When Do You Take Wedding Pictures

It's universally acknowledged that people aspire to make their wedding day memorable. Photography is unrivaled as a way to eternally preserve the memories of your wedding day. A common question among many couples is about the perfect timing for wedding photography.

You can take pictures at any time at your wedding. There is no hard and fast time without which you cannot take pictures. However, there is some particular time for taking official pictures. In this article, we will help you to know about the official timeframe for taking wedding pictures. Keep reading to know the perfect duration for capturing the pictures on your wedding day.

When Do You Take Wedding Pictures

There are some crucial times at the wedding that are perfect for taking pictures. The times are as follows:

Before The Wedding

It is better to take pictures of your wedding before the ceremony starts. Since the marriage started, various engagements also started. Such as exchanging greetings with the guests, answering their various questions, etc. Moreover, there is a competition to take unofficial photos with different guests during the wedding. In this case, the pre-wedding time is the comfort zone for taking your best-looking pictures.

In addition, the best time to capture the couple's intimate moments is before the wedding. During this time they should create a close and romantic mood among themselves so that their best expressions can be captured on camera. As a result, their chemistry will be presented to everyone in a cool and bold way.

Between The Wedding And Reception

All guests, family members, and close friends gather during the wedding. Then it is better to take pictures with everyone in this eloquent environment. Because marriage is a social event that allows everyone to attend together. In the necessities of everyone's busy life, family members live far away from each other and have very few opportunities to meet.

When one of the relatives gets married, it is a great occasion for everyone to get together. This opportunity does not always come. So this is the best time to take pictures together. Which may be a memory for a lifetime. These memories last until you or your next generation.

The couple's candid moments during the marriage are great which they will love to see later. We, therefore, recommend hiring an experienced photographer to capture the best moments of your wedding. If your wedding arrangement is big then it is recommended to have at least 2 photographers.

Throughout The Reception

One important thing to keep in mind when taking pictures at a reception. That is, when couples take pictures, there should be no guests in the background. Because it makes the couple nice wide and close-up shots. You can use some techniques to create depth of reception photographs. For that keep some special details such as seating charts, place cards, centerpieces, and sweetheart tables.

Still, drinks or purses can also be useful tools for taking glamorous pictures. The most desirable pictures of the bride and groom when they enter the reception are their candid and close-up shots. If possible, pictures can be taken in the middle of the setup of their wedding portrait. It adds a little emotion and at the same time tie the details of the ceremony together

End Of The Wedding

The wedding ending moment is the last time to take pictures. This time creates an emotional moment. Because the bride leaves their father's house. Saying goodbye to him could also create a fearful atmosphere in his family.

However, it is best not to be emotional at this moment but to be happy. This will combine your courage and confidence so that the great moments will be reflected in the picture. And when your next generation sees these pictures, they will understand how bright you were. So at the last moment of marriage, a smile brings charm to everyone.

How Long Should Wedding Photos Take?

This question is the most common question of many couples. However, it is not appropriate to say the answer to this question in one word. Because the duration of the photo shoot depends on the wedding customs, style, duration, location, and other factors.

First Look

When it comes to wedding photos, the first look of the bride and groom is the center of attraction. Note that there should be no rush to bring perfection in fast look photographs. Select the location so that there is no difficulty in taking clear pictures of the bride and groom. However, it takes at least 40 to 45 minutes to capture beautiful fast look pictures.

Remember, this duration also depends on the location of the image. So the couple has to reach the photo location at the specified time. Else, they may have to spend extra time to take perfect pictures.

Personal Portraits

The bride and groom must have an individual photo for the wedding photo. Since their identity is visible in front of everyone through individual shorts. These pictures enliven their attitude and marriage. In the case of individual photography, it is reasonable to hire at least 2 photographers so that the photo can be completed in a short time. The duration of the individual photo is not too long. About 10-20 minutes is enough for this.

Couple Photography

It is best to do a couple of photography during the fast look. Because there is so much busyness and stress during the wedding that it becomes very difficult for the photographer to manage the separate time for taking pictures of them.

And the couple photoshoot is the most interesting. Because after marriage, everyone is eager to see their pictures. As a result, flexibility is recommended during couple shoots. The appropriate duration for couple photography is 30-40 minutes.

Family Photo

The family is the worthy claimant of the photoshoot. Because marriage is incomplete without them. Getting together in the picture with the whole family is an ancient tradition of marriage. The duration of the family photo lasts 10 to 15 minutes. If the number of family members is more, 2-3 minutes is enough for each small group.


A wedding Picture is the best way to immortalize your marriage. In a word, Pictures are tangible evidence that will remind you again and again how great your wedding day was. So try to capture every special moment of your wedding day in the picture as much as possible

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