Where to Purchase Suits For Weddings

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In case you're looking for a suit for your big day, you have a few options. Among them are Amazon, Menguin, State & Liberty, and Gen Tux. But which ones are the best? If you're not sure, continue reading to learn more. Below, we've included a few other options to get you started. If you're still unsure, check out our reviews of a few of the most popular wedding suit companies and their websites.


If you're a recent bride-to-be, or just want to spruce up your wedding guest look, Amazon's new bridal storefront is the place to go. Their selection of summer wedding guest dresses is both stylish and affordable, and they come in all the styles you'd want. Plus, you'll love the ease of return and exchange. And with prices starting at just $20, you'll be able to buy your wedding guest outfits for less than $100.

There are hundreds of different suit styles and colors on Amazon, including a huge selection of expensive brands and affordable options. The site offers free online consultations and is a great place to start your search. Besides, you can check out its clearance section often to see if you can find a good deal. Another option is Birdy Grey, which is known for their inexpensive bridesmaids' gowns, but now also sells wedding suits. Besides being affordable, these suits are made from high-quality material and come in a variety of colors.

There are also numerous online stores that offer wedding suits. Some offer free fabric swatches, while others allow you to try on the suit at home. You can find wedding suits in sizes from 3T to Big and Tall and can choose from 29 different styles and four different color palettes. Amazon is a good place to purchase wedding suits because of the variety and low prices. This way, you can save money without compromising on style.

Gen Tux

The online wedding suit rental store, Generation Tux, has made it easy to find the perfect tuxedo or suit for your big day. Choose from over 25 100% Merino wool suits and tuxedos, as well as hundreds of accessories. All of these pieces will make the perfect impression at your special day, and they're sure to impress everyone! Whether you're planning to have a black tie reception or a simple wedding, Gen Tux has you covered.

Gen Tux makes custom wedding suits easy, and their online style customization feature lets you pick out your own tux. The site offers four new styles in bold colors, and is easy to use, allowing you to build your own tux online and have it shipped right to your door. You'll feel comfortable wearing these suits all day long thanks to the Sorona stretch fiber construction and Coolmax(tm) fabric.

In addition to the high quality of our wedding tuxedos, we also offer a 30 day return policy. This way, you can try the suits on for size without any obligations. And don't forget to try on the different color options, because everyone has a different taste. You'll be the most stylish guy in the room, so don't be shy. You'll look stunning in the right tux.

State & Liberty

If you're planning on wearing a suit at your wedding, consider buying a State & Liberty wedding suit. These suits are made with high-performance fabrics that are stretchy and breathable. Plus, they're surprisingly affordable. The company also offers cuff and collar monogramming, which makes them especially unique. And you'll find that they don't wrinkle! The best part? You can order one online!

Men should consider purchasing a dress shirt from State & Liberty. The brand was originally designed for lean and athletic guys. This makes finding dress shirts tough for guys with jacked shoulders. Unfortunately, that stretched look isn't the cleanest professional look. Because of that, State & Liberty has focused on fit to emphasize a manly "upside down triangle" shape. In fact, it has won awards for its shirts, which are breathable and odor-resistant.


The Menguin website offers a wide selection of wedding tuxedos and suits, as well as a variety of accessories, such as colorful socks. They also offer groomsmen a variety of sizing options, including free online measurements. To ensure that the men in your wedding party get the perfect fit, you can even input their measurements and track your order. Menguin also offers free returns and replacements in case you do not like the fit of your tuxedo or suit.

Menguin is also an excellent choice for those who want a no-frills approach to wedding tux shopping. The men's tuxedo rental program includes a free groom's tux when you rent five or more suits from the company. This is a convenient option, as you can try the tux on at home and receive it two weeks before your wedding.

Another great feature of Menguin is that they allow wedding groups to rent suits, which makes it easy for the group to buy a suit together. They even send notes to each member about the order and return process. It was very easy for me to order a wedding suit from Menguin, and the process was smooth and hassle-free. I highly recommend this company to all my friends and family. You'll be glad you did!

Menguin’s sizing algorithm

If you're looking for a tailored wedding suit, Menguin's sizing algorithm is a great option. Menguin uses a sizing algorithm that takes into account your height, weight, shoe size, and jeans size. Under-15s will need specific measurements, which you can send in for a free fabric tape measure. They also offer big and tall sizes, as well as kids sizes. Their waist pants can be customized to fit guys up to 60 inches. Customers can also try their suits on at home, and Menguin provides fit cards for tailors.

Menguin's algorithm is so accurate that it even has a feature that will send out notes to members of your wedding party. If you want to order a wedding suit for the entire wedding party, you'll be able to do so without leaving your home. You can even send the trial items back in prepaid boxes, and Menguin will send you your finalized look at least 14 days before your wedding.

Menguin's fit guide walks you through the process step by step. It begins with questions that create a profile of your body size. If you're unsure of your size, Menguin offers free at-home try-ons. Then, you have 48 hours to try on the outfit. If it doesn't fit, you can send it back for a replacement within two days.

Nick Torres

If you want a suit with a tailor's expertise and impeccable fit, Beyond Bespoke is the place to go. The store employs 13 master tailors and seamstresses, and is home to an entire family of tailors. Nick Torres's business is dedicated to serving refined men, creating custom wedding suits in his Midtown studio or at their residence. His clientele is loyal, and he personally tends to them.

After selecting fabrics from his extensive inventory, Mr. Torres will ask questions to help him choose the perfect suit for you. Ask questions about the style, fabric, fit, lapels, peak, and more. Then, the tailor will cut and sew the suit to your specifications. The price range for a two-piece bespoke suit begins at $1,995.

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