How Much Are Doves for a Wedding?

Releasing doves at events isn't the most common practice yet, but it's definitely becoming more popular nowadays. This trend is primarily because doves symbolize a wide array of positive attributes, including love, happiness, wealth, and more. Sometimes, you might observe the trained doves flying in circles around the bride and groom before elegantly flying away, creating a mesmerizing moment. If you're considering adding a dove release to your upcoming wedding celebration, you may be wondering about the expenses involved in acquiring doves for the occasion.

Dove release cost at the wedding or in other ceremonies can vary a lot based on the numbers, variations, of doves, and other factors. In this guide, we will let you know the average cost of the dove releasing at a wedding. Along with that, we will also let you what the doves signify and what are some other great alternatives to releasing doves.

How Much Are Doves for a Wedding?

As we said above, the dove release at the wedding will cost differently based on a lot of things. One of the main factors here is the number of doves. The average cost of dove release at the wedding can vary from $150 to $350 for each pair of the dove. “A Touch Above”, a dove release service provider cost around $150 for the release of two doves.

On the other hand, Memory Makers, who provide the service in Pennsylvania charges around $200 for the release of a pair. In California, the service provides will cost you more, which will be around $275. Sometimes, you might want to release more doves during the wedding. This will cost you around $200 to $500 in most cases. For this rate, you can be able to release around 15 to 20 doves.

If you want to release around 30 or more doves, then you will require investing around $500 to $700 or more. Sometimes, the dove release service can offer additional services like music and flowers which will cost you a bit more. Moreover, the trained dove will also cost a bit more. Note that the dove release service charge will not be the same for the other ceremonies.

As an example, you will find the doves at a much lower cost for funerals. The cost of the service also varies based on your location.

Things to Consider While Selecting Doves for Releasing

Here are some tips that you should consider while selecting doves for release.

  1. Make sure that the quality of the dove is better than the usual pet pigeons. They need to be in perfect health, and perfectly white.
  2. Make sure that the service includes a person who carefully handles everything from releasing to coordinating the special event.
  3.  The doves are usually released from a box. Make sure the box is clean and beautiful so that it is presentable on the wedding venue. Some of these boxes even produce music which can be a great plus.
  4. Don’t be sad for the dove you are releasing thinking what will happen to them. They are usually trained to go back to home after flying above the wedding venue for a while.
  5. Be aware of the extra charges. Sometimes, the service provider might cost you extra for traveling a distance or staying for extra duration. Be sure to check the terms and conditions of the service provider before you book them.
  6. Be aware of the time when you are releasing the dove. Some of the service provider might not allow you to release the dove in the evening or in the bad weather. This is also applicable for foggy, rainy, and windy weather.
  7. If the dove release get cancelled because of some issues, the service provider might offer you a refund. Especially, if it get cancelled due to the weather condition.
  8. Make sure that you are checking the photos of first events and reviews about the dove release companies before you hire them. This will help you to get a better idea what you will get.  

What Wedding Doves Signify?

In the wedding, the dove release signifies a lot of things, just like the other things of the wedding. As an example, the white doves that got released in a wedding ceremony are a symbol of purity. In fact, the white color is a symbol of purity and this is the reason why most of the wedding gowns are white. The dove release in the wedding is a great way to symbolize that this is a pure relationship.

The white color also signifies something new. By releasing the white dove, the couple signifies that they are starting a new life together. Sometimes, the doves are also a great way to remember the special person who gets away. This can be your parents and or the grandparents whom you love but are not here today to enjoy the special occasion of your love. Just like the funerals, dove releasing can be an activity to remember them.

Another signification of the dove in the wedding is fidelity. The dove is a perfect bird that represents it. Just like the human, doves are very much intimate and leave their life with their partners, making it a perfect choice for showing the lifelong commitment for each other.

What are the Alternatives of Dove Release?

Some people think releasing the dove at the wedding is something rude and unkind. Well, actually not; because in most cases, the dove comes back to its owner. If you find the dove releasing is unkind, you can consider some other similar activities. Such as, you can throw beachballs with your guest. They are cheap and available in different colors and can be customized. Another thing you can consider is the sparklers.

The sparklers are a great choice for evening weddings. Tossing rose petals can be another excellent way to make the event more beautiful.


The dove release will cost you around $200 if you want to release just a pair and it will cost you around $700 if you want to release 30 or more. We hope this article will help you know enough information and cost of the dove releasing at the wedding.

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