, a wedding at a luxurious Las Vegas resort is comparable to the price of a traditional wedding back home. If you're wondering how much a wedding license in Vegas costs, you'll be glad to hear that it can be cheaper than a buffet breakfast.

The cost of a wedding license in Las Vegas varies, depending on the type of ceremony you wish to hold. Some chapels will offer a digital copy of your photographs, so you can print them at home. As with any other wedding, the cost depends on what your vision is. For example, you might want to choose an Elvis wedding or a low-frills civic ceremony. As with any other service, it's wise to ask questions before making a commitment to a wedding location.

Required documents

When you are getting married in Las Vegas, you will need to present several documents in order to obtain a wedding license. These include valid identification, such as a driver's license, passport, or certified birth certificate. Both applicants must appear in person before a clerk to get married. Marriages in Nevada are legally binding in the U.S. and many other countries. To get married in Nevada, both applicants must be at least eighteen years old and unrelated. However, if one applicant has parental consent, the couple can still get married in Nevada.

The Clark County Marriage License Bureau is located on the ground floor of the Regional Justice Center, which is located in downtown Las Vegas. Guests need to bring valid government-issued photo identification. Passports, driver's licenses, resident alien identification cards, and military IDs are all acceptable forms of identification. Marriage license applications can also be filled out online, which will save you time at the marriage license office.

If you are getting married in Las Vegas as a result of a divorce or annulment, you should also have the date and city of the final decree stating that you are divorced. Likewise, if you are getting married after being divorced, you should bring along the final date of your divorce. You will need to provide the final date of the divorce so that you can get a license.

You must provide your social security number and birth certificate when applying for a marriage license. You don't need to show this if you are under 18 years of age, but you will need to present it if you are underage. It is also important to have your parents' consent document notarized before submitting the application. Moreover, if you are married as an underage person, you must obtain authorization from the Nevada District Court.

The cost of a marriage license in Las Vegas is $102 for both parties, though the price may change as new legislation comes into effect. However, it is important to note that you should not pay cash or a check to get your license. In addition, you should be aware that a second marriage in Las Vegas will require a divorce. The Clark County Clerk's office is open Monday through Friday, except for federal holidays.

Online pre-application

To marry in Las Vegas, Nevada, you need a marriage license. You can obtain one from the Clark County Courthouse, which is located across the street from the Las Vegas Wedding Venues. The office is open seven days a week, 8am to midnight, and requires a fee of $77 cash or $80 credit. You must bring your photo ID to the courthouse in order to apply for a marriage license. If you wish to skip the long lines, you can pre-apply online.

Before applying for your license, make sure you have all your information ready. You must include your Social Security Number, unless you're marrying a non-U.S. citizen. You must also provide proof of identity, such as your birth certificate. A marriage license in Nevada is valid for a year after it is issued. Make sure your marriage license is valid for the state you plan to get married in.

The marriage certificate should be ready within ten business days of the wedding. Apostille is required for marriages outside the state, so you'll need to order one of those. You can also order a copy of your marriage certificate from the Nevada Secretary of State. If you plan to live in another country, you can get an Apostille from the state. You can apply for your marriage license online and mail a certified copy to your desired destination.

In order to get your marriage license in Las Vegas, you'll need to appear in person at the Marriage License Bureau. You must have both parties bring a government-issued photo ID, or an alternative photo ID, such as a birth certificate or Social Security card. Minors may also get married as long as they have their parents' consent. If you're married as a minor, you'll need your parent's ID and affidavit of consent or proof of legal guardianship.