How Many Photographers For A Wedding?

How many photographers are necessary for a wedding? There isn't a simple response to this question. It largely depends on the size of your wedding, whether it's a big celebration or a smaller gathering. Read on for a logical explanation.

Wedding photography is something that captures your day as well as your memories. The best way to immortalize a marriage is through photography. Photographs play a very important role in our lives. Moreover, photographs connect us with people, places, feelings, and stories of the past.

Currently, photographs are a must item at weddings. If you are planning to get married in a few days then you should know how many photographers you need. Keep reading the article to find out a specific answer.

How Many Photographers For A Wedding?

The role of the photographer in the wedding is very high. Because of him, it is possible to capture the beautiful moments of a wedding that remain as lifelong memories. So it is very important to hire a good, skilled and professional photographer for wedding photography. Now the number of photographers will depend on the size of the wedding. The following paragraphs discuss how many photographers a wedding wants:

For Small Gatherings

Typically, two photographers are enough for a small wedding. Small-scale weddings often do not require a photographer's assistant. These weddings refer to 50 guests or less. Moreover, small wedding arrangements do not last long. It is completed in about 1 to 1.5 hours. During this time, about 800 to 1000 thousand raw pictures are clicked, out of which couples select 100 or more of their pictures.

In a small wedding, the bride and groom take photographs at the same time and place. Outdoor shoot doesn't apply to this wedding. So photography ends in a short time.

In Terms Of Mid-size Wedding

Mid-size weddings are a gathering of 150 to 200 people. Some formalities and standards are maintained in this marriage. The bride and groom both take photographs in their respective places. So a team of 3 people is required (2 photographers + 1 assistant = 3). The assistant helps the lead photographer to move the lighting position, camera setup, lighting gear, and other logistics. It is not possible to cover an entire marriage without the help of an assistant.

Usually, two photographers are busy in two places at the same time. This marriage lasts for 4 to 5 hours. There are 2-3 thousands raw pictures are captured in the camera. Couples select 200 professional look pictures from among these pictures.

For Big Weddings

Big Margin weddings are usually attended by 250+ guests. A temporary studio is set up here and a large team of photographers works. The lead photographer focuses on the bride and does a mini-fashion shoot with her. Another photographer is busy with the groom. Two other photographers work as photojournalists. That means they cover candid, special moments throughout the wedding.

Photographers have an assistant with them to help the lead photographer set up the lighting. The number of these assistants can be up to 2 if there is a winter wedding. Because there is less light during the day in winter and proper photo-friendly environment doesn’t go the way. Then a helping hand is sometimes required to maintain the bride's dress and fix her position.

So it is understood that a team of 4 to 5 people (1 lead+ 1 semi-lead and 2 additional photographers + 1 assistant = 4) is needed to cover a big wedding.

What To Cover in Wedding Photography?

An ideal and skilled photographer has a huge responsibility to capture every moment of the wedding day. The newlyweds also need to have some idea of what kind of picture to take so that they can be ready for it.


In the beginning, pre-wedding was considered a luxury. But over time, couples have come to realize the importance of this precious moment. It is now very popular all over the world. Pre-wedding photography helps partners get to know each other and bring flexibility into their relationships. It captures the newlyweds' natural moments, expressions, and real emotions that have been cherished by them for ages.

Morning Preparation

Morning photoshoot means taking pictures at the very beginning of the wedding day. Couples are instantly taken close-up shots when they dress up. During this time the groom wears a formal dress such as a plain shirt, pants, suit, and loafer shoes. Some stunning shots are captured at the beginning of the day before going to the wedding stage. The same rule applies to the bride as well.

Another thing is not to forget to take some exclusive individual pictures at the wedding. However, there is no specific time to take individual pictures. But it can be picked up during the first look posing.

Family Time

Family portraits bring everyone together to a wedding. Maybe not everyone in the family stays together. As a result, they are separated from each other for a long time. The wedding ceremony provides an opportunity to fill that gap and creates a stir among everyone. Generally, family photoshoots are done at the end of the wedding or before sunset

Couple Shots

A couple-shoot is the most crucial moment to take pictures. There is no set time for this. When everyone is busy eating at the wedding, the photographer separates the couple for a certain period and takes them to a secluded place. Basically, the couple does a photoshoot at that time. It tends to be a lot of fun and enjoyment.

Ring Exchange

Changing the ring is the most auspicious moment of marriage. There is no better way than to make this desired moment memorable through photography. Because it represents honesty, devotion, and loyalty to one another. The perfect time to capture this beautiful moment is the middle stage of marriage.


Wedding is a once in a lifetime achievement. This precious moment should never be lost. That is why there can be no better way than photography. One photographer is enough for a wedding but 2 Photographers can cover more angles and they can focus on two different places at the same time. Like one shooting ladies and the other shooting guys. We hope this article is useful to you.

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