How Much Ice for a Wedding?

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One thing common about the party is they require ice and a lot of them. From keeping things cool to making your drink cooler, the ice is compulsory. But how much ice for a wedding you should order? Well, it depends on a lot of things.

In this article, we will let you know how much ice you should order for a wedding ceremony. We will also let you know when to order the ice and some other relevant information that you should know. Keep reading the article!

How Much Ice for a Wedding?

It can be pretty hard to decide how much ice you will need for the wedding. Ice can be required to prepare the drinks while they are also needed for keeping the drinks chilled. There are definitely some other uses of the ice. While preparing the beverages, you will require around half-pound of the ices for each glass. Now you can find out how much of it will need based on the number of the people that will join the wedding.

Besides, you will require a good amount of ice to keep the bottled drinks and water chilled. The initial pounds of the ice will vary on how many cases of the drink or water bottles you need to chill. To make things easier, we will recommend you to think of one to two pounds of ice that will be required for every guest. Some of the people also recommend going for one kg to one and a half kg of ice for every person during the summer.

So here is the deal: if you want the ice to make drinks, go for one kg for each f guest. If it requires making the drink and keeping them cool, go for the 1.5 kg for each person if the wedding is in summer. For the colder season, one kg should be enough. So, if you are going to host around 150 people at the wedding, you should have around 150 kg to 200 kg of ice. Ice is not something that can cut your pocket. Moreover, you might not also want your friends and guest drinking warm coke at the wedding.

Things That Affect the Amount of Ice

In the above, we have given you a rough estimation of how much of the ice you will require. Below, we will let you know of some factors that can make the amount of ice vary.

Indoor or Outdoor?

Are you hosting an outdoor wedding party or indoor? If it is going outdoor, then you will simply require more ice compared to the indoor party. Considering, most of the wedding happens at the summer season, the weather can be unpredictable and sometimes rough. This will make the people thirstier and they will want a drink more often. So, if you are going to have the party outdoor, make sure that you are ordering a bit more than the estimated.

Chilling or Drink?

As we said above, you will require an amount for chilling the drink and another amount of ice for preparing the chilled drinks. Usually, it requires around 1 pound to 1 kg of the drink for keeping the drinks and water cool. However, the amount might vary on a large scale when you are preparing drinks with ice. Some drinks require more ice while some require less. It will also vary on the average number of drinks you will offer to the guests.


The number of guests at the wedding is the main factor that will vary the required amount of the ice. Note that your wedding guest list will include kids and a lot of people who don’t drink. Furthermore, considering you know most of the people you are inviting to the wedding, you should already have an idea of their drinking habits. So, considering the number of guests that drink and the amount the drinks, estimate the ice requirement.

Tips That Might Help

Here are some tips about the ice that you might find useful:

Have Enough of It

If you are holding an outdoor event, then you should have more ice than you will require. Apart from people becoming thirsty, the ice will also melt in quick order. SO, that you should have enough ice to deal with the heat and keep the invitee chilled.

Put Drinks on Ice Earlier

One of the impressive things about the ice is it can cool down your drink faster than the fridge. It usually requires around 15 minutes to make your drink chilled. However, the time might be a bit more for the larger bottles. Make sure to put the drinks in the ice bin at least 30 minutes before the party starts to get ready chilled drinks at the right time.

Pick the Right Ice

You might already know that there is a different variation of ice cubes for different purposes. You will find a variation that works best for keeping the drink while another variation can go well for making the drink. You might talk about this with the ice provider as they can offer you better information and suggestion regarding this.

Be Aware of the Storage

Apart from the type of ice, you should also need to care about the storage of the ice. That is because storage also plays a big role here. As an example, the metal container of the ice can make them melt at a faster pace. On the other hand, the plastic container can slow down the melting. That is because plastic transfers less heat compared to metal. While serving drinks outdoor, consider using plastic storage to keep the drink cooler.

Bonus Tips: While serving the cool drinks from the container outdoor, make sure you have plenty of towels in the reach of the hand. The splashes can make things messy and you need a towel to deal with them.


Ice is an important part of any party whether it is a wedding party or a birthday party. As we said earlier, you will require around 1 pound to 1.5 pounds of ice for a wedding. We hope you will find the above tips and information helpful.