Where to Rent Wedding Gown in Ibadan, Nigeria

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If you are planning a wedding in the Ibadan, Nigeria, you might be wondering where to rent your wedding gown. Well, you can consider the many options available in the city. Below, I will provide you with some useful tips. First, you can rent a wedding dress from Lady sunshine wedding affair. This establishment is located at Idi iroko Ibadan, Bioku aladun, Ibadan, NG. You can also check out reviews on other wedding dress rental services in the city.

Lady sunshine wedding affair

Located at Idi iroko Ibadan, Bioku aladun, Ibadan, NG, Lady sunshine wedding affair offers wedding dress rentals. This business was last reviewed on Dec 18, 2018 and has an average rating of stars. Have you been to Lady sunshine wedding affair? Share your experience with other brides by leaving a review or rating. Let us know if this business is right for you by leaving a comment about your experience with them.

Hadassah bridal house

When it comes to wedding dresses, Ibadan is no different from other cities in Nigeria. A classy wedding store like Cecy Lawry Bridals is where you want to go if you're getting married in this part of the country. Funmi Fatoberu, the owner, was originally a lawyer in Lagos, but soon changed her focus and now makes brides look regal.

Cecy Lawry Bridals

If you are looking for a bridal shop in Ibadan where you can rent wedding dresses, look no further than Cecy Lawry Bridals. This store specializes in wedding gowns, and they are located in the Old Bodija area. The shop has been operating since 1989, and its staff is highly trained to provide you with the best customer service.

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