Where to Rent Jewelry For Your Wedding Day

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If you're not sure what to wear on your wedding day, don't worry! There are plenty of great rental jewelries to choose from. Some of them include Verstolo, Adorn, Vivrelle, Lafonn, and others. Listed below are some of the best places to rent jewelry for your wedding day. You can also try a style quiz to find out what you like before you make the purchase.


Verstolo offers a unique option to brides seeking to make their big day as special as possible. The company offers wedding jewelry rentals that are both beautiful and affordable. The rental process begins with a half-payment down payment. Once the jewelry arrives at the bride's home, the customer must return it within five days of receiving it. The rental process takes less than one week and is hassle-free, thanks to customer service representatives who are attentive to the small details.

In addition to offering wedding day rentals, Verstolo also offers bridal crowns with diamond stones. The jewelry rental site was created by a fifth-generation jeweler, King Jonathan. Renting a bridal piece from Verstolo's website is the perfect way to avoid the high price tag and other hassles of purchasing the item. The process is similar to a pre-purchase test drive.

Rental prices vary according to the style and cut of the piece. For example, a pair of floating diamond drop earrings may retail for $10,877, but the rental price is only $160. The site also has matching wedding bands and wedding hashtags to help brides express their unique style on their special day. The rental fee is $160, which can include shipping fees. Some of the pieces can be customized for a special occasion, such as the reception.

If you want to wear the latest styles and designs, a rental service is an excellent option. With affordable prices, these rentals will fit most budgets. Plus, if you can't afford the full price of a wedding dress, you can borrow a bridal necklace or wedding ring at a fraction of the cost. The company also offers bridal veils and other accessories.


You may have wondered where to rent jewelry for your wedding day. There are many options online. One of them is Rent Bridal Jewelry. It offers elegant pieces for all occasions, including a $10,000+ diamond necklace. To rent it, you simply choose a piece, pay a small fee, and then they'll ship it to you. If you're in a pinch for cash, you can also rent clutches and hair accessories.

Rent the Runway is another great place to find designer bridal jewelry. This online rental site offers unlimited choice and affordable rental rates for designer jewelry and clothing. You can even try on bridal pieces for free using their 'Send Before You Spend' box! The service is available for the wedding day and even for the honeymoon. Aside from rentals, Rent the Runway offers styling services and all kinds of accessories for the big day.

Switch is another great option. For just $59 per month, you can access more than 65 brands of high-end designer jewelry. You can even borrow a particular piece for the day. Plus, you won't have to worry about sending it back once you've left for the honeymoon! You can even save up to 50% on a wedding day with a membership to Switch! You can even buy a piece in the Prive collection and then rent it from them again the next time.

When you rent a piece of jewelry, you will have the choice to pick it up at their location or mail it back to the rental company. Then, you'll have to pay a 33% deductible if you don't return the jewelry within the specified time. The security deposit is 5% of the retail value of the piece and will be removed from your credit card upon receipt of the jewelry. That way, you can still look amazing without spending a fortune!


Whether you want a vintage-inspired piece of wedding jewelry or a modern, contemporary piece, Vivrelle has it. Their vast selection of fine jewelry features a variety of designer brands. Many pieces can be exchanged for new ones. Some pieces are so beautiful they deserve to become collector's items. The company also offers designer handbags and purses for rent. Renting a jewelry piece can be a great way to test it out before buying one.

For the most part, the rental options come with a free return policy and a money-back guarantee. Depending on the type of jewelry you rent, you can expect to pay as little as $39. The prices range from $39 monthly to $1,500 a month. Vivrelle also offers a membership program that allows you to save money and choose the best pieces. Vivrelle offers different membership levels that include classic, elegant, and premium jewelry.

Vivrelle launched its website in September 2018 and plans to launch an app later this year. Membership costs vary, but starting at $99 a month, users can borrow up to $4,000 in jewelry. Membership fees vary, but you can get a free trial by signing up for three months. After that, you can cancel at any time. The company also allows you to freeze your account for $10 a month.

Vivrelle is a unique concept in that you get to wear designer pieces without having to worry about the hassle of returning them. Its unique membership model gives you access to a variety of vintage items that you can wear on repeat or purchase at a discounted price. If you are worried about being offended by Aunt Maeve, Vivrelle's monthly membership service is a great way to avoid this embarrassing scenario.


Renting jewelry for your wedding day will help you save money while still looking elegant. If you're looking for a timeless classic, try a Lafonn stud. Set with signature Lassaire simulated diamonds, these earrings have a timeless appeal. Another great option for brides who want to keep the focus on her dress is a simple pair of earrings. Combined with the right accessories, they'll look perfect with a simple dress.

Several companies offer rental services for luxury watches and jewelry. Haute Vault is one such company. You can rent a luxury watch for as little as three days, and pay as much as $310 a week. If you're looking to save even more money, you can sign up for a membership plan and receive free shipping. You can even rent designer jewelry and evening bags! You can even customize your rental package to meet your needs and budget.

Renting a wedding ring is an affordable way to look elegant, but it's important to choose the right piece for you. Many rental companies offer the same service, but they have different prices and styles. Another option is to hire a piece from a bridal rental company. They offer beautiful, affordable jewelry for the wedding day and even after. The best part? They offer a trial period, which lets you try them on to see what you really like.

If you're looking for a piece of bridal jewelry but don't want to spend the money on a purchase, you can also try Rocksbox. Rocksbox features stylish jewelry from top designers at a fraction of the price of a new piece. For $200, you can rent a $10,000 diamond necklace. The rental service will send the piece to your home address. You'll have to review the terms and conditions before you send a payment. They'll even call you to confirm shipping information.


If you're in a pinch, where can you rent wedding jewelry? If you're in a pinch, and you're short on time, try renting from a bridal jewelry rental service like Rent the Runway. This service lets you rent pieces from high-end jewelry designers and ships them right to your home. Depending on which jewelry piece you choose, the rental fee can be as low as $160.

Depending on your budget and your personal style, there are a variety of rental options available for your big day. Some services offer one-time rentals, while others offer membership plans so you can rent jewelry for a whole month. If you're planning to wear a certain piece on repeat, you can choose a monthly membership to get the best prices on your jewelry. If you're in a tight budget, a monthly membership can be a good way to save money.

Alternatively, you can rent jewelry from a bridal boutique. Rent the Runway is a one-stop-shop for bridal fashion, offering everything from bridal outfits to accessories. If you'd like to wear a designer gown on your wedding day, you can also rent jewelry from the Prive collection. The service also provides style consultations and expert advice, so you can have your wedding day stress-free. And if you'd prefer a more affordable option, you can always opt for a designer wedding gown rental.

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