Where To Rent A White Wagon For A Wedding

A cart acts as a superb complement for kids at wedding events, making it a perfect fit for al fresco wedding decorations. Those interested have the option to buy or rent a cart. Considering its use on the significant day of matrimony, several people opt for renting. Consequently, the query emerges: where can one locate a white cart for rent for a wedding?

The wagon is an excellent addition to the wedding ceremony. It is suitable for any wedding season decoration like spring or summer. With a small and unique creativity, decorating a white wagon can be the best with any wedding theme. So keep reading this article to know where to rent a white wagon and what kind of wagon would suit your wedding style.

Where To Rent A White Wagon For A Wedding

If you are thinking of adding an extra sweet touch to your wedding then the wedding wagon can be one. That's not all the extra cash you have to spend. You can rent a new wagon instead. This will create an adorable moment for the kids at your wedding which is truly enjoyable to watch and your expenses will be within a small budget.

Wagons of different colors are available but white wagons are quite popular for weddings. You should first contact your local wedding wagon rental company. Besides if you are passionate about design and decoration then you can take the help of some popular and trusted online organizations to get it.

Some popular wedding wagon renting websites are such as Bridal garage, Wedding recycles, Tradesy, eBay, Ultimate party services, etc. Note that in this case your service or delivery charge will be added which is beyond the main cost.

At present, all wedding arrangements are in the hands of the wedding planner. Because the current generation does not want to take the kind of trouble that goes into arranging a wedding easily. So make sure the wedding wagon is on the planning list. Because Wagon is not present in all marriages as it is not compulsory. So inform your wedding planner in advance to collect a white wagon.

All the arrangements for your wedding are complete. But suddenly you realized that there was a wagon left to collect. Meanwhile, there was not much time to start the ceremony. What to do then? A handmade wagon could be the better way. You can watch a tutorial on how to build a handmade wagon in less time on YouTube or hire a worker to build it. But it is a weak way.

Some Ideas For Kids Decorated Wedding Wagons

Now wedding wagon is a cute part of wedding decoration. It is available in different colors and design combinations. Here are some wedding wagon ideas that you can add to your wedding decoration. Take a look carefully.

Stylish Chalkboard Wagon

The white wagon is one of the most beautiful items for wedding decoration where a small child sits and another big child pulls it. This elegant wagon has a chalkboard sign on the back where some nice lines are written around the couple. Such as "all because two people fell in love".

Place flowers on the side slate of the white wagon that match the bridal party bouquets. The wagon has two wheels and has a long handle in front of it to pull the garden wagon. During this demonstration, everyone stood in a line on both sides and started clapping. This scene is really mind-blowing.

Wood Themed Wagon

The wooden theme base wagon is quite interesting. Because it has different designs and color paintings according to the wedding theme. In this type of wagon, the message is written by painting the wooden side on both sides. The message conveys the arrival of the bride, such as "Here comes the bride".

 However, it is better to draw this message by hand. Bring your wedding ring bearer or flower girl to the front of the ceremony to announce the arrival of the bride. If there is a safety issue, it is better not to let any child sit in this garden. The biggest thing is that the white wagon must be decorated with flowers. This is a unique way to wish couples.

Victorian Cable Wagon

The victorian wagon is made of polystyrene coated wire. It is very light where a young child is perfect to pull the isle. Its scrollwork gives a slightly Victorian vibe. This is usually a good choice for garden weddings in the summer or spring season. Put a few bouquets on the back of this wagon. At this time, you must decorate it with the flowers of your wedding ceremony.

Make sure the garden wheels are spinning perfectly and can be pulled down the aisle. In this case, no children should climb on it. If climbing, safety issues should be taken care of.

Fairy Fiction Wagon

A neat, white wagon decorated with flowers is like a fairy tale on which a little girl rides. This type of wagon is the perfect choice for a princess-style wedding where the bride is dressed as Cinderella. Set an adjustable pad under the wagon so that a child can sit on it safely.

Add some fabric and flowers to this pad to make it comfortable. This wagon can only be used for photography. When the baby is sitting, do not pull it towards the corridor in any way.

Customized Wagon

None of the above wagons are being your choice. No reason to worry. You can collect customized wagons to give the kids a luxurious feel at your wedding. For this, place an order with the wagon manufacturer and tell them your criteria in detail. Then they will do the rest. You just have to pay.

How Much Is The Rent Per Wedding Wagon?

This is a very important question. Because Wagon is not included in all wedding planning. As a result, many people have no idea about its value. Expenses start at around $ 125 per wagon. Now the price varies according to the quality and design. So pick a wagon according to your budget.


Many brides are adding a fun touch to their marriages by having a decorated white wagon. A wagon is something that will bring a charm to the kids at your wedding. So beautify it according to your wedding theme.

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