Can Wedding Rings Be Sized Up?

A wedding ring symbolizes the love, commitment, and bond shared by a newly married couple. It's essential to choose the right size for the ring to ensure it fits the ring finger of your spouse perfectly. But, what steps should you take if the wedding ring you purchased is too small? Can wedding rings be resized to fit larger? Keep reading this article to find out the answers.

The size of the wedding ring should carefully consider while purchasing the ring. But if you end up purchasing a smaller ring, you shouldn’t be worried that much. In most cases, the wedding can be resized. In the below part of the article, we will discuss what variation of the rings can be resized, how much it will cost, and how the resize works.  

So, Can Wedding Rings Be Sized Up?

The good news is it doesn’t matter whether the ring is big or small, you can resize the ring in both cases. When the ring is small, the jeweler can make it bigger by cutting the band in the back. Then he might require removing some metal if the ring is thick. Sometimes, stretching is enough for resizing the ring. Once he finds the perfect size, he will solder the ring as needed to rejoin the band.

Note that all variations of rings cannot be resized. Such as, whether you can resize it or not will depend a lot on the ring metal. If the ring is made of usual gold, then it will be easier to resize. But the rose gold can be comparatively hard to resize as there are chances of breaking. On the other hand, white gold might be resized easily but it will need refinishing and proper coating for the perfect color.

The usual silver rings are also very easy to resize like the yellow gold. Besides, platinum rings are typical cannot be resized in the usual way. Their melting point is higher and requires a unique tool for resizing. One of the hardest rings to resize is the one that is made of titanium. It requires a highly talented and experienced jeweler. Tungsten rings are also pretty hard to resize.

So, if you have been worried about a wedding ring that is too small, you should now be released as it can be sized up. However, be aware that how much it can be resized will mostly depend on the material, complexity, design, and other details of the ring. You should consult with an expert jeweler to get adequate knowledge on this.

How Ring Resizing Works?

Resizing Ring to Smaller

If your wedding ring is bigger, then usually you can easily make it smaller. However, when the ring is smaller, there are limited options to resize it to the perfect size. Usually, there are two ways to resize the ring when it is bigger. If the ring is a bit slightly bigger than your ring finger, then the jeweler might stretch it a bit to make it a perfect fit. Be aware that you can make the ring slightly bigger by stretching based on the complexity of the ring.

Generally, the jeweler can make it a maximum half size bigger than the current size. If the ring needs to be bigger than half size, then he might cut the ring band and add additional material by soldering to make it bigger. If the wedding ring is flat and doesn’t include many details or ornate patterns, it can be easily resized. But when there are more details, it will be hard and require more work by the jeweler.

You might not always get the exact same details or appearance of the ring once it is sized up in some cases. Discuss with the jeweler to understand what will be the outcome. The ring also needs to be polished, smoothed and recoated as needed for the appearance and comfort of wearing.

Resizing Ring to Bigger

Now let’s talk about resizing the ring to a smaller size. Making a ring smaller is comparatively easy and requires less work.

If it needs to be slightly smaller and if the band is flat without any details, then it can be made smaller by stretching. If it is much bigger, then the jeweler will cut a small portion of it and solder the two parts of the band to link. After that, it needs to be cleaned properly to remove the oxidation and polished and relocated as needed. The good news is you will get the same appearance when the ring is resized small.   

How Much It Cost?

Well, the charge to resize a ring will vary on a large scale depending on various factors. Usually, it will require less amount of money to make a ring smaller. But in most cases, you will require paying more when the wedding rings require to be sized up. That is because making the ring bigger requires more works and sometimes it requires adding additional material of the same type. As a result, the cost might be very fat-based for materials like gold.

In general, resizing a ring will charge you something between $50 to $75. However, we will recommend you to be always ready to pay more or less as the cost of the related materials is volatile. The cost might also increase if you go for a highly experienced jeweler to get the most accurate result.

Can All Type of Wedding Rings be Sized Up?

No, you cannot resize all types of the ring. Whether a ring can be resized or not will depend on the style and material of the ring. It will also depend on the thickness and style of the band. Moreover, it might be hard to resize the ring when it is very big or small. Moreover, sometimes it can be hard for the jeweler to find out exact same material or ornate for the ring.


While purchasing a wedding ring, make sure that you are going for the right size to avoid any issues. But unfortunately, if you need to resize the ring, we hope that the above information will help.

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