What Size Dance Floor For Wedding?

It's difficult to envision a wedding ceremony that doesn't include a time set aside for dancing. Dancing typically initiates the celebration at a wedding, and it's understood that an attractive dance floor is essential at every wedding reception. This leads to an important inquiry: How big should the dance floor be for a wedding?

The size of the dance floor at an event depends entirely on how big the wedding is. The dance floor of casual and luxury weddings will definitely not be the same. Again your budget is also a big factor in the case of the dance floor. So keep reading the following part of the article to know what size dance floor will be perfect according to the wedding style.

What Size Dance Floor For Wedding?

Every wedding host wants plenty of comfortable space for their guests to dance so they can party. So a huge budget is essential for a big dance floor. Hence the perfect size dance floor for the pleasure of the guests but affordable. To simplify such a complex situation, you need an effective plan and evaluation.

When you are planning a wedding, make a clear mindset. Since marriage creates a vision for the people around you. And a big dimension of the festival is dance. Therefore, it is important to have an attractive and bold dance floor in your ceremony.

The size of the dance floor will depend on the number of guests at your wedding. Approximately 30% of the guests at your wedding will participate in the dance performance. In some marriages, the percentage can be up to 50%.

Now if your wedding party has 100 guests, it is advisable to perform 30 dances at a time. So 12x12 square feet dance floor is suitable for this. Similarly, for a gathering of 150 people, 50 people should dance and therefore 15 * 15 square feet. Now select the dance floor by calculating the number of your wedding guests. Accordingly, there should be at least 3 square feet of space on the dance floor for every 2 people.

Note that, the above sizes may be possible for outdoor weddings accurately. Because everything can be arranged in an outdoor wedding. But in terms of indoor weddings, you may not get dance floors of the above size in all venues. In this case, check the dance floor before selecting the venue. Hope you get the dance floor of your choice.

What Type Of Dance Floor Is Common For Weddings?

Some couples look at size as well as the interior when choosing a dance floor. Here are some common dance floor ideas for weddings. Check them out.

Checkered Dance Floor

The checkered dance floor is comfortable and elegant for dancing. Their classic look is the best for any dance formation especially couple dance. If you want to add extra energy to your wedding, choose colorful checkered boxes. The best part is that these types of floors are incredibly easy to rent and budget-friendly.

Balloon Filled Dance Ground

The number of people who dislike balloons is negligible. The obsession with balloons across the really impressive dance floor. This type of dance floor is very popular, especially for children or teenagers. Moreover, balloon decorated dance floor is relatively very cheap. If you are looking for a simple and affordable dance floor, you can list this dance floor for your wedding.

Disco Ball Themed Dance Space

Disco theme dance floor is usually suitable for a luxurious wedding ceremony. This dance floor is decorated with a variety of colorful lights. The brightness of this lighting captivates all the guests and enhances the dance performance. In addition, multiple disco balls of different lengths are swinging which adds a unique atmosphere to the dance occasion.

Beach Themed Dance Floor

A nautical theme may be ideal for you if your wedding is beach-based. To customize your wedding dance floor with pure white wood, seashell, and sea colors. Then illuminate the coastal plots when the sunsets. Creating a nostalgic feel of the night will attract guests to dance.

Wooden Dance Floor

The wooden dance floor is a very ancient and classic dance floor idea. One generation after another is coming but the dance floor of extraordinary style has not lost its popularity yet. Rather, arranging it has become very rare now. If you believe in a culture where stage dance or traditional dance is held, then a wooden dance floor is especially recommended for your wedding.

Paper Themed

Paper-decorated dancefloors are given special status in modern weddings. Those who believe in innovation and want to bring a touch of uniqueness to their wedding can keep it for dance. Use a variety of romantic portraits and graphics from trendy magazines to decorate the paper dance floor that can make the dance floor feel dreamy. For this, you can take the help of an experienced paper artist.

Mirrored Dance Floor

You might be wondering why choose this type of dance floor for a wedding despite having so many dance floor facilities? Because it is a reflection of luxury where every movement of dance from different angles catches the eye of the audience which is an extremely outstanding idea.

So the addition of mirrored dance floor will change the whole environment of your wedding. Although it is a bit expensive. But if you don't have an issue with your budget, this dance floor will definitely be perfect for your wedding. And it will bang any wedding event impressively.

Printed Carpet Dance Floor

If you have a very limited budget for dancing at your wedding, go for a carpet dance floor. Since it is a bit cheaper than other dance floors. These types of dance floors are desirable in terms of formal weddings. Because there are only family members associated with dance performances. So carpet dance floors are simply selectable for entertainment purposes.

Who Performs Dance At The Wedding?

The usual format of who will dance at the wedding is that the couple will dance first. Then the couple's parents will dance with them. For example, dancing with the father and bride and mother with the groom is a traditional practice. Then the couple's close circle of friends dances. After all, couples dance separately in a group.


One of the most fascinating agendas of the wedding festival is dance. Choosing the right size dance floor is a prerequisite for dancing. Now to select the dance floor, first check the percentage of guests and pick it according to your budget as well.

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