How Long Should A Wedding Video Be?

Today, weddings go beyond just capturing still moments. They have transformed into memorable occasions preserved forever through videography. So, how long should a wedding video be? Let's delve into the appropriate length for a wedding video.

The length of the wedding video depends on your preference. Moreover, the amount of time varies depending on the type of video. There can be different types of videos such as highlights, cinematic, short films, etc.

Find out now which video you should have for the wedding from below. Also, keep reading the article to know the duration of wedding videos along with the detailed information about them.

How Long Should A Wedding Video Be?

The trend of wedding videos has been celebrated for a long time. But now the concept of wedding video has changed which was not there a few years ago. For the benefit of modern camera equipment, both variety and quality have been added to the wedding video. The types of videos are discussed in detail below:

Pre-Wedding Video

Pre-wedding videos are shoot at least 2 to 3 months before the wedding. Only couples have a topic in this video. Not everyone feels the need for it. The main purpose of making this video is to make some understanding and flexibility with each other before marriage. The length of this video is not too long. Approximately equal to the length of a song.


Highlights are the ones that combine the best shots of the day and the best romantic clips of the newlyweds. There is no original sound behind this video. A song or music can be added to this video that is licensed or copyright-free. That music can be a romantic movie or a song by a famous artist. You can also select the music for the background of the video.

The length of a wedding highlights video can be limited to a minimum of 3 minutes and a maximum of 5 minutes. Going beyond this boundary is not considered a Highlights video.

Short Film

Short film and highlights, the category of these two videos are pretty much similar. Because the length of the two is not more than 10 minutes. The duration of a short film can be from 7 to 10 minutes. How long it will last will depend on how many perfect shots and beautiful moments have been captured.

The fun fact is that the short film focuses on the best moments of the wedding as well as the couples. The background of the short film has its voice-over, filters, music, etc. additions.


A trailer is something that lasts around a minute or two minutes. It is a preview of the original video where some of the best moments of the entire video are captured. Due to this, the interest in watching the original wedding video increased manifold. Those who cover the entire wedding video are attracted to make this trailer video. Otherwise, everyone has faith in short films.


The documentary is also known as the “Doc-Edit”. A documentary can last from 50 to 90 minutes. Because it includes the whole part of a wedding such as vows, receptions, guest speeches, entries, wedding receptions, dances, cake festivities, decorations, meals, and evening celebration moments.

If you plan to do this documentary at your wedding then hire two shooters (lead + second shooter). Because it is almost impossible for one person to cover such a big event.

Cinematic Video

Cinematic videos are very common nowadays. Especially those who arrange luxurious weddings usually include this type of video in their wedding. Cinematic videos are very different from other videos. Basically, this video combines views of wedding venues, special dialogue moments just like you see in the movies. High-quality cameras are used to capture shots and clips of this video. In some cases, sophisticated drone cameras are also used.

Moreover, the moments in the cinematic video are of slow-motion type. The duration of this video is not specified. You can keep as much as you prefer. However, a standard cinematic wedding video can be 60 to 120 minutes. Note that a big budget is required to make this video. Not everyone can afford or need these videos.

Full Wedding Cover

The legitimacy of a wedding and the main storylines in the entire wedding video. It has all the activities connected from the beginning to the end. Typically this video is around 30 minutes long.

What To Include In The Wedding Video?

To know what should and should not be included in the wedding video, check out the below paragraphs.

What To Include

  • The starting look of the wedding will always include first. Because this is the first impression of the wedding videography. Those who will be the viewers of the video will like to see the individual looks of the bride and groom first.
  • Then the main episode of the wedding will be added to the video. Plus don’t forget to include your reception part as well.
  • Not everyone might like to see the whole video of your wedding. On top of that, viewing the whole video constantly is a matter of time that will not be in everyone's hands. So split your whole video into 5 to 10 minutes highlights. Then anyone who wants to see the part will be able to see it very easily. As a result, the success of your wedding video will be saved.

What Not To Include

  • Childhood pictures of the bride and groom are often included in the video that is literally inappropriate. So never include this type of photo or photo collage in the wedding video. This degrades the quality of the video. Remember this is a moving video, not a photo contest.
  • Including a guest’s interview in your wedding videography can never be a wise decision. Rather it just extends the duration of the video. Keep in mind this is a complete family show where only you and your family members should be highlighted.


The wedding video is a lifetime investment that can relive and replay the couple's memory even after many years. There can be no better option than catching a video to make a wedding memorable. As we said above, you can make videos based on your preferences and budget.

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