How to Have the Wedding Photo Session of Your Dreams in New York City Before the Big Day

It feels as though for ten long years, you've dreamed of that ideal kiss that makes your foot pop, captured perfectly on camera in the heart of Times Square. Now, you fear that you might have to let go of this fantasy since your wedding won't be taking place in New York.

A lump forms in your throat and a weight presses down on your chest at the thought of not getting those fantasy images taken in New York City. Is it still possible to take the perfect picture in any setting you'd like to visit?

Try not to lose hope. You shouldn't let the fact that you're having a destination wedding prevent you from getting the photographs you've always envisioned. Your pre-wedding dream shoot can take place anywhere, even in New York City.

If you're planning a pre-wedding picture session in New York City, and want to know what to bring, how to get ready, and where to go, read on!

The Definition of a New York City Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

An engagement photo shoot is a photograph session between a future bride and groom before the wedding. Some clients may finally be able to fulfill a lifelong goal of theirs by having their photoshoot take place in New York City. For others, having their wedding photos taken in New York City is the only concern.

The photographs taken at New York City pre-wedding shots are truly unique. The bright lights of Times Square and the metropolitan skyline give a filming location in New York City a unique feel.

  • Know the differences between an engagement session or a pre wedding session? 

Similarities far outweigh differences. Pre-wedding shoots, also known as engagement shoots, are held before the wedding and typically feature the same postures and styles.

Engagement pictures are typically used for:

  • Reminders to set aside the date
  • Websites for Wedding Reception Decorations
  • The primary distinction is that during pre-wedding sessions, some couples want to take pictures while dressed in culturally significant or otherwise non-traditional bridal garb.


The following elements are likely to be included in your pre-wedding shoot:

  • Images from the pre-shower preparations
  • Distinctive Places
  • Making travel plans
  • Posing advice from the pros: how to strike the perfect pose so you may feel confident in your appearance and performance

How to Dress for Your New York City Engagement Shoot

The best part about pre-wedding picture sessions is that you can customize them to your exact needs. To achieve the look you want for your traditional engagement photos, you can dress down. As an illustration:

Always choose an outfit that makes you feel good about yourself. Wearing the attire should make you feel like a million dollars and make you the center of attention.

Are Engagement Portraits Really Required?

A photo shoot prior to the wedding is not required. Still, you shouldn't completely dismiss the possibility.

Pre-wedding photography, whether an informal engagement session or a more elaborate bridal session, can provide you with stunning keepsakes to share with your future husband.


Despite the fact that many couples would like to have their wedding somewhere other than New York City, they still want to include the city in their photographs.

In particular, if the couple is not from the United States and will be having a traditional wedding in their home country, a pre-wedding photoshoot in New York City might help them feel more at home in their new home.

One or both of you may have spent some time living in the Big Apple and have always wanted to capture your love in front of some of the city's most famous landmarks.

It's also possible that the pair has fallen in love with New York City through film and television and wishes to reenact some of the romantic moments they've seen. Whatever the reason, a pre-wedding photography in NCY is a fantastic way to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Explore New York City With Julian Ribinik of Wedding Photography to Get a Feel for What Your Engagement Session Will Be Like

Photo sessions in the lead-up to a wedding can be executed in a variety of ways, depending on the photographer.

As with engagement sessions, these photoshoots usually take between four and six hours. In most cases, a team of two photographers is used to record events.

Guide to Choosing a Location in New York City for Your Pre-Wedding Photographs

Have you ever taken a date to Radio City Music Hall? Perhaps it all started with a kiss on the Central Park bridge. Maybe the Public Library's romance section was the setting for your most enchanting first meeting.

Or perhaps you've never spent much time in NYC and have no idea where to go for photo ops.

For the sake of your pre-wedding photos, we can gladly assist you in selecting the best locations in New York City.

During your engagement session, we will assist you in taking photographs that will serve as lasting mementos of this time in your lives. It's easy to make your wedding season more magical by taking advantage of some of New York City's numerous breathtaking locations.

Feel free to express what you want. We'll follow you wherever your creativity takes you and snap pictures of the stunning results. If you are someone who wants to love a secret wedding you also can elope. To know more click elopement packages.

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